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Th 288956

Network managing software
Fiber Manager is sold as an extension to the ArcFM Solution, which allows users to manage and maintain facility network data in an ESRI ArcGIS environment. The program allows editors to quickly and intuitively create, connect, and manage fiber-optic systems within a geographic information system. The software package comes with an integrated toolset that provides users with editing, connectivity, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Functionality includes a GUI, the ability to identify the components in the system that light will pass through, a trace for unused and unreserved fibers between any two points, a splice point schematic generator, and system reports.
Telvent Miner & Miner Inc., www.miner.comTh 288954

The wavelength blocker is designed for optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM) applications in next-generation optical communication networks. The internal optical block has no moving parts and the package is based on a hermetic sealing structure for high operational stability and long-term reliability. Other features of the subsystem include C-band or L-band operation at 100- or 50-GHz spacing, wide passband with flat-topped channel profile, channel-by-channel attenuation and blocking, and high extinction ratio. In addition to its application for reconfigurable OADMs (ROADMs), the device also can be used for network management (protection and restoration) and dynamic channel power equalization.
Santec Corp.,

New devices in the WaveReady product line are scalable WDM optical transport subsystems designed for metro, access, and enterprise optical networks. The flexible WRT-780 compact dual transponder is targeted for transport of any service (OTN, SONET, Ethernet, Fibre Channel) between 125 Mbits/sec and 4.25 Gbits/sec. The WRT-780 can be combined with other WaveReady WDM modules and chassis to provide cost-effective density for WDM transport. The WRA series user-configurable erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) are designed to transport DWDM optical network services up to 43 Gbits/sec. The EDFAs include the WRA-100 single-channel optical amplifiers, offered in four different gains or output powers to accommodate various optical link budgets, and the WRA-200 series of C-band multichannel optical amplifiers, featuring an ultrafast transient response.

The new 5800 Muxponder provides users with low-cost Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) transport via 4� aggregation and 4-Gbit/sec small form pluggable (SFP) optics. This enables operators to deploy very low-cost Ethernet transport over a wide range of network architectures. The muxponder is equipped with dual line ports for a range of configuration options, including 4G Muxponder Mode (4� GbE over a 4G line with optional line protection), Double 2G Muxponder Mode (double 2� GbE over two 2.5G lines), or Cascade Transponder Mode (triple 2.5/4G regenerator). Advanced iWDM functionality is also available including embedded management channels. The 4G SFP line optics ensures that the module provides users GbE aggregation and transport with double the capacity of 2� muxponders with a small premium in price.
Transmode, www.transmode.comTh 288958

Upgraded system with 2D ROADM
Enhancements to the FLASHWAVE 7500 reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) include new 19- and 23-inch shelves, a two-degree (2D) ROADM configuration, an in-service upgradeable in-line amplifier (ILA), and a 10-Gbit/sec Flexponder SONET ADM-on-a-card unit. The new 2D ROADM configuration offers economical full add/drop and pass-through capabilities for up to 40 DWDM channels. The 2D ROADM system can be deployed in protected or unprotected point-to-point, linear, and ring applications across distances up to 1,000 km with no regeneration required. The 10-Gbit/sec Flexponder unit multiplexes up to eight Gigabit Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 signals into a single 10.7-Gbit/sec optical signal with digital wrapper. ITU-T compliant narrowband optics allows the signal to be mapped to any of 40 channels.
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., 288957

The Total Access 5000 Ethernet multiservice access and aggregation platform now features a GPON module that provides 2.5 Gbits/sec to each optical line terminal (OLT) port, enabling delivery of high-bandwidth services such as high-definition IPTV. The multiservice capabilities support native Ethernet services like GPON from the same platform used to support POTS, DSL, bonded copper, ATM, and legacy copper services. ADTRAN optical network terminals (ONTs) work in conjunction with the Total Access 5000 to support both residential and business applications ranging from DS1 to Gigabit Ethernet.
ADTRAN Inc., www.adtran.comTh 288959

Designed for service provider edge and enterprise networks, the BTI 7000 Series platform delivers HD video, LAN and storage extension, SONET/SDH network consolidation, Ethernet business services, and 4G wireless backhaul capabilities without the high costs associated with traditional metro optical and Ethernet switching technologies. With support for CWDM, DWDM, OTN, and Carrier Ethernet, combined with a rich set of transponders and muxponders, the platform is capable of extending multiprotocol gigabit services within existing budgets to the optical edge.
BTI Systems, www.btisystems.comTh 288960

The TigerSwitch eight-port 10/100 L2 managed switch (SMC6110L2) utilizes a single-chip architecture to ensure wire-speed delivery of data packets while maintaining security through the use of SSL, SSH, and other security measures required by today's SMB networks. Providing flexible management architecture, the switch incorporates an IP clustering technology that facilitates grouping switches for efficiency and network extension with other SMC61-Series Fast Ethernet switches or SMC81-Series gigabit switches. Low-density and compact with high-bandwidth uplinks, the SMC6110L2 has two gigabit combo ports that accept 1000Base-SX, -LX, or -ZX mini GBIC transceivers.
SMC Networks, www.smc.comTh 288961

TimeProvider 5000, a "purpose built" IEEE 1588 Version 2 carrier-class grandmaster clock, is designed to meet the most stringent timing and synchronization requirements of next-generation network applications including Ethernet backhaul, circuit emulation, and PON. TimeProvider 5000 incorporates hardware-based time stamping for timing and frequency accuracy over a range of wireline and wireless applications.
Symmetricom Inc., www.symmetricom.comTh 288962

OSP fiber enclosure
The FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) is a complete PON solution for managing up to 576 distribution fibers for an outside plant (OSP) FTTX application. The enclosure can provide up to 288 fibers in a compact 16�16�32-in. footprint or 576 fibers in a 33�16�32-in. design. Fiber is protected in sub-units of 12 fibers with the Clearview cassette technology. Jacketed cable storage is eliminated because the 900-µm tight buffers have shed the outer riser-rated jacket in favor of the cassette that protects it not only from human accidental damage but also provides full bend radius protection throughout. The FieldSmart FSC accommodates all fiber management needs plus all the required slack storage for a 288 home-served patch and splice configuration.
Clearfield Inc.,

The FSM-60S fusion splicer is the next generation of the FSM-50S, which will continue to target the European telecom market. The new ruggedized machine is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and offers increased protection from dust, water, vibration, and shock. The FSM-60S also has a battery that can be charged during normal operation, accommodates a variety of clamping systems, and has the option to incorporate a second heater.

The COYOTE LCC (low-count closure), designed specifically to protect small-fiber-count applications, is compact and utilizes the company's versatile grommet system and internal LITE-GRIP splice platform, targeting the rugged closure for low-fiber-count, drop, or repair applications. The closure is 17�7�2.5 in. with a splice capacity for 24 single fusion splices or 72 ribbon splices. It is suitable for in-line and butt applications.
Preformed Line Products, www.preformed.comTh 288968

Variable output option for analyzer
The MU181020A-013 variable data output option for the MP1800A/MT1810A signal quality analyzer/pulse pattern generator (PPG) can generate 0.5 to 3.5 Vp-p high amplitude waveforms and is easily integrated into the MP1800A mainframe with the PPG module to create a single instrument that accurately and quickly evaluates optical modulators. The MP1800A, when configured with the MU18020A-013, eliminates the need for an external amplifier. The data output tool generates high-quality waveforms with both low jitter and short rise and fall times (Tr/Tf) to satisfy the performance specifications required for measuring all types of optical modulators such as electroabsorption and LN modulators, as well as optical semiconductors such as electroabsorption modulator integrated laser diodes (EMLs).
Anritsu, 288986

The VLF-280 is a handheld, battery powered, stabilized fiber-optic laser source that emits visible (red) light at 650 nm. Its intended function is to allow an operator to identify the exact location of a break, microbend, or other discontinuity in a fiber-optic cable. As the radiation is visible, light emanating from a break or microbend enables the user to locate the exact position of a fault. This can be done even at very short distances that would not be detectable by conventional means such as an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR). It is also useful for identifying a particular fiber in a cable by exciting the fiber to be located with visible radiation.
Scitec Instruments Ltd., 288985

The addition of Fibre Channel support to the recently introduced IQS-8120NGE and IQS-8130NGE Power Blazer multiservice test modules simplifies the testing of multiservice products by network equipment vendors. In addition to offering SONET/SDH/OTN, next-gen SONET/SDH, and Ethernet testing capabilities up to 10/10.7 Gbits/sec, the modules now offer optional support for 1�, 2�, 4�, and 10� Fibre Channel rates. This extension addresses the stringent testing requirements for multiservice products by system verification, R&D, and manufacturing groups, allowing them to easily perform automation along with test and troubleshooting routines on network equipment that supports different protocols on the same interface.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering,

Active optical cables with QSFP transceivers
InterBOARD quad small form pluggable (QSFP) active optical cables (AOCs) will provide bidirectional, electrical-to-electrical connectivity using multimode optical fiber. Specifically designed to support high-performance computing (HPC) and data center environments, the cables will feature InterBOARD QSFP four-channel optical modules, offering four independent transmit and receive channels that operate at up to 10 Gbits/sec per channel for an aggregate bandwidth of up to 40 Gbits/sec. The cables will be available in both standard and custom lengths up to 300 m, which will also be channel-speed dependent.
Reflex Photonics, www.reflexphotonics.comTh 288987

Two-stage fiber-optic distributor cables enable simpler, more compact installation and clearer cable routing. The new concept has high-fiber, preterminated loose tube cables that are divided at the factory over two or three spare conduits, each with four 12-fiber bundles (each conduit contains 48 fibers). The distributor heads fit into a standard one-height unit housing with 24 ports. By using routing frames, 96 or 144 fibers can be terminated with only two or three 19-in. standard housings. The preterminated FO cables come with protective tubes that can be easily removed during on-site installation.
Dätwyler Cables International, www.daetwyler-cables.comTh 288988

The VS-705, the fifth-generation of the company�s voltage-controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) product, features an expanded frequency range (120 to 850 MHz) in a smaller package (5.0�7.5�2.5-mm LCC) and several improved performance and power management capabilities that support green initiatives. The VCSO is optimized for use in phase-locked loop (PLL) circuits that require excellent jitter filtering and a wider tuning range (±100 ppm APR), including high-speed data transmission applications such as Synchronous Ethernet, Fibre Channel, traditional SONET/SDH optical networking, and high-clock-rate base stations.
Vectron International,

The Cannon PHD SuperLC connector features a small form factor and maintains the same high optical performance characteristics of a standard LC product while operating in severe environments. A thermal plastic housing and locking feature to prevent mechanical release allows the connector to withstand high temperatures and thermal cycling, along with elevated levels of shock and vibration. The SuperLC meets or exceeds Lucent 640-252-053 and Telcordia GR-326 requirements. The connector is suitable for military/aerospace, telecom service, and industrial data communications applications. The connector features a tunable optical cartridge that functions as a standalone optical element separate from the connector housing and accepts multimode or singlemode ferrules. The locking mechanism also prevents thermal stress of the latch at high temperatures. Crimp termination of the cable to the rear body ensures ease-of-use and quick field repair.
ITT Interconnect Solutions,

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