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Th 123766
Th 123766

For 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Fibre Channel applications, the EM1053 XFP VCSEL-based (850-nm) 10-Gbit/sec serial optical transceiver supports up to 300 m of high-bandwidth multimode (MM)-fiber transmission and 82 m of the standard 50-mm MM fiber, while the EM1052 1310-nm distributed-feedback-laser-based 10-Gbit/sec transceiver supports up to 10 km of singlemode-fiber transmission. Compliant with the XFP multisource agreement, both transceivers feature a serial 10-Gbit/sec XFI electrical interface, eliminating the need for electrical multiplexer/demultiplexer chips inside the module to save space and power. They use standard LC duplex optical receptacles and feature a 30-pin hot-pluggable interface.
E2O Communications, Calabasas, CATh 123767

The outside plant (OSP) splitter simplifies installation of passive-optical-network field components, provides wide wavelength response and good port uniformity, and enables "pay as you grow" network deployment. The splitter closure is re-enterable to allow node scalability.
APA Optics, Blaine, MNTh 123768

Used with 10-Gbit/sec XFP small-form-factor-pluggable modules, the 30-circuit host connector is suited for connecting switches, routers, and other storage equipment. This right-angle SMT connector features a 0.8-mm pitch, 30-position design. Both the XFP modules and host system are hot-pluggable.
Molex, Lisle, ILTh 123769

The F-10 12.5-Gbit/sec lithium niobate modulator with a low 4-V drive voltage allows designers to reduce the power consumption of their transmitter by as much as 30%. Compatible with multisource-agreement transponder standards, the design includes an integrated monitor PIN diode in a small-footprint, low-profile package for printed-circuit-board surface-mounting. Suitable for advanced metro and long-haul communications systems, the modulator has a broader electro-optic response to accommodate higher bit rates and meets the exacting requirements of the industry's "Super FEC" scheme.
Corning, Corning, NY

The integrated end-to-end metro optical provisioning suite is a comprehensive service fulfillment solution that enables service providers to improve time-to-market and efficiently manage all aspects of their optical business. It provides order management for facilitating the coordination and management of information to and from multiple internal business and operational support systems, inventory management with a single repository of current information for logical and physical inventory, and service activation that can work across all layers of the network, including Layers 2 and 3 in an IP environment as well as the radius, core IP, and application and service layers in a mobile wireless network.
MetaSolv Software Inc., Plano, TX

The JetCore 100Base-FX interface modules for Layers 2 and 3 switches and metro routers provide high-density 100-Mbit/sec Ethernet connectivity over multimode and singlemode optical fiber. Featuring quality of service, wire-speed extended access control lists, wire-speed Layers 2 through 7 network monitoring, and bandwidth management, the module is one slot wide and uses MT-RJ connectors to provide excellent port density in a small footprint. Applications include short-reach desktop connectivity and data center applications, campus-wide high-speed networks in enterprises or universities, and regional MANs.
Foundry Networks, San Jose, CATh 123770

The OMU-953 measurement option for the company's component spectrum analyzer enables polarization-dependent center wavelength (PDCW) and polarization-dependent bandwidth wavelength (PDBW) measurements simultaneously with insertion and polarization-dependent loss measurements over the full C+L-band in <8 sec. Built-in proprietary wavelength meter provides accuracy to <1.8 pm and proprietary algorithm eliminates PDCW and PDBW measurement errors.
dBm Optics, Boulder, CO

The enhanced OmniBER XM network-simulator platform supports SONET/SDH simultaneous multichannel, multiport APS service disruption measurement and automatic connectivity check of every path on every port. APS performance can be completely verified in hours instead of days of repetitive testing. The simulator replicates realnetwork conditions to stress next-generation SONET/SDH network equipment, increasing the effectiveness of system verification test. It uses multichannel, multiport parallel testing to quickly and thoroughly validate existing and new products to international standards.
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA

By offering reconfigurable rack packages with PureForm DCM modules, this flexible turnkey solution enables system operators to quickly upgrade or swap DCM modules with simple tools. The rack package can hold two DCM modules for "east/west" routes or accommodate one large DCM module for extended routes. The racks are available for PureForm DCM modules for LEAF optical fiber and PureForm SMF DCM modules. The standard 19-inch rack can be adjusted to mount to 21- or 23-inch racks and complies with Telcordia GR-2854-CORE standards. A variety of standard connector options are available.
Corning Photonic Technologies, Corning, NY

The small-form-factor-pluggable (SFP) evaluation kit allows access and testing of all relevant signals, including high-speed data, status lines, serial ID, and digital diagnostics. Compatible with singlemode and multimode SFP transceiver lines, it supports data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/sec. Users can create an optical port using just high-speed coaxial connections to their system. The kit comes with a Windows-based graphical interface that provides access and control of all key module and diagnostic functions to simulate and resolve field fault conditions during the development stage.
Ignis Optics Inc., San Jose, CA

For active LED, VCSEL, and photodiode alignment in the assembly of transceiver packages, the AbleLux AA50T high-viscosity photocurable adhesive is an ultraviolet/visible (470-nm blue) light cure material that combines quick fixturing and low shrinkage with very low outgassing. It also contains a secondary thermal cure mechanism for applications with shadowed areas. The AbleBond BF4 thermal cure epoxy backfill material is matched to the adhesive to provide additional structural strength and protection for aligned components. The single-pack premixed and frozen epoxy eliminates issues of cleanliness, reliability, and waste.
Abelstik, Rancho Dominguez, CA

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