Lightwave OFC 2003 Product Showcase/Attendees' Choice Awards

Th 120758

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The JumpStart-400 compact eight-wavelength CWDM system is designed for simple network extension carrier and enterprise applications. With a small form factor, the system supports every relevant metro market protocol and is best suited for a broad range of SAN, data, and TDM (SONET/SDH) applications.
Sorrento Networks, San Diego NOMINEE NO. SYS 1Th 120759

The ONS 15454 Multiservice Provisioning Platform's (MSPP) optical capabilities are coupled with IOS software to deliver metro Ethernet and IP solutions over a multiservice network architecture. The MSPP's ML-Series interface cards provide Ethernet switching and IP routing capabilities.
Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. SYS 2

XDM is a highly dense, converged optical platform with on-demand network scaling from the metro edge to regional core. Its highly flexible, single architecture design combines fully integrated DWDM, Ethernet, multiple SONET/SDH rings, distributed DCS, and point-and-click provisioning features. The platform's "build-as-you-grow" capabilities enable carriers to build networks according to today's demands, while allowing them, in-service, to expand with future customer and bandwidth needs.
ECI Telecom, Lightscape Networks Division, Herndon, VA NOMINEE NO. SYS 3Th 120762

The computer-based training (CBT) 200-page CD-ROM titled "Passive Optical Networks" incorporates 17 digital animations, 33 video clips, two live design exercises, and 10 self-quizzes, with chapters covering all facets of fiber-to-the-home and -building applications. Designed for those who design, install, test, and maintain FTTH and PON networks, the CBT program includes PON origins and development, specifications and standards, protocols and data rates, topologies and architectures, and components and systems.
The Light Brigade, Kent, WA NOMINEE NO. SYS 4Th 120763

The DGE/OCM controller is an integrated subsystem that incorporates the MEMS-based dynamic gain equalizer with one high-resolution optical-channel monitor, compatible with 50-GHz channel spacing. Provided with control electronics and firmware, it allows for direct closed loop control of the DGE, enabling real time gain profile management. Users can directly control the gain profile and simulate real network conditions. The controller provides a convenient, drop-in solution for reshaping and flattening the gain spectrum.
Lightconnect, Newark, CA NOMINEE NO. SUB 1Th 120764

The 32×32 photonic-switch module is used in optical crossconnects, reconfigurable optical add/drops, and wavelength-selective crossconnects. With a single 5-V supply and ribbon fiber interface, it is easily incorporated into today's advanced telecommunications systems. The compact, low-power (500-mW) module is built with two-dimensional MEMS technology and meets or exceeds stringent Telcordia requirements.
OMM Inc., San Diego NOMINEE NO. SUB 2Th 120765

The 10GBase-LR fiber-optic transceiver is a highly integrated subsystem, including optoelectronic conversion, SerDes/coding sublayers, and supporting electronics. It complies with industry-standard form factors such as XENPAK and X2 and supports the 1310- and 1550-nm transmission windows. Applications include 10-Gbit/sec transmission and test equipment as well as optical IP/Ethernet equipment for LANs, MANs, and WANs.
Optillion AB, Sweden NOMINEE NO. SUB 3Th 120766

The FTRX-1611-3 40-km small-form-factor XFP optical transceiver uses a 1550-nm EML and an APD receiver and complies with 10GBase-ER/EW (per IEEE 802.3ae) and OC-192 IR-2. It features a serial 10-Gbit/sec electrical interface (XFI) that removes multiplexer/demultiplexer chips from inside the module, enabling significant space and power savings, and supports digital diagnostic functions.
Finisar Corp., Sunnyvale, CA NOMINEE NO. SUB 4Th 120767

The DAL-40-PA-KIT-2P12-V 40-Gbit/sec design kit includes two single-stage module amplifiers equipped with V connectors. Both amplifiers operate at 30 kHz to 40 GHz. One amplifier has an 11-dB gain and provides above-3.5 Vp-p with a single 5-V DC supply; the other device has a 14-dB gain and provides up to 6 Vp-p with less than 1 W of power consumption. The design kit uses a low noise process and performs excellent group delay and eye-diagrams.
Da-LightCom, Lannion, France NOMINEE NO. SUB 5Th 120768

Built-in POI is an optical isolator for automatic assembly of laser-diode modules. Design compatibility with both PIOI and PDOI makes it possible for module designers to standardize the isolator parts. Monolithic isolator unit and fiber assembly with excellent hermecity can be installed in the package easily to maintain package hermecity.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 1Th 120770

The compact inline isolator—3 mm diameter, 28 mm long—is suitable for C- and L-band applications, with choice of fiber. The isolator core, consisting of a polarizer and garnet with magnet, is also suitable for SMT applications.
NEC Tokin Corp., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 2Th 120772

The mode-conditioning cables are designed to eliminate the effects of differential mode delay, which can occur when a singlemode signal is launched into a multimode fiber. They're especially suitable for applications where new gigabit 1000Base-LX routers or switches are being deployed in existing multimode plants.
Pacific Interconnection Co.,Renton, WA NOMINEE NO. COMP 3Th 120774

The real time mini power monitor for channel control in complex networks has an outside diameter of just 3.5 mm. Very compact and easy to mount on a printed circuit board for system applications, it can be incorporated into configurable optical add/drop multiplexers, V-muxes, and optical amplifiers. The monitor features custom tap ratios, single/dual window, and low insertion and polarization-dependent loss to meet the requirements of customer-specific telecom/datacom applications.
Koncent Communication Inc., Fujian, China NOMINEE NO. COMP 4Th 120775

The F-3000 singlemode, small-form-factor, 1.25-mm-ferrule-based, LC-compatible, inline attenuator is available in PC and APC versions and provides precise and repeatable attenuation via a doped fiber, resulting in wavelength-independent and stable attenuation values from 1310 to 1550 nm.
Diamond SA, Losone, Switzerland NOMINEE NO. COMP 5Th 120777

The TFC-4050 widely tunable optical bandpass filter provides high performance for ASE suppression, channel selection, and true dynamic optical networking. It features Intelligent Adaptive Tracking, whereby the Gaussian-shaped passband accurately tracks and locks to the incoming signal, offering superior optical-signal-to-noise ratio to flat-top-shaped filters. The free-space optical design provides high adjacent channel suppression, low losses, and low dispersion with tunability over the full C- or L-band at 100-, 50-, or 25-GHz channel spacings.
iolon inc., San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 6

The isolator array is a Telcordia-compliant, crystal-based, passive optical component available in single-stage and dual-stage versions. The multi-port isolator offers options for dual, triple, or quadruple ports on the input and output sides to minimize backreflection and backscattering in the reverse direction for any state of polarization. It provides low cost, high performance, low insertion loss, high isolation, low channel crosstalk, high return loss, and low polarization-dependent loss and polarization-mode dispersion.
Oplink Communications, San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 7Th 120779

The 40-Gbit/sec mode converter modulator for high-speed optical networking employs gallium arsenide-based technology to rapidly modulate polarization states of optical-waveguide modes and convert single-polarization continuous wave laser light input into a stable time-varying optical output. In addition to low drive voltages, modulator manufacturing is based on standard volume chip fabrication processes.
JGKB Photonics Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia NOMINEE NO. COMP 8Th 120780

For integration into portable optical monitoring instruments and automated optical manufacturing equipment, the optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) engine allows test and measurement equipment designers to develop handheld instruments that have precision similar to benchtop instruments. The device measures 110×110 ×20-mm and performs highly accurate power and wavelength measurements from 1530 to 1620 nm with minimal power consumption. Wavelength accuracy is ±10 pm and power accuracy is ±0.5 dB over a range of 65 dB.
NP Photonics, Tucson, AZ NOMINEE NO. COMP 9Th 120782

The compact 1×32 micro splitter module (55×55×8 mm) features high performance and flexibility. The module is available in various specifications, or it can be customized.
FiberCom Optics Communication Corp., Hsin Tien, Taiwan NOMINEE NO. COMP 10Th 120784

The MU inline attenuator (patchcord-style), with dimensions similar to the standard MU plug, increases capacity by enabling usage of all ports on multiway adapters. Total depth required is less than the combination of a build-out type plus connector. With attenuation values of 0 to 6, 10, 15, and 20 dB, the attenuator operates at 1310 and 1550 nm and provides ≤100-mW input power, ≥40-dB return loss, and -25° to +70°C operating-temperature range.
Hirose Electric Europe, Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands NOMINEE NO. COMP 11Th 120785

The PM8355 QuadPHY II physical layer device offers a wide range of 10-Gbit/sec serial-backplane operation from 1 to 3.125 Gbits/sec, while supporting the IEEE 802.3ae 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) standard, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand (2.5-Gbit/sec) optical applications. As a 10-GbE PHY, it supports the emerging 10-Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI) and coarse WDM optical-module serial interfaces. The PHY also provides a standard XGMII parallel interface for seamless connection to 10-Gbit/sec media access controllers.
PMC-Sierra, Burnaby, British Columbia NOMINEE NO. COMP 12Th 120787

Featuring a glass-to-glass hermetic seal to the optical fiber, the glass-sealed quartz ferrule eliminates thermal mismatch and other sealing problems. It can be used with polarization-maintaining fiber pigtails that are sensitive to the stress caused by thermal expansion mismatch between the fiber, ferrule, and epoxy. Suitable for applications that require high-optical-power coupling, the ferrule prevents migration of oxygen, water, and other contaminants to active semiconducting components.
Polymicro Technologies LLC, Phoenix NOMINEE NO. COMP 13

The edgecard-mounted fiber-optic connector—plug receptacle and backplane, with removable terminus and blind-mating or jackscrew-mating version—are available for two, four, eight, or more optical channels. It singlemode- or multimode-fiber-compatible for mixed modes in the same connector and utilizes termini used in harsh-environment commercial or severe-environment military connectors. The connector features multiple high-count mating cycles with precise alignment and repeatable optic performance.
Delphi Connection Systems, Irvine, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 14Th 120789

The TL20X0 widely tunable laser module provides up to 20 mW of distributed-feedback-laser output tunable over the entire C- or L-band in a new small-form-factor, low-power-dissipation package thatexhibits excellent stability in environmental tests. The module includes an integrated wavelocker for 25-GHz channel spacings and control electronics providing an industry-standard OIF-MSA interface.
Santur Corp., Fremont, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 15Th 120790

The CMD-LN10/20 compact high-speed module combines in one package a broadband traveling-wave X-cut lithium niobate modulator as an optical chip and a gallium arsenide driver using P-HEMT technology. For input voltage <400 mV and power consumption <3 W, the module, at 10 Gbits/sec (OC-192 and STM-164, forward error correction), provides a widely opened eye with a >90% vertical and horizontal opening, 1.7-psec RMS jitter, <20-psec rise and fall time, and 14.4-dB extinction ratio.
Photline Technologies, Besançon cedex 3, France NOMINEE NO. COMP 16Th 120791

The MetroChannel 16-channel coarse WDM passive multiplexer/demultiplexer module works with uncooled lasers having wavelengths spaced 20 nm apart. The compact Telcordia-qualified module operates with singlemode fiber, independent of protocol and data rate; provides very low (2.25-dB) insertion loss, with high channel isolation; and measures a compact 4.4×3.2×0.4 inch.
Tsunami, Mountain View, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 17Th 120792

For fiber-to-fiber connections, the LC-SC converter includes zirconia ceramic ferrules and sleeves for high stability, repeatability, and reliability. The converter comes in various connector configurations, namely LC-SC, LC-MU, MU-SC for singlemode and multimode applications, and in simplex styles.
Adamant Kogyo Co. Ltd., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 18Th 120793

The FOS-DMS diamond polishing film comprises a polishing layer and polyester film. The polishing layer consists of uniformly deposited diamond particles held together by binder ingredients. Polishing power is excellent because of the superior hardness of diamond particles. The polishing film's highly uniform surface ensures connector endfaces receive a smooth polish without cracks or scratches. In combination with the final polishing film, advanced mirror surfaces can be obtained.
NTT-ME Corp., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 19Th 120794

High-performance TOSA (FU-185SDF) and ROSA (FU-135SPP) CAN-packaged coaxial modules for 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications have newly developed electrical signal interfaces that make "coupled differential feeds." The interface provides excellent electrical performance over 10 GHz. TOSA includes a 1310-nm distributed-feedback laser diode and an optical isolator, and ROSA has a pin-PD with preamplifier.
Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 20Th 120795

The T-BOX silicon on insulator (SOI) wafer contains an ultra-thick buried oxide (BOX) layer (up to 20 mm), making it five to 10 times thicker. The device layer can be controlled to ±0.5-mm thickness tolerance. The wafer, whose size is 100/125/150 mm, is designed for waveguide, optical MEMS, and radio-frequency devices. A double SOI wafer is also available.
KST World Corp., San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 21

The 1480-nm optical polarization-beam combiner (PBC) is designed for laser pumps combining erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, interferometers, R&D, laboratory experimentation, and Raman PBCs.
Toyokuni Electric Cable Co. Ltd., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 22Th 120796

The SL4134H small-form-factor-pluggable (SFP) LC 1550-nm optical transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet has an extended transmitting distance up to 80 km. Choice of extraction mechanism is between the slide release and user-friendly bar-lever release. Digital diagnostics allow monitoring of transmitter optical output power, transmitter bias current, optical received power, supply voltage, and inside temperature in real time via an I2C interface. The transceiver also comes in -20° to +80°C and MU-SFP versions.
Sigma-Links Inc., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 23Th 120797

The very short receptacle comes in a wide range of custom designs to help miniature modules. It is also available with an isolator.
Toto Ltd., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 24

The MSA-compatible arrayed-waveguide-grating (AWG) module is thermally stabilized and compatible with a recently announced new multisource agreement (MSA) by Alcatel Optronics, Hitachi Cables, and NEL. The MSA defines common mechanical features and electrical parts of AWGs; these common specifications ensure that network equipment manufacturers have a choice among compatible sources, while the product's suppliers are able to reduce the lead time.
NTT Electronics Corp., Tokyo NOMINEE NO. COMP 25

The Free-X Family switching solution based on advanced solid-free-space technology is extremely versatile and capable of ultra-fast switching speed (250 nsec) and integrating multiple functions (variable optical attenuation and multicasting) into one package. It is robust and does not degrade over billions of switching cycles. The device is suitable for switching applications ranging from reliable protection to ultra-fast optical burst switching and can be used for continuous switching and to minimize effects on the network.
Civcom Inc., Tikva, Israel NOMINEE NO. COMP 26Th 120798

The OL5160M module is a 10-Gbit/sec electro-absorption (EA)-modulated distributed-feedback laser (EML) integrated with an EA driver IC in a compact butterfly-type package that complies with a multisource agreement defined by Sumitomo and FQD. By integrating the EML and EA driver in one package, the optical eye patterns are greatly improved, resulting in an eye signal-to-noise ratio >20 dB with dynamic extinction ratio of 10 dB under 10-Gbit/sec nonreturn-to-zero modulation. The module measures 17.6×12×7.7 mm.
Oki Optical Components,Sunnyvale, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 27Th 120799

The TDF50 tunable filter for 10-Gbit/sec data rates at 50-GHz channel spacing comes in two versions—one that is suitable for applications requiring flat-top filters such as optical-channel monitoring, optical add/drop multiplexers, and tunable receivers and a higher extinction-ratio version for optical performance monitoring applications. The filter is available as a chip, a packaged chip component, and a module comprising the control electronics.
Lambda Crossing, Caesarea, Israel NOMINEE NO. COMP 28Th 120801

The eSFP enhanced small-form-factor-pluggable transceiver module has added digital diagnostics compliant with the SFF-8472 standard. The new functionality provides module health and link performance to host systems, predicting link degradation and providing improved system reliability. The module comes in 850-, 1310-, and 1550-nm versions for Fibre Channel (SAN), Gigabit Ethernet, iSCSI, SONET, access, and coarse WDM.
Picolight Inc., Boulder, CO NOMINEE NO. COMP 29Th 120802

The TRP-G1H9BCDHS long-haul Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) transceiver can transmit data up to 120 km. It is packaged in the small-form-factor-pluggable multisource agreement, includes integrated digital diagnostics, and incorporates an avalanche photodiode that allows for a higher link budget for longer-haul applications. The transceiver allows enterprise and metro applications to extend the effective distance of GbE links well beyond industry-standard 70-km offerings.
Optical Communication Products Inc., Chatsworth, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 30Th 120803

The Fasma 100-2-0-41-1-TMO two-port tunable filter allows any of the 41 channels on the 100-GHz ITU grid to be selected. It is based on three-dimensional Bragg grating technology in a photorefractive bulk material. The small-sized filter provides integrated microprocessor-based electronic control with serial interface, wide bandwidth for 2.5- and 10-Gbit/sec systems, high adjacent and nonadjacent channel isolation, 100-GHz channel spacing, and full C-band operation.
Ondax, Monrovia, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 31Th 120804

With channel spacing of 20 nm and wide bandpass characteristics, the SpectraMux compact coarse WDM module is designed for use with non-temperature-controlled lasers and provides high center wavelength accuracy and stability, low insertion loss, high directivity, an epoxy-free optical path, and low polarization-dependent loss. It comes in four or eight channels, includes an expansion port, and meets and exceeds Telcordia requirements for performance and reliability. Custom wavelengths and channel configurations are available.
Alliance Fiber Optics Products,Sunnyvale, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 32Th 120805

Based on thin-film technologies, the tunable filter provides high optical performance, excellent environmental stability, wide passband, high isolation, low ripple, low polarization-dependent loss, and low insertion loss. Its wide tuning range covers the entire C- or L-band at 100-GHz channel spacing. Continuous and discrete (nonblocking) tuning modes are available. The filter is designed for optical performance monitoring and reconfigurable optical add/drop applications.
Auxora Inc., Baldwin Park, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 33Th 120806

Integrating a conventional tap coupler and photodetector, the compact power monitor is available as a single-channel device and multichannel array and provides excellent sensitivity and high reliability. It is best suited in applications where extremely small-sized components are required, such as optical monitoring in DWDM and optical add/drop multiplexing.
Hitachi Metals America Ltd., San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 34Th 120807

The ERGO pulse-generating laser optical clock is best suited for multiwavelength applications, optical TDM, signal processing, test and measurement, and high-speed optical transmission in metro, access, and long-haul networks. It can deliver stable picosecond optical pulses at 10-160-GHz repetition rates without using an active electrical drive signal. It also simultaneously produces a comb of wavelength channels on the optical-frequency domain, locked to the ITU grid at precise spacings of 12.5-50 GHz across the C-band.
GigaTera Inc., Dietikon, Switzerland NOMINEE NO. COMP 35Th 120808

The Optical Broadcast Switch, designed for applications requiring information from a source being distributed to multiple destinations such as SANs and video on demand, supports both multicast and broadcast modes. Any input channel can be routed to any combination of output channels. The 8×8 electromechanical switch provides excellent repeatability and low insertion loss. It also can be built with multimode fibers.
Advanced Optical MEMS Inc.,Irvine, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 36Th 120809

The small REDEL D snap-on/pull-off fiber-optic connection system—plug is 3.2 mm outside diameter (OD) and <6 mm long and coupler is 5 mm OD and 10 mm long—is best suited where space and weight are at a premium. Available for singlemode and multimode fibers with 125-mm cladding, the connector can be mounted onto 250-mm coated fiber or 900-mm tight buffered fiber. The 1.25-mm zirconia ceramic ferrule provides excellent strength, reliability, and optical performance.
LEMO USA Inc., Rohnert Park, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 37Th 120810

The eight-channel Mini CWDM with small module size is just 120 mm long, 95 mm width and 8 mm thick. The coarse WDM module provides insertion loss <3.6 dB, isolation >30 dB, and polarization-dependent loss <0.1 dB.
Hopecom Optical Communications Co. Ltd., Shanghai, China NOMINEE NO. COMP 38

The TXN18107 10-Gbit/sec singlemode optical-transceiver module complies with the XFP multisource agreement. It includes a 1310-nm singlemode distributed-feedback transmitter for 10-km link distances, provides variable-rate, protocol-independent operation, is hot-pluggable with support for a digital management interface, and complies with 10-Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel standards as well as the XFI 10-Gbit/sec serial electrical interface.
Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 39Th 120811

The polarization-dependent free-space isolator is completely epoxy-free and thermal-shock resistant. Based on semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes, the compact isolator provides a wide operating-temperature range as well as high quality and reliability, and it can be used for various LD applications.
O-Net Communications Ltd., Shenzhen, China NOMINEE NO. COMP 40Th 120812

The patch-cord cable assemblies are suited for a wide range of applications, including MTP, MPO, MT-RJ, ST, FDDI, Escon, LC, ST, SC, FC, and MU with UPC, APC, or other requirements. Produced using state-of-the-art testing equipment, refined polishing machinery, and advanced polishing procedures, the cable assemblies are designed to exceed industry standards.
Wealth Center Fiber Optic Inc., Guangzhou, China NOMINEE NO. COMP 41Th 120813

The MetroFlex G2 Series tunable optical transmitter is a small, integrated, highly reliable 2×2.89-inch package designed for metro and regional networks, with reach up to 600 km. It incorporates VCSEL-based tunable-laser and wavelength-locking technologies, providing continuous tuning over 40 50-GHz-spaced ITU channels, modulation at OC-3 through OC-48 data rates, >0-dBm modulated output power, and dark tuning.
Bandwidth9, Fremont, CA NOMINEE NO. COMP 42Th 120814

Licensee of the LC Unibody and APC Fiber Optic Connector Series, designed by OFS. Features include a one-piece design that significantly improves side-pull performance to meet the requirements of Telcordia GR-326-CORE. Included in the licensing is a certification program, whereby the company will receive LC certification from OFS upon successful testing of LC Unibody and APC products.
SENKO Advanced Components, Marlboro, MA NOMINEE NO. COMP 43

ClearLite photonic fibers offer a diverse selection of specialty singlemode fibers for a wide variety of photonic devices. Specialty coated fibers such as polyimide, carbon/polyimide, and carbon/acrylate can withstand and maintain optimum functionality in temperature extremes, high humidity, and harsh environments. The photonic fibers come in 80-micron micro-cladding diameters to enable miniature components and tight sensor coils as well as a full range of numerical apertures for coupling efficiency and bend insensitivity. Customization is available.
OFS, Norcross, GA NOMINEE NO. COMP 44Th 120815

Designed for ultra-fast optical-waveform measurement, the AQ7750 optical sampling oscilloscope can capture and measure accurately up to 160 Gbits/sec because of 500-GHz bandwidth with low (100-fsec) jitter. Measurement results are not affected by the polarization of measured optical signals, making the oscilloscope suitable for such applications as optical recirculating loop experiments.
Ando Electric Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan NOMINEE NO. TEST 1Th 120816

The ZX-1 Array Plus zoom interferometer is specifically designed to measure the endface geometry of single-ferrule, multifiber connectors, including MT, Mini-MT, MT-RJ, MPO, MPX, and MTP. Array connectors can be measured with or without their housings installed by using a calibration technique and automated fringe "nulling." The interferometer can also measure standard single-fiber PC and APC connectors.
Direct Optical Research Co., Phoenix NOMINEE NO. TEST 2Th 120817

The OCT8000 optical-component tester measures multiple optical parameters over multiple channels in a single, fast wavelength scan. Its modular, expandable architecture allows a simple upgrade path to 256 parallel measurement channels and includes an integrated wavemeter to ensure optimum accuracy with high measurement rates.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics,Berkshire, UK NOMINEE NO. TEST 3Th 120818

PRO Series is a flexible platform for multichannel testing of laser diodes and other DWDM components in manufacturing and R&D. A variety of modules are available for extremely stable control of laser current and laser temperature, while other modules perform precise measurement for photocurrent. Distributed-feedback laser-diode modules come with sophisticated drive electronics and precise temperature control for highly stable laser operation. They support 50-GHz channel spacing with up to 16-dBm output power.
Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, OR NOMINEE NO. TEST 4

The 018-1260 athermal VPG-based OSA spectral engine is designed for portable/handheld network test applications. Fully compatible with ITU-T G.694.2, the CWDM meter offers ±1 nm absolute wavelength accuracy, 50-dB dynamic range, ±0.5-dB channel power accuracy, low power consumption, no moving parts, and <100-msec response time. It is Telcordia GR-1209/1221-qualified.
BaySpec Inc., Fremont, CA NOMINEE NO. TEST 5Th 120819

The MD1230A data-quality analyzer is a self-contained Ethernet/IP/SONET portable tester for highly accurate network, switch, router, and device-capability testing. It handles performance measuring and traffic monitoring for both Ethernet and packet over SONET networks. Five interface-module slots accommodate full, simultaneous wire-speed testing on any combination up to 40 10/100-Mbit/sec Ethernet, 10 1-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), four 10-GbE, five OC-48c, and five OC-192c ports. MPLS traffic generation, protocol emulation, and Sniffer Technologies protocol decoding are built-in.
Anritsu Co., Richardson, TX NOMINEE NO. TEST 6

The N4901A 13.5-Gbit/sec serial bit-error-ratio tester is aimed at OC-192, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and 10-Gigabit Fibre Channel R&D and manufacturing applications. Capabilities include enhanced jitter measurement, full differential data generation and analysis, and clock/data recovery.
Agilent Technologies Inc., Boblingen,Germany NOMINEE NO. TEST 7Th 120820

The IPC (independent pressure control) polishing fixture provides high capacity and performance by individually pressuring each connector and allowing free-floating action, with higher polishing yields and a more even distribution of polishing results. No ferrule measurement is required since the pressure will adjust to each connector's height automatically.
Seikoh Giken USA Inc., Norcross, GA NOMINEE NO. MFG 1Th 120821

The CA2000 fully automated precision aligner for fiber ferrule, lens holder, and CAN package has a total processing time of just 5 minutes, including YAG laser welding. The three components are actively adjusted with 50-mrad tilt and 0.01-mm for X and Y axis resolution, so the optical axis at the focal point can be aligned and completely perpendicular. The aligner is recommended for assembling laser-diode and photodiode modules, isolators, multiplexers, and variable optical attenuators.
Toray Engineering Co. Ltd., Shiga, Japan NOMINEE NO. MFG 2Th 120822

FiberMax performs high-volume manufacturing and testing of fiber-optic components in a highly automated, 24/7 production environment. It uses patent-pending direct-drive technology to achieve a high level of positioning performance and offers up to six axes of precise motion, 10-nm resolution X-Z axis, 2-nm resolution Y axis, 300-pm resolution with the Automation 3200 soft controller, 0.027-0.058-arc sec resolution on all rotary axes, and 32-axis turnkey drive and control electronics. Comes in a 224×150×206-mm package (six axes).
Aerotech Inc., Pittsburgh NOMINEE NO. MFG 3Th 120823

The FAST 35/350 laser weld assembly tool automates the active optical alignment and assembly of photonic components using a high-precision laser attach process. It is available in semi-automated and fully automated islands or as part of an integrated assembly line, providing excellent fiber attach repeatability and yield.
Palomar Technologies - Photonics Automation, Pittsburgh NOMINEE NO. MFG 4

Dynamic Spectrum Equalizer generates arbitrary filter shapes in the C- or L-band regions of the optical spectrum. Adjustment of 16 independently controlled tunable notch filters is done through an intuitive PC-based graphical interface. Ultra-low insertion loss is achieved using all-fiber construction. Applications include fixed filter design for optical amplifiers, spectral adjustment in WDM testbed experiments, and spectral shaping of broadband optical sources.
Novera Optics Inc., San Jose, CA NOMINEE NO. DES 1

The silica two-channel ferrule high-purity optical-fiber array with narrow (126-mm) spacing enables considerable downsizing of the device package. It allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate into the body and adhesion to cure rapidly because of its transparent properties. CTE mismatch is avoided since the quartz ferrule has the same composition as optical fiber. Long-term reliability is ensured.
Kohoku America Inc., Cambridge, MA NOMINEE NO. INSTALL 1

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