2008 ECOC Product Showcase

Th 292334
Th 292334

980-nm pump laser modules
The 1999 PLM series is a family of medium- and high-power 980-nm terrestrial pump laser modules. An internally developed high-power laser chip is fully qualified and exceeds Telcordia recommendations. In a low-profile, cooled butterfly package, the pump module delivers output power up to 380 mW. Applications include low-noise erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and next-generation DWDM EDFAs.
3S Photonics,
Th 292336

Air-blown micro cable for FTTH applications is available from two fibers up to 96 fibers with a diameter as small as 1.7 to 7.0 mm. This can easily be blown up to 2 km in 3.5/5, 8/10, and 10/12-mm micro-ducts. Micro cables with higher fiber counts up to 144 fibers are also available, which can be blown, depending on blowing condition, duct size, and pressure.
Aksh Optifibre Ltd.,
Th 292337

The ROHS-6 compliant, lead free AFBR-70xSDZ 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) SFP+ transceiver with digital monitoring interface (DMI) brings speed, high port density, and low power consumption to next-generation networking equipment. The transceiver leverages the company�s own laser technology, such as its 850-nm VCSELs, which have undergone more than 2 billion device-hour testing with no failures.
Avago Technologies,
Th 292338

Believed to be the first commercial device of its kind, the company�s reflective electroabsorption modulator (R-EAM) device provides developers of access networks and other communications applications with the means to implement innovative system architectures. Among potential applications for the R-EAM are 10-Gbit/sec WDM-PON and a simple means of linking radio antennas to a high-speed optical cable, to extend the coverage of high-data-rate wireless technologies. R-EAM-1550-LS operates in the C-band (1,550 nm), and has low optical insertion loss (IL) of 3.5 dB (typ.). It will also operate with low drive voltages and has low polarization-dependent loss (PDL; 0.3 dB typ.). Various design features on the die have been incorporated to optimize manufacturability and yield and simplify coupling to optical fiber. This economy is aided by the device�s need for only a single optical fiber connection. The device also dissipates very little power and will operate uncooled in some configurations, reducing the total electrical power for many target applications. One of the potential applications for R-EAMs is in FTTH/FTTP access network architectures.
CIP Technologies,

A 40-Gbit/sec SerDes integrated circuit set adds to the company�s portfolio of building blocks for system vendors for use in 10/40/100-Gbit/sec systems. This chipset utilizes state-of-the-art silicon technology to achieve integration while minimizing power dissipation, footprint, and cost.
CoreOptics, www.coreoptics.comTh 292339

The ClearCurve product suite includes optical fiber, cable, hardware, and equipment products specifically optimized for the European multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market. At ECOC 2008, the company will demonstrate the performance of its ClearCurve product suite through live demonstrations at its stand.
Corning Cable Systems
GmbH & Co. KG,
www.corning.com/cablesystemsTh 292340

The ferrule assembly for F-3000 connectors (LC compliant) is a new, compact, preconnectorized system that can be used as an alternative to a standard break-out cable in ducts of very small size or to be blown into microducts for ease of use in FTTX installations. After installation, the ferrule assembly can be easily and rapidly connectorized, avoiding time-consuming and expensive field termination tools and equipment. It is also available for singlemode/multimode fibers in a PC 0° version.
Diamond SA,
www.diamond-fo.comTh 292341

DiCon�s MEMS tunable filter is a compact, two-port device that demultiplexes the incoming multi-wavelength signal and selects the desired wavelength channel using a tilting MEMS mirror as the tuning mechanism. The filter offers durability, reliability, and stability. The tunable filter is suitable for use in all wavelength selection and monitoring applications, particularly for applications requiring frequent or continuous tuning.
DiCon FiberOptics Inc.,
www.diconfiber.comTh 292342

The 10G SFP+ LR (long-reach) is designed specifically for long-wave applications, including campus and metro Ethernet links. It is designed with proprietary 1,310-nm lasers, offering the performance and reliability found in the company�s sub-10G Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and SONET/SDH transceivers.
Finisar Corp., www.finisar.com

The GX6420 is a single-die EAM 3-Vpp driver for 40G and 100G metro/access applications. The driver features low power dissipation, high input sensitivity, and low jitter degradation capable of precisely setting the output amplitude and eye crossing point. It is designed for 40G/100G EAM transmit optical subassembly (TOSA) implementations since it can either be AC coupled with EAMs to reduce power dissipation or DC coupled to eliminate the need for chokes. The device will sample in 3Q08.
GigOptix, www.gigoptix.com

A coherent receiver can replace balanced photodiodes. Standard photodiodes are used to convert optical signals into electrical waveforms. The company uses four outputs over the eight available on the mint-2x8. The input signal is polarization spitted and the LO is spitted 3 dB. Each polarization signal is mixed with the LO for a total of four outputs. Each output is offset from the previous one by 90° (typ. +/1°). This simplifies equations and allows recovery of incoming signal phase and amplitude with four outputs instead of eight.
Kylia, www.kylia.comTh 292343

The company supplies planar lightwave circuits (PLCs); small-form-factor/high-performance CWDMs; state-of-the-art loss performance AWGs; x:n power splitters; splitter wafers to rackmount modules; DWDM components; athermal WDM-PON components; next-generation hybrid technology; and full-scale PLC integrated optics.
Ignis Photonyx, www.ignis.comTh 292344

The 5081DX is a broadband 1:4 demultiplexer that operates
from 6 to 50 GHz for use in SONET
OC-768, SDH STM-256, and 802.3ba 100GbE applications; broadband test and measurement equipment; and long- and ultralong-haul telecom transmission systems. The 5081DX accepts a data stream up to 50 Gbits/sec and converts it into four differential outputs of up to 12.5 Gbits/sec each, with reliable performance and low power dissipation (1.1 W typ.).
Inphi Corp., www.inphi-corp.com

The Fiber Optic Active Devices (W-6D-191) training DVD covers transmitters, receivers, optical subassemblies, and components used in fiber-optic systems. Viewers can learn how these devices work, how they are tested, and how they are integrated into systems. The Fiber Optic Passive Devices (W-6D-201) DVD examines passive components and optical subassemblies including WDM devices, optical switches, filters, gratings, isolators, wavelength lockers, dispersion compensators, circulators, and many others.
The Light Brigade Inc.,
www.lightbrigade.comTh 292345

The 12-channel VCSEL driver and transimpedance amplifier is believed to be the first working silicon for 12�10G applications. The devices feature low power for next-generation optical parallel transmission modules and active cables. A low-power alternative is fully available for 4�10G applications.
IPtronics A/S,

A broad portfolio of 10-Gbit/sec optical modules (including XENPAK, X2, XPAK, XFP, and SFP+) covers all protocols. These products offer high levels of integration, low power consumption, and high data transfer speed. The company is extending its product line to include parallel 40- and 100-Gbit/sec modules, active optical cables, and fully tunable DWDM devices.
MergeOptics GmbH,
www.mergeoptics.comTh 292346

The widely tunable NTL2040 high-power laser for DWDM networks has an output power of 40 mW and other features suitable for differential quadrature phase-shift keying (DQPSK) coding and 40- and 100-Gbit/sec systems. The tunable laser comes in an integrated tunable laser assembly (ITLA) form factor and can address all commonly used wavelengths in DWDM systems in the C, C+, L, and XL bands, with channel spacing based on the ITU-T specified 50-GHz grid.
www.NeoPhotonics.comTh 292347

Bidirectional transceivers are available in data rates ranging from Fast Ethernet 125 Mbits/sec to OC-48/STM-16 2.67 Gbits/sec; 2- to 80-km reach and any wavelength of CWDM grids. For wireless backhaul applications, the transceivers are compatible with CPRI/OBSAI and their data rate can be extended up to 3.2 Gbits/sec. The company has incorporated CWDM capability into the devices to increase transport capacity without requiring a costly system redesign.
OE Solutions America Inc.,
www.oesolution.comTh 292348

Optical cables featuring EZ-Bend optical technology can be bent to a 5-mm radius and stapled, with negligible signal loss and no degradation in picture quality, supporting FTTX applications such as HDTV; video-on-demand; and ultrahigh-speed data, voice, and other services. EZ-Bend supports MDU and in-home wiring applications and can provide up to a 100-fold improvement in bending performance over conventional SMF-type cables.
OFS, www.ofsoptics.com

A full lineup of SR (300 m), LR (10 km), LRM (300 m), and ER (40 km)
SFP+ transceivers supports several IEEE 802.3ae and aq port types. The modules are well suited for next-generation integrated pluggable optical interfaces in 10GbE line cards and network interface cards. Uncooled laser diode technology for ER applications reduces power dissipation over the whole operating case temperature range (0° to 70°C). The 40-km ER transmission can be realized with the newly developed uncooled EA-DFB laser diode.
Opnext Inc., www.opnext.comTh 292349

Compliant with 8G Fibre Channel, a line of CWDM XFP modules is multirate for 8G/4G/2G Fibre Channel operation. There are 18 central wavelengths available from 1,270 to 1,610 nm. The hot-pluggable modules offer low power consumption and require no reference clock.
Optoway Technology Inc.,
Th 292350

The company manufactures fiber-optic components for high-power (HP) multiwatt applications, using both standard and specialty
fibers, such as large-mode-area (LMA) and photonic crystal fibers. Offerings include smart shutters; sleeve through adapters with >safety interlock; SM, PM, and LMA fiber patch cords; collimators using specialty fibers; isolators for 1,064-nm wavelengths; and optical power monitors for LMA fibers.
OZ Optics Ltd.,
Th 292447

An optical DQPSK demodulator provides C+L band coverage with a single device, low IL and PDL, and low polarization-dependent frequency shift (PDFS). The compact, low-power demodulator is tunable with temperature control, suitable for 5- or 20-Gbit/sec DQPSK signal reception, data rate optimization, and extended transmission distance.
Photop Technologies Inc.,
Th 292351

With a patented ROC DirectRite writing process, the company provides reliable fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) for submarine applications. The company is ISO certified, Telecordia and HiREL qualified, and supplying products in volume to top tier companies.Th 292352

HyperDense is the first product line in the Light on Board
product family of optically enabled semiconductor packaging solutions for ultrashort-reach (USR) interconnections to and between IC packages on a single PCB. Each HyperDense component features 12 individual parallel fiber-optic channels integrated into MT-based I/O connector modules, with each channel capable of speeds of up to 10 Gbits/sec. The products can be configured as transmitters, receivers, or transceivers.
Reflex Photonics,
Th 292353

The SC type swing shutter adapter keeps the shutter open as the SC
connector is being inserted into the adapter. Unlike other types
of adapter shutters, the installer does not need to manually open the shutter while the other hand is holding the SC patch cord.
Sanwa Electronics USA Corp., www.snwd.co.jpTh 292354

The company�s family of SFP+ modules enables cost-effective, high-density 10-Gbit/sec multimode and singlemode applications. Conforming with the SFP+ MSA SFF-8431 Draft 3.0 and SFF-8472 Draft 10.3 for digital diagnostics monitoring, the products offer multisource compliance with high optical performance. In addition to IEEE standard interfaces for 10GBase-SR, LR, and LRM, the company offers cost-effective data center reach modules for both multimode and singlemode applications.
SourcePhotonics Inc.,

The StrataLight OTS-4540 is an optical polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) compensator capable of dynamically and adaptively correcting errors induced by PMD�s main components: first-order PMD (DGD) and second-order PMD (SOPMD). PMD is a dynamically varying effect in optical networks that leads to inter-symbol interference (ISI) and is more prominent in 40-Gbit than 10-Gbit/sec rates. The compensator is designed for a seamless deployment of 40-Gbit/sec rates into existing networks.
StrataLight Communications, www.stratalight.comTh 292355

Fiber-optic patch cord types available are singlemode/multimode, simplex/duplex, and patch cord/pigtail with connector options including SC, ST, FC, LC, MTRJ, E-2000, SMA, ESCON, FDDI, and more at competitive prices. Insertion loss for singlemode versions is =0.3 dB (max.), and =0.5 dB (max.) for multimode.
Synox Tech Co. Ltd.,
Th 292356

Based on the company�s qualified FBG technology, the new TDCX tunable dispersion compensator is designed to accommodate any channel plan from 25- to 100-GHz channel grids. The feature set combined with its low PMD make it suitable for managing dispersion in 40-Gbit applications or submarine networks where accuracy and reliability are critical.
Teraxion Inc.,
Th 292357

The armored bend-insensitive patch cord (ABIP) is specially designed for tight and harsh environment network applications where there is no space for proper cable management area. The patch cord can bend 3� more than standard singlemode fiber-optic cables (10 mm). The armored protection of the patch cord allows the installer and operator to work more efficiently since the patch cord can withstand a tension force 4� greater than standard patch cords.
TTAF Elektronik, www.ttaf.comTh 292358

The Xtellus 2x1 Edge wavelength-selective switch (WSS) is an engine for high-performance, two-degree ROADM nodes at 50- and 100-GHz spacing. It directs multiwavelength DWDM traffic from an input port and an add port to a common output port and independently equalizes each output wavelength. The EdgeWSS provides high optical performance for cascading 40-Gbit/sec signals across multiple nodes, and its compact form factor fits into a single line-card slot.
Xtellus, www.xtellus.com

Precision alignment system
The F-206 Hexapod is a highly accurate multiaxis alignment system, considerably smaller than stacked single-axis units, providing integrated alignment routines for optical fibers, collimators, and I/O chips. The integration of the F-206 in applications is facilitated by the system�s open command set. Unlike hexapods with variable-length struts (�legs�), the F-206 features constant-length struts and friction-free flexure guides. Various accessories such as a manual control pad and optical photometers are available.
Physik Instrumente,
Th 292359

The DiamondWave FiberConnect is a fiber-optic crossconnect system that automates the last manual portion of the network. The system allows service providers to dynamically manage and troubleshoot from their network operations centers, streamlining fiber operations, reducing cost, and creating new revenue. The FiberConnect approaches capital neutrality with most carriers� present manual fiber distribution systems. Value added benefits include fault isolation, construction verification, protection switching, automated database updating, preventive maintenance alerts, and hands-free network operation.
Calient Networks,
Th 292360

Optical channel monitor
The optical channel monitor (OCM) product line is suitable for OEMs looking to achieve the necessary cost targets for embedded DWDM monitoring for reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM), multihaul, and third-party wavelength applications. The OCM is designed using proprietary tunable thin-film filters. This approach provides the ultrahigh reliability of a nonmechanical and monolithic semiconductor.Th 292361

The TL9000 is believed to be the industry�s first fully Telcordia qualified, tunable small-form-factor transponder (TSFF). The TL9000 operates at up to 11.3 Gbits/sec, is fully compliant with the 300-pin transponder MSA, and is just 0.45 in. tall, allowing room for airflow and heat-sinking to enable improved thermal management. The device footprint is 58% smaller than previous generation tunable LFF (large-form-factor) transponder products, enabling network equipment manufacturers to increase port density.
Bookham Inc.,
Th 292362

Draka XS.Net is a package of services and products to help network operators design, implement,and maintain their next-generation
access networks. It is based on the bend-insensitive BendBrightXS fiber and ColorLockXS fiber coating, providing a variety of colors for identification purposes and better resistance for more aggressive cable designs. The service package also contains a software suite of planning, design, project management, and network registration tools down to the consumer level.
Draka Communications,
Th 292365

The AON Super Transport Blade is a single blade system that delivers all major functions required for optical transport. The new platform integrates major transport functions that used to require multiple blades onto a single blade, including reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM) and EDFA functionality, optical channel monitoring, and the AON Embedded Operating System. The blade enables either higher chassis density or a smaller chassis footprint in the node and reduces cost and power requirements.
JDSU, www.jdsu.com

The ExpressLight WSS family of products is believed to be the industry�s lowest-loss WSS system at less than 3 dB of express or drop loss. The switch is integrated with optical channel monitoring and channel equalization functions in a small-form-factor 1RU shelf and enables rapid time-to-deployment for operators and network equipment manufacturers in core and metro DWDM networks.
Polatis Inc., www.polatis.comTh 292364

A tunable dispersion compensation module (TDCM), based on proprietary fiber Bragg grating technology, is truly colorless, features wide continuous tunability, and offers broad optical bandwidth, making it suitable for 40-Gbit/sec applications. A small form factor together with low power dissipation enables compact system designs. A digital interface eases the system implementation and design.
Proximion Fiber Systems AB, www.proximion.comTh 292366

Multimode component analyzer
The N4376B lightwave component analyzer (LCA) extends the new LCA generation to multimode electro-optical S-parameter test applications at 850 nm. This enables reliable testing of TOSA and receive optical subassembly (ROSA) for short-haul and high-speed parallel optics transmission in computer and server backplanes. With an electro-optical modulation frequency range up to 26.5 GHz and traceable S21 responsivity tests, it offers fast, flexible, and easy-to-use electro-optical characterization.
Agilent Technologies,
www.agilent.comTh 292367

The Noyes M700 is a compact, full featured, singlemode optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) that includes an integrated visual fault locator (VFL), an optical power meter (OPM) displaying up to three wavelengths simultaneously, and a large transflective touch-screen display suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation. With short dead zones, a dynamic range of 38 dB, and more than 8 hours of battery life during continuous testing, the M700 is targeted for testing optical fibers in service provider metro areas.
AFL Telecommunications Europe, www.AFLtele.comTh 292368

The MW90010A coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) utilizes an innovative coherent detection scheme for improved dynamic range and sensitivity. The instrument can measure optical submarine cables as long as 12,000 km with 100� the accuracy of previous instruments. It detects faults with 10-m resolution and can collect 1.2 million data points for accurate analysis on ultralong optical submarine cables. The C-OTDR detects faults and captures waveform data including cable loss, bending loss, and fiber length that support detailed cable evaluation.
Anritsu Co., www.us.anritsu.comTh 292369

The NIC platform now supports 40/43-Gbit/sec testing and is reportedly the only portable test module in the industry with a tunable laser option. A single 40/43G module in the compact NIC 40G is a small and lightweight 40/43G tester. In the NIC Plus chassis or NIC EP rack-mount platform, the 40/43G module can be combined with other modules for complete telecom/datacom testing from 1.5-Mbit to 43-Gbit SONET/SDH/OTN and Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT/GbE/10GbE LAN and WAN.
Digital Lightwave,
Th 292370

The FBP-MTS-001 Video Fiber Microscope kit includes a dual magnification (200/400X) QuickCapture probe microscope and USB 1.1 converter module, which allow inspection of the optical face of connectors directly or through a join; capture of instant images, and their integration to test reports; and connection from a USB port. The kit optimizes the use of reflectometers or computers because the system can interface with JDSU�s MTS and FST test platforms or a computer. Users of reflectometers can combine the operations of inspection and test with a single tool.
ICTL Optical Links, www.ictl.comTh 292371

The COS custom switch assembly expands the measurement capabilities of the JGR instrumentation portfolio. The highly configurable COS allows for a variety of customer-specified configurations while maintaining typically low insertion loss values. The arrangements may incorporate components such as couplers, splitters, and attenuators in addition to high-performance switches. The COS is suited for testing environments requiring reliable and flexible switching options.
JGR Services Inc.,
Th 292372

The PM-212 optical power meter with hard carrying case is a low-cost, pocket-size meter that fulfills all technical requirements for field equipment, particularly for FTTH installations. The unit is able to store 100 measurements, which can be uploaded to a PC using a USB connection and managed with Smart Protocol software available in many languages. The NiMH rechargeable battery ensures long-term working time with a minimum lifetime of 5 years.
Th 292373

As many backplanes migrate to 10 Gbits/sec, 10GBase-KR is proving to be a widely used standard for 40- and 100-Gbit/sec systems. The BERTScope 4-tap DPP is a fully flexible, instrument-grade pre-emphasis interface operating to 12.5 Gbits/sec that is helping engineers efficiently build and evaluate KR systems. This adds to the BERTScope signal integrity family of tools that support standards such as Fibre Channel, PCI Express, and SDH/OTN.
SyntheSys Research Inc.,
Th 292374

MDU fiber installation system
The OmniReach Rapid Fiber System speeds construction of FTTP networks for multiple dwelling unit (MDU) applications with plug-and-play delivery of fast, durable, and reliable service for mid-rise and high-rise MDUs. This results in improved service turn-up and network reach and lower overall network operating and maintenance costs. The system includes the OmniReach Rapid indoor fiber distribution hub, Rapid MDU distribution enclosure, and Rapid fiber distribution terminal.
Th 292375

The FSM-60S Fusion Splicer is the next generation of the FSM-50S, deployed by major incumbent operators throughout Europe. The new ruggedized machine is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and offers increased protection from dust, water, vibration, and shock. The splicer�s battery can be charged during normal operation. The tool accommodates a variety of clamping systems and has the option to incorporate a second heater.
Fujikura Europe,
Th 292376

The DELPHI patch panel is made of a fixed chassis interdependent with the rack and a sliding tray, which enables connectivity for up to 24 fibers with various connector types on 1U, depending on the version being used. The panel�s position can be adjusted in depth up to 50 mm in the front side. The patch panel is composed of a sliding tray, which is totally removable, and has its own restraint system.
Teraoptic, www.teraoptic.comTh 292377

PARALIGHT active optical cables provide high-data-throughput interconnection. The cables incorporate E/O and O/E conversion built into the connector shell. The cable assembly can be operated up to an aggregated full duplex throughput of 20 Gbits/sec. They are available in lengths up to 200 m. The OEO circuitry is designed for use with data streams such as InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, or XAUI. Products with higher speeds (4�10 Gbits/sec) will be launched later this year.
Tyco Electronics Nederland B.V., http://fobu.nl.tycoelectronics.comTh 292378

Laser cleaver for fiber-optic connectorsF
The Comet laser cleaver from Sagitta is a bench-top module that utilizes a novel, noncontact laser system to cleave optical fiber and remove the epoxy bead on optical connectors. Comet is designed for mass production in fiber-optic termination shops to both increase yield during termination and reduce the cost of polishing material in the subsequent polishing steps.
AMS Technologies AG,

Experide has been established to address the demand for consulting and training in the installation and maintenance of optical communication networks. The company works alongside clients at every stage of their growth, from helping clients set up new structures aimed at network building, to qualifying existing installations, to certifying their outside plant technicians at service providers and network equipment manufacturers. The firm�s objective is to enable companies to get to market faster, better, and safer.

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