2008 OFC/NFOEC Product Showcase

Th 274074
Th 274074

SC/APC angle splice connector
A no-polish connector (NPC) enables fast, on-site installation of 250- and 900-µm singlemode SC/APC-compatible connections. The connector consists of a factory-polished ferrule assembly and a mechanical splice that is installed with a simple field tool. The SC/APC keyed, angle splice connector is specifically designed for analog video transmission with very low optical reflection of <�60 dB across temperature extremes.
3M, www.3M.com/telecomTh 274075

FTTH transceivers typically utilize WDM glass filters to avoid optical crosstalk between the different optical channels. Photodiodes with a build-in optical filter can eliminate the need for external filters, reducing component count as well as assembly cost. The optical bandpass filter is designed for FTTX channels at 1,490 nm and offers a typical attenuation of 25 dB for signals at 1,555 nm. The family of filtered photodiodes now includes integrated short-, long-, and bandpass filters, available in large volumes on the PDCS85F and PDCS120F photodiode platforms.
Albis Optolectronics, www.albisopto.comTh 274076

Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter cassettes are designed for today�s FTTX applications that demand high performance and reliability in adverse environments. Designed with 1�4, 1�8, 1�16, or 1�32 splitters in a streamlined, compact (100�80�10 mm) cassette for easy plug-and-play operation, and using 2-mm jacketed bend-insensitive fiber, they deliver low insertion loss and maximum durability over extended temperature. The OEM-friendly packaging provides the flexibility to meet broad design goals and complies with full GR1209 and GR1221 qualification requirements.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, www.afop.comTh 274077

The new Pemaquid/S19258 is a XAUI-to-XFI 10-Gbit framer/mapper/PHY device for 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), 10G FC, WIS, and OTU2 networks. Via its suite of 10GbE over WAN/OTN mapping modes, integrated 10G PHY XFI interface, and provisional G.709 GFEC/EFEC features, it provides a seamless interface to XFP and SFP+ optical modules.
AMCC, www.amcc.comTh 274078

The AFBR-700SDZ optical transceiver supports high-speed serial links over multimode optical fiber at signaling rates up to 10.313 GBd. Real-time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power, and received input power information is provided with the two-wire interface defined in SFF-8472. The digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable the transmitter, monitor for transmitter faults, and monitor for receiver loss of signal.
Avago Technologies, www.avagotech.com

The company�s SFP+ transceiver meets the next-generation SFF-8431 (also known as small-form-factor pluggable, SFP+) specification and supports 10-Gbit/sec speed using the same port space as a standard SFP transceiver. It reduces module power consumption to as low as 1 W and takes up 30% less space than a standard XFP transceiver. Utilizing the SFP+ form factor, high data rate applications such as 8-Gbit/sec Fibre Channel and 10GbE can be realized with high port density and low power consumption.
Axcen Photonics Corp., www.axcen.com.twTh 274079

The company will be displaying its SOA-XN-OEC-1550 semiconductor optical amplifier, which offers highly optimized nonlinear operating characteristics that may be used to implement advanced functions in all-optical networks operating at up to 100 Gbits/sec. Offering a gain recovery time of just 10 psec, together with integration-friendly features that make it easy for the SOA to be fabricated in arrays and �push fitted� into hybrid components, the device provides a platform for future networks.
Centre for Integrated Photonics (CIP), www.ciphotonics.comTh 274080

The DMI connector is designed for PCBs and other applications where a small footprint is required. DMI connectors are based on 2.5-mm ferrules and are designed to operate with multimode and singlemode fibers, 0° PC or 8° APC polished. The DMI mating adapter has a small footprint of 4.5�21 mm when assembled and has a high precision alignment sleeve (zirconia), providing high performance in a small package.
Diamond USA, www.diamond-fo.comTh 274082

Ultralow-distortion photodiodes are available in bandwidths up to 50 GHz. The photodiodes feature input optical power up to 14 dBm, polarization-dependent loss less than 0.1 dB, and group delay less than ±5 psec. These photodiodes can be used as a laboratory gold standard for shot-noise-limited precision analog, cable TV, and modulator extinction ratio measurements. Extend reach with a 1.5-dB improved link margin.
Discovery Semiconductors Inc., www.chipsat.comTh 274083

A family of SFP+ transceivers features 10G/8G offerings that support new deployments in the data center, core, and backbone, as well as migration upgrades for storage applications enabling increased port density. The portfolio includes a 10GBase-LRM, 10G SR/8G SX, and 10G LR/8G LX transceivers. The modules are optimized for low power and achieve <1-W power dissipation and are compliant to the SFP+ MSA.
ExceLight Communications Inc., www.excelight.comTh 274084

For short-range 10GbE applications, the G10447 series gallium arsenide (GaAs) PIN photodiode with preamplifier supports 10-Gbit/sec bit rates at 850 nm, with the G10447-51 1.25-mm diameter ROSA for SC receptacles and the G10447-54 2.5-mm diameter ROSA for LC receptacles. Both have a large 60-µm active area for multimode optical fibers and provide differential output, typical gain of 6 kO, and typical sensitivity from +2 to �13.5 dBm. The G10208 series InGaAs PIN photodiode with preamplifier can be used with multimode fibers for 10GBase-LRM and other 10GbE transmission at 1,300 nm, featuring the G10208-51 1.25-mm diameter ROSA for SC receptacles and the G10208-54 2.5-mm diameter ROSA for LC receptacles. (All G10447 and G10208 devices are sleeve type.) For short- to long-range applications, the G10342 series indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) PIN photodiode with preamplifier supports bit rates up to 11.3 Gbits/sec at 1,300 or 1,550 nm. The series conforms to XMD MSA specifications for 10-Gbit/sec miniature devices, which ensures compatibility with 10GbE, SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64, and XFP modules.
Hamamatsu Corp., http://sales.hamamatsu.comTh 274088

The company will feature full-temperature-range, Telecordia-qualified, ITU-compliant WDM-PON thermal and athermal modules covering the C and L bands, built on its proprietary technology and now available in volume.
Ignis Photonyx AS, www.ignis.comTh 274086

The IPTA12G011 and IPVD12G011 four-channel transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and four-channel VCSEL driver reportedly offer the lowest power in the industry, and are optimized for computer communications requirements for low power, high density, and low cost. The devices offer less than 8 mW per Gbit/sec and no crosstalk and require no external components, resulting in cost-effective, robust, high-density offerings. These features can enable better grid efficiency, significantly lower power, cost savings, and more data crunch in supercomputers, server farms, remote storage, and other applications.
IPtronics A/S, www.iptronics.com

The AON SuperBlade is reportedly the first-ever single-blade product for delivering all major functions required for optical transport. The new platform integrates major transport functions that used to require multiple blades onto a single blade, including ROADM and EDFA functionality, optical channel monitoring, and operating software. The AON SuperBlade enables either higher chassis density or a smaller chassis footprint in the node and reduces cost and power requirements.
JDSU, Optical Components Division, www.jdsu.comTh 274087

A high-speed polarization controller (PC) offers fast response in microseconds�more than 1,000� faster than conventional offerings. The fast speed makes it suitable for 40-Gbit/sec polarization-mode dispersion compensation and polarization multiplexing/demultiplexing applications as well as for fiber sensing in optical security, spectroscopy, and polarization-dependent imaging in biomedical applications. The compact device is driven by 0 to 5 VDC voltages for high-performance polarization control. It has an optional three- or four-cell design. The fourth cell is added for a faster algorithm to search and control. The high-speed polarization controller features low loss and no moving parts.
Lightwaves2020 Inc., www.lightwaves2020.comTh 274089

The Atlas series of XFP transceivers is reportedly the industry�s only MSA-compatible DWDM XFP with integrated OTN operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) and forward error correction (FEC). Integrating G.709 OAM and FEC capabilities into the pluggable transceiver allows carriers and service providers to simplify the Ethernet/IP transport network by eliminating DWDM transponders that create challenges in today�s networks. The device greatly reduces 10GbE wavelength provisioning time and offers capex, footprint, power, and management overhead reduction of more than 50%.
Menara Networks, www.menaranet.comTh 274090

The company is extending its broad portfolio of 10-Gbit/sec optical modules (such as XENPAK, X2, XPAK, XFP, and SFP+) to include parallel 40- and 100-Gbit/sec modules and fully tunable DWDM devices. The current modules, which cover all protocols (Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel), are setting standards in terms of integration, power consumption, and data transfer speed.
MergeOptics GmbH, www.mergeoptics.comTh 274091

The company�s universal optical EMI adapter now features LC capability. The EMI adapters were developed to increase shielding effectiveness and enhance front panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adapters. Their versatile design provides interchangeable user interfaces including LC, SC, ST, and FC, allowing easy conversion for multiple applications, including telecommunications equipment, lab, storage servers, and test equipment. The adapters are available for customized configuration prior to shipping or after delivery.
Molex Inc., www.molex.com

The NTL2000 widely tunable laser offers high performance for 10- and 40-Gbit/sec applications. Its narrow linewidth, low noise, up to 40 mW power, and high singlemode suppression ratio are suited for 40-Gbit/sec systems. Its ultrawide tuning range of up to 80 nm covers the C and L bands in a single laser, and fast tuning speed supports emerging dynamic systems. The laser is available in a butterfly package and industry-standard integrated tunable laser assembly (ITLA).
NeoPhotonics, www.neophotonics.comTh 274092

The NP2000 sub-MSA erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is designed for DWDM and single-wavelength applications and can provide up to 17-dBm flattened red band output power. This is a low-cost EDFA with no built-in electronics and comes with the smallest package size available in the industry�70�40�12 mm. It has a typical gain flatness of ±1 dB and has a noise figure of less than 5.5 dB. Applications include cable TV, metropolitan networks, and long-haul networks.
Nuphoton Technologies Inc., www.nuphoton.comTh 274094

The company�s SFP+ transceivers will be introduced at OFC/NFOEC 2008. The SFP+ form factor is 30% smaller in size, burns less power, and requires fewer components than XFP transceivers. The smaller size of SFP+ can boost line card density to at least 24 ports per card from 16 with XFP. Available models are 300-m reach 850 nm, 10-km reach 1,310 nm, and 40-km reach 1,550 nm. Samples are now available to customers. Additional types will be available soon.
OE Solutions, www.oesolution.comTh 274095

10G XFP and SFP+ transceivers are designed for 10GbE, 10G Fibre Channel, and SONET OC-192/SDH-64 singlemode/multimode applications to support 9.95 to 11.1 Gbits/sec. They comply with MSA specifications and are RoHS 6 compliant. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a two-wire serial interface. The devices feature low power dissipation; an extended operating range of �10 to +85°C is available.
Optoway Technology Inc., www.optoway.com.twTh 274129

The company�s tunable offerings include full C and L band coverage (40 nm/100 channels). At the core of the portfolio is the DTL, delivering built-in reliability, simplified network configurations, and reduced system costs. The ITLA facilitates the integration of tunability into a network. For further integration, the 300-pin MSA transponders available in NRZ and negative-chirp NRZ versions allow full tunability while using a standard module format; the duobinary 300-pin MSA extends reach to 350+ km.
Pirelli Broadband S.p.A, www.pirellibroadband.comTh 274130

Patented stable spring technology is available on LC duplex/quad and SC simplex/duplex adapters. The technology is designed to address the increasing demand for density and vibration prone environments. The stable spring utilizes four independent springs instead of two within the panel footprint for a snug and secure fit, allowing added flexibility for variable panel tolerances, reducing �chatter,� and eliminating the need for flanged adapters, which reduces cost.
Suncall America Inc., www.suncallamerica.comTh 274131

A new generation of tunable dispersion compensators is based on established and qualified FBG technology. The ClearSpectrum TDCX is designed to accommodate any channel plan, from 25- to 100-GHz channel grids. This feature set, combined with low PMD, make the dispersion compensator suitable for dispersion management of 40G applications or submarine networks where accuracy and reliability are critical.
TeraXion, www.teraxion.comTh 274132

The 2�1 Micro wavelength-selective switch (WSS) is an engine for high-performance two-degree ROADM nodes. It directs multiwavelength DWDM traffic from an input port and an add port to a common output port, and independently equalizes each output wavelength. The WSS provides high optical performance for multinode cascading of 40-Gbit/sec signals and is packaged in a compact module to fit into a single line-card slot.
Xtellus, www.xtellus.comTh 274133

Packet optical networking platform
The FLASHWAVE 9500 system is part of the new packet optical networking platform (PONP) product class. Reportedly the industry�s densest optical networking platform, the PONP integrates connection-oriented Ethernet, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM), and SONET technologies in one-third of a rack. The pluggable ROADM and integrated 480G SONET and Ethernet switching capabilities significantly lower the cost of packet-centric metro networks.
Fujitsu, http://us.fujitsu.com/telecom

The new iSN1000 family of GPON ONT ASICs includes three systems-on-chip (SoCs) for three types of ONTs: the iSN1000F for single-family units (SFUs); the iSN1000T for small office/home offices (SOHOs); and the iSN1000D for multidwelling units (MDUs). The chips deliver 1-Gbit/sec wire speed throughput, WT-156 compliant VLAN processing, quality of service (QoS), security, IPTV support, and a multicore architecture that facilitates the integration of customer-developed software with powerful proprietary software technologies.
iamba Networks Inc., www.iamba.comTh 274134

The SQBox Defender is a hardware cryptographic device intended to secure optical high-speed network communications. It uses a powerful combination of fully integrated QKD (quantum key distribution) and digital cryptography. Features include absolute security for encryption keys, immediate detection for intrusion attempts, and transparency to existing infrastructure.
SMARTQUANTUM, www.smartquantum.comTh 274135

Optical channel performance monitor
The IntelliGuard optical channel performance monitor (OCPM) series represents the next generation of embedded, integrated spectrum analyzers delivering precise measurements and powerful processing capabilities for DWDM applications. A variety of legacy form factors are offered, as well as what the company claims is the world�s smallest OCPM (68�96�9.8 mm) for compact, low-weight requirements. Based on proprietary VPG technology, wide wavelength ranges from 1,280 to 1,640 nm are covered, with standard CWDM, 50- and 100-GHz systems, and channel numbers ranging from 40 to 160. The athermal design eliminates the need for a thermoelectric cooler, adding enhanced reliability and ultralow power consumption for portable applications. Devices are Telcordia GR-63/1209/1221-CORE qualified. Periodic calibration is not required.
BaySpec Inc., www.bayspec.comTh 274136

ANDevices Inc., www.andevices.com

The company�s optical channel monitor (OCM) uses an arrayed waveguide (AWG) to separate a multiplex of wavelengths into individual waveguides and has integrated photodetectors for optical-electrical signal conversion. The AWG allows fast, parallel measurement of all channels. The compact device includes an internal temperature controller for stabilization of the AWG chip. The output of the device is an array of electrical pins corresponding to each channel in the multiplex. Standard devices are for 100-GHz grid applications; other grids can be supported.
ANDevices Inc., www.andevices.com

Building on the company�s experience in the development of MLSE-based (maximum likelihood sequence estimator algorithm) technologies, its 10G MLSE transponder establishes new performance benchmarks in the realm of tunable transponders for 10G and 40G optical networking transmission. According to the company, this technology will bolster performance and cost effectiveness for the next generation of converged 100G networks. Proprietary digital signal processing techniques reduce the impact of PMD through the extraction and translation of additional properties of the optical signal into the electrical domain, enabling more robust transmission over longer distances and achieving higher signal quality.
CoreOptics, www.coreoptics.comTh 274137

The new receive optical subassembly (ROSA) module follows from earlier products, bridging the passive CWDM multiplexer�s space and active amplifiers�the LX-4 transceiver and the presently shipping detector cube for PON test and measurement applications. The 4�10-Gbit ROSA operating at 10 Gbits/sec is the first product from the transmit optical subassembly (TOSA)/ROSA transceiver module product family. The 10-Gbit/sec TOSA is planned to be released later in 2008 and 4�25-Gbit/sec ROSAs and TOSAs in 2009. The ROSA uses miniature rugged WDM multiplexer technology, with transimpedance and limiting amplifiers included in the module.
Cube Optics AG, www.cubeoptics.comTh 274138

The OCPM is the latest addition to the company�s growing family of reconfigurable network elements. The MEMS tunable filter at the core of the design can be matched with a range of components including MEMS 1�N switches, photodetectors, and FBT splitters. Different filter spectral shapes allow for simple monitoring or detailed scanning. MEMS technology offers a high performing, reliable, and inexpensive way to monitor increasingly complex mesh optical networks.
DiCon Fiberoptics Inc., www.diconfiber.comTh 274139

MDU fiber installation system
The OmniReach Rapid Fiber System significantly speeds construction of fiber-to-the-premises networks for multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications. The system enables plug-and-play delivery of fast, durable, and reliable service for mid-rise and high-rise MDUs, resulting in improved service turn-up and network reach and lower overall network operating and maintenance costs. The system includes the OmniReach Rapid Indoor Fiber Distribution Hub, Rapid MDU Distribution Enclosure, and Rapid Fiber Distribution Terminal.
ADC, www.adc.comTh 274140

To complement Fujikura�s advanced, high precision splicing products, AFL Telecommunications has added the NYFORS product line. New products include AutoCleaver, AutoCleaver S1, S2, and AutoCleaverLDF; CleaveMasterLDF and CleaveMeterLDF; MiniCoater, Recoater 1, and AutoCoater; and ProofTester. NYFORS�s core technologies include fiber-optic recoating, cleaving, analyzing, testing, and fiber preparation. The additions further enhance the distributor�s capabilities, especially in advanced applications using large diameter fibers (LDF).
AFL Telecommunications, www.afltele.comTh 274141

The Crocodile Repair-Coupling Set provides a simple way to repair or add cable extensions to existing fiber-optic installations. This set allows technicians to avoid replacing already installed cables, thereby significantly reducing maintenance efforts and time requirements while re-establishing interrupted fiber-optic connections. Available for SM/MM fibers (900-µm) and cable (1.6 to 3.1 mm), it is a further development of the company�s Crocodile Alberino Fusion and can be terminated using DIAMOND Repair and Coupling Equipment.
DIAMOND SA, www.diamond-fo.comTh 274142

FITEL�s connector termination system features factory-polished ferrules with precleaved fiber stubs along with high-strength, snap-on connectors. These key improvements speed installation time and ensure consistently higher-quality terminations. Total insertion loss using this fusion splice termination method measures 0.30 dB or less for singlemode fiber; SC and FC connector types are available. The splice-on-connector termination system offers 900-µm, 2-mm, and 3-mm jacket types, GR-326 tested connectors, and requires no epoxy or polishing.
Furukawa America Inc. (Splicer Group), www.FurukawaAmerica.comTh 274143

The Pod is an economical answer to any industry that needs a mobile laboratory. The product was designed specifically for the telecom market as a lightweight, easily portable fiber-optic splicing lab. It is a totally enclosed, dust-free environment that can be pulled by a light truck. The trailers have completely customized configurations. Standard interiors (interior lights, A/C, cabinets, countertops, etc.) are offered, with many options available (heater, additional exterior lights, shield/guard holders, generator upgrade, and more).
Pelsue, www.pelsue.com

Oscilloscope with updated firmware
The transmitter waveform dispersion penalty (TWDP) is a compliance measurement methodology adopted by IEEE 802.3aq 10-Gigabit Ethernet (LRM) and considered by 8G Fibre Channel that quantifies transmitter performance for systems using dispersive channels and equalizing receivers. The soon-to-be-released Firmware Revision 8.0 for the 86100C Infiniium DCA-J wideband oscilloscope will allow users to run MATLAB scripts within the instrument and directly calculate TWDP and other results without external processing, dramatically speeding up design optimization and product verification of SFP+ and other transceivers.
Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.comTh 274144

BOSA-C Compact is a new version of the current BOSA-C all-optical, high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer. Aimed at analyzing devices and signals, the new model is a compact unit with the built-in probe TLS, thus offering a cost-effective tool with the same high performance in the C-band with 0.08 pm of resolution and 80 dB of dynamic range, plus additional features such as a touch-sensitive screen and GPIB and Ethernet LAN interfaces.
Aragon Photonics Labs, www.aragonphotonics.comTh 274146

The digital communications receiver (DCRj) is a 10-Gbit/sec reference receiver with integrated standards-compliant clock recovery for both telecom and datacom transmitter compliance testing. The DCRj also makes jitter generation measurements for SONET, SDH, Optical Transport Network (OTN), and 11.1-Gbit/sec 802.3ae over G.709 used by the latest network packet transport (PBT and T-MPLS) elements. When combined with the BERTScope S, telecom jitter transfer and tolerance testing may also be performed to 11.1 Gbits/sec.
BERTScope, www.bertscope.comTh 274147

As the demand continues to grow for FTTH deployment and the ability to perform connector endface geometry testing on finished optical cable assemblies, Data-Pixel has released a fixture to accept the fully assembled OptiTap connector (a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated) for the DAISI interferometer. This design provides the strain relief necessary for the very stiff and heavy cable used with OSP applications, leading to repeatable apex offset readings not previously possible.
Connected Fibers LLC (distributor), www.connectedfibers.comTh 274149

The ZX-1 mini PMS PLUS interferometer is designed for high-volume endface geometry testing of single-fiber, single-ferrule fiber-optic connectors. Its self-contained design incorporates autocentering, autofocus, and automatic calibration; no manual adjustments are ever required. Via the intuitive PMS software, measurements are completed in less than 3 sec. All data and reports are saved in Excel format, and the built-in statistical analysis can be used for process control.
Direct Optical Research Co., www.dorc.comTh 274150

The FTB-8120NGE (2.5/2.7 Gbits/sec) and FTB-8130NGE (10/10.7 Gbits/sec) Power Blazer test modules specifically address multiservice field commissioning and maintenance requirements with fully integrated test equipment supporting next-generation SONET/SDH, OTN, and Ethernet test functions in the industry�s smallest and most efficient form factor, according to the company.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering, www.exfo.comTh 274151

Experior Photonics has been approved as an independent test lab (ITL) by Verizon for testing of fiber-optic components under Verizon�s FOC (Fiber Optic Component) testing program at its Newbury Park, CA testing facility. The approval includes testing of fiber-optic connectors and cable assemblies to Telcordia GR-326 and GR-1081, as well as testing of a comprehensive suite of passive fiber-optic components such as splitters, WDMs, filters, and other passive fiber-optic components critical for today�s network deployments.Experior Photonics, www.experiorphotonics.comTh 274152

The company�s polarization synthesizer/analyzer combines all of the tools necessary for polarization management in a single instrument. As a deterministic, reset-free polarization controller, it generates and maintains any desired state of polarization, regardless of input polarization state. Additional pre-programmed functions include polarization trace generation and scrambling with user-controllable frequency. The internal in-line polarimeter can also be used alone to monitor the instantaneous state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) of an input light beam.
General Photonics Corp., www.generalphotonics.comTh 274153

The I-MON Interrogation Monitor is now available in a 1,310-nm version. The monitor builds on proprietary high-resolution spectrometer technology, utilizing the company�s fused silica transmission gratings. This design platform enables the I-MON to offer fast measurement frequency and compact size as well as low power consumption. With the new wavelength range from 1,275 to 1,345 nm, the application ranges are broadened not only within fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensing but also in high-resolution spectrometer or OSA applications.
Ibsen Photonics, www.ibsenphotonics.comTh 274154

Fiber Optic Test Kits combine new PocketClass pocket-size power meters/sources and/or SmartClass testers with inspection and cleaning tools from the recent acquisition of Westover Scientific Inc. Unlike competitive products, the kits include cleaning, inspecting, and testing tools in one kit to help the user to get the job done right, preventing network downtime and expensive troubleshooting truck rolls.
JDSU, Test and Measurement Division, www.jdsu.comTh 274155

ViewConn, ruggedized for field use, is a handheld video microscope with an attached fiber-optic connector cleaner. Featuring a large, built-in, eye-safe LCD monitor, the device enables users to inspect connector ends for contamination, clean the connectors, and re-inspect, insuring optimal signal quality while reducing installation time. The USB port gives full image capture capability for documentation, all in one unit.
Lightel Technologies Inc., www.lightel.comTh 274156

The low-cost, compact fiber-optic fault finder detects and pinpoints bad connections, fiber bends, broken fibers, and other problems that reduce network performance or promote service failure by continuously monitoring the fiber-optic network. The fault finder combines powerful fault detection and communications capabilities (wireless) in a compact package. Remote access capability allows secure monitoring using a smart phone, PDA, or computer from anywhere sent via text message, e-mail, and instant message.
OZ Optics Ltd., www.ozoptics.comTh 274157

The Scopleaner-5 is a patented one-step cleaner that allows scoping�cleaning�scoping processes to be carried out at the same time. The tool allows one-handed operation with a total processing time of 1 to 3 sec. It features a wide (5.6-in.), foldable TFT-LCD monitor with adjustable angle, brightness, and contrast. The Scopleaner-5 is RoHS-compliant and CE/FCC approved. Data can be saved on a PC via USB.
Thefibers Inc., www.thefibers.comTh 274158

The FiBO bare fiber (BF) adapter for endface geometry inspection of large-diameter (125 to upward of 880 µm) and specialty fibers provides a simple solution to a challenging task. Finger-friendly V-groove mounting, soft-pad security placement, and a convenient loading dock that pre-positions bare fiber for quick measurement make handling and profiling bare fiber easy when used in conjunction with the FiBO Interferometer and kinematic adapter.
PROMET International Inc., www.promet.netTh 274159

Micropolishing tool
Scratched and damaged optical connectors can be efficiently repaired with the Rev Polisher. Whether damaged by high-powered lasers, repeated matings, or general handling, the polisher processes fiber connectors to their original surface finish in as little as 15 sec. Critical endface geometries are maintained by Rev�s patented optical alignment mechanism. Interchangeable workholder fixtures support all industry-standard and custom connector types, as well as bare fibers.
Krell Technologies, www.krelltech.com

In addition to the modeling capabilities of previous versions, VPItransmissionMaker v7.6 provides tools for tracking, visualizing, and analyzing signal properties along a fiber link without time-intensive simulations. Properties such as signal, noise, distortion powers, group velocity dispersion, differential group delay, nonlinear phase shift, OSNR, Q-factor, and bit-error-rate (BER) limits can be evaluated versus physical distance and frequency. Version 7.6 supports OFDM and multilevel modulation in high-speed systems with direct and coherent detection, reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers in PONs, ROADMs, and transient controls.
VPIsystems, www.vpiphotonics.comTh 274161

An advanced CAD 8.0 system has been released for the Component Design Suite. The new CAD version adds 3D editing capability, a streamlined design process, and an updated appearance to the company�s flexible and user-friendly interface. The 3D feature allows users to manipulate and view their designs along any direction as well as in all three dimensions; enabling designers to more readily create and view complex designs. The complete line of passive device simulation tools, including BeamPROP, FullWAVE, BandSOLVE, GratingMOD, DiffractMOD, and FemSIM, will take advantage of this new CAD environment. The new capabilities extend the targeted range of photonics applications in the optoelectronics, communications, and semiconductor industries.
RSoft Design Group, www.rsoftdesign.com

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