2006 OFC/NFOEC Product Showcase

Th 202138


The PriorSpecII is a compact, handheld fiber-optic microscope designed for the inspection of optical fiber connectors in the field. The microscope is available in 200x or 400x models and incorporates a precision, adjustable centering mechanism, which permits scrolling of the fiber end face and the ability to view and analyze multiple fibers. A “folded-beam” optical system consists of all glass optics, including an achromatic objective and wide-field eyepiece.

Prior Scientific Inc.,
www.prior.comTh 202139

Fault Finders continuously monitor an active fiber-optic link without interfering with the communications signal by transmitting an optical pulse into a fiber and monitoring the returned signals. They can identify the positions of reflections and losses with corresponding locations for each event; the data is then transferred to a NOC station by USB or wireless link, or via custom configurations. The low-cost, compact devices are suited to remote monitoring of FTTX signals.

OZ Optics Ltd., www.ozoptics.comTh 202140

The palmOTDR-20A-C optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is palm-sized and features an easily readable color display. The clear menu format and one-button operation enable field fiber test and measurement. The OTDR is designed for short- to medium-distance multimode and singlemode fiber applications.

Shineway Technologies Inc., www.shinewaytech.comTh 202145

The MP1590B is a single-instrument network tester for differential electrical-jitter testing of 10-Gbit XFP modules and their interfaces to host cards, with measurements traceable to the O.172 ITU-T standard. The one-box test system can fully verify next-generation technologies such as Differential Delay, LCAS, VCAT, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and IP.

Anritsu Co., www.us.anritsu.comTh 202141

The 1310 optical backscatter reflectometer (OBR) is a failure analysis tool that provides diagnostic capabilities to fiber-optic component and assembly manufacturers. Designers and manufacturers can measure minute reflections with 125-dB sensitivity, 60-dB dynamic range, and 40-µm spatial resolution for up to 30 m of optical length with zero “dead zone.”

Luna Technologies,
www.lunatechnologies.comTh 202142

BERTScope S utilizes JDSU OPTX10 reference generators and Picometrix reference receivers for stressed eye receiver tolerance testing up to 11.2 Gbit/sec. The test set is configurable for multiple data rates and provides electrical and optical stressed eye testing for XFP/XFI, 4x/8x Fibre Channel, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet at 850-, 1310-, and 1550-nm wavelengths. The test set aids design and test engineers with insight into device performance with jitter peak analysis, compliance contours, and eye diagram analysis.

SyntheSys Research,
www.bertscope.comTh 202143

Dispersion control is critical to avoid increased transmission error rates as networks upgrade to OC-192/STM-64 or 10-Gigabit Ethernet in metro and long-haul networks. With the Dispersion Test Module (DTM), users can test singlemode fibers quickly and easily for both polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and chromatic dispersion (CD) with one instrument through a single fiber and single connection.

Sunrise Telecom Inc.,
www.sunrisetelecom.comTh 202144

The TG1B1-A is a 10-Gbit/sec, GPIB-controllable bit-error-rate tester (BERT) with capability from 500 Mbits/sec to 12.5 Gbits/sec. Its small size makes it suitable for mounting close to the device under test and minimizes cabling. The internal synthesizer offers performance from 9.8 Gbits/sec to 11.35 Gbits/sec, with divide-by 2, 4, and 8 capabilities for an extended operating range. The BERT offers five PRBS patterns for stressing various data networks, and jitter injection input allows phase modulation from 0 to 100 MHz of the output waveform to generate a stressed eye for receiver measurements.

Centellax, www.centellax.comTh 202146

The FTB-200 is a compact platform that addresses many network field-testing situations. Its open architecture is optimized for metro/access and FTTX networks. The tester comes with a two-slot modular configuration for numerous test combinations, and it offers OTDR, OLTS, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet test capabilities in a rugged, reliable, and lightweight package.

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., www.exfo.comTh 202147

Combining multiple test capabilities with field modularity, the T-BERD/MTS-8000 is a field platform for provisioning and maintaining scalable optical networks, including short-haul, long-haul, FTTX, metro, CWDM, transport, data, and DWDM. It is compatible with more than 10,000 deployed field-proven units to ease migration to new network technologies.

JDSU (Test & Measurement), www.jsdu.com

FiBO is a phase-shifting Michelson interferometer for noncontact fiber-optic connector endface geometry testing, combing 3D surface mapping and 2D visual inspection in a sturdy, portable design. It provides automatic 3D measurements of radius, fiber height, apex offset, and roughness, and 2D visual scratch-and-dig analysis. Kinematic mounts and autofocus features ensure fiber positioning and endface geometry testing in the field, on the bench, and with polishing equipment.

PROMET International Inc.,

An instrument designed for pulsewidth characterization of ultrashort signals, FR-103XL/VGA is a self-contained auto/cross-correlator that includes an LCD. Traces displayed can be stored and printed. Three optimum NL crystals provide operation over a range of 410 to 1800 nm. Two spatially separate synchronized beams can be readily set for cross-correlation without the need for additional optics.

Femtochrome Research Inc., www.femtochrome.comTh 202148

The 4650 Swept Spectrometer characterizes insertion loss, polarization-dependent loss, and optical return loss for wavelength-dependent devices, including fiber Bragg gratings, multiplexers, V-MUXs, etalons, filters, ROADMs, switches, splitters, triplexers, and interleavers. It can measure a device over a 100-nm span at 1-pm resolution with 1-pm and 0.015-dB accuracy in less than 1 sec. A removable USB flash memory drive and a large, color touch-screen display allow ease of use.

dBm Optics Inc.,

SYSTEMSTh 202149

The ORBITAL 288 Fiber Management Cabinet is a fiber distribution scheme designed for the FTTX market, serving up to 288 residences. Radial patching can prevent jumpers from tangling, speed up rerouting, and reduce jumper inventory. All fibers are routed from a central hub located on the main panel to promote additional modularity while reducing cabinet size to minimize visual impact.

OFS, www.ofsoptics.comTh 202150

The RiserGuide system is comprised of components built on the Snap-Fit platform, providing flexible, optimized cable management and tool-free installation for horizontal and vertical rack riser applications. It can be installed vertically between active equipment racks or cabinets or directly in the rack or cabinet for horizontal orientations. The system is designed to ensure that the correct bend radius is maintained regardless of which components and sections are assembled.

ADC, www.adc.com

MiRIC miniaturized Fast Ethernet-over-PDH and SDH/SONET connectivity devices are the first in a series of Ethernet First Mile access products implementing the “Smart SFP” concept. Housed in standard small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) packages, the devices can be plugged into any regular MSA-compatible socket, providing remote bridging over E1/T1 and E3/T3 lines. The devices support LAN bridging, OAM, VLAN tagging, flow control, and various protocols (GFP, HDLC, CHDLS) over E1/T1 and E3/T3.

RAD Data Communications,
www.rad.comTh 202153

City8 is a carrier-class platform that offers high-bandwidth, managed services over a single fiber pair. The CWDM is a 16-channel-capable system that supports SONET/SDH, FC, Gigabit Ethernet, ESCON, and FICON interfaces. Field-programmable electronic core and SFP optical transceivers allow operators address many network applications. Sub-lambda multiplexing enables the transmission of multiple services over a single wavelength while maintaining transparent client services.

Pirelli Broadband Solutions S.p.A., www.pirelli.com/photonics

The LightSmart Control System is a customizable, software-based platform that employs new-generation Microdetector technology to manage laser and optical transceiver performance. The system eliminates manufacturing temperature testing (no lookup tables), compensates for laser aging, and works with any type of laser. It automatically calibrates manufacturing differences in drivers, lasers, and photodiodes, and cuts optical transceiver development time.

CEYX Technologies Inc.,
www.ceyx.comTh 202154

The fully integrated CWDM multiplexer is singlemode-compatible and incorporates diffractive nanophotonic filtering technology that combines the integratability of gratings with the functionality of thin-film filters. The unit is passively athermal and polarization insensitive to 0.2 dB. The multiplexer is based on a silica-on-silicon planar waveguide and requires chips of only 1 cm2.

LightSmyth Technologies,


The WSS-C100G-1x8 wavelength-selective switch (WSS) is an integrated nine-port module optimized for multidegree dynamic and flexible wavelength networks. The digital-liquid-crystal (DLC)-based module features 48-channel hitless switching of any number of wavelengths to any number of ports. It can be used to build standard two-degree ROADM or up to Degree-8 WXC for next-generation mesh upgradeable optical networks.

CoAdna Photonics Inc.,
www.CoAdna.comTh 202155

PLC splitter LGX modules are targeted for high-port-count applications under adverse environments for FTTX. The modules exhibit low insertion loss, low polarization-dependent loss, and high port-to-port uniformity. They are available in 4, 8, 16, and 32-channel configurations with SC, SC/APC, or LC pigtails.

Alliance Fiber Optic Products, www.afop.comTh 202156

The CPA-01 is a versatile, fiber-laser- and amplifier-based optical pulse source that offers >1-µJ pulse energy with a repetition rate of 8 to ~60 kHz in C-band. It features an optical spectrum larger than 30nm and compressed pulsewidth to ~100 fsec. It operates in a temperature range of 5° to 40°C and at voltages ranging from 85 to ~250 V.

Calmar Optcom Inc.,
www.calmaropt.comTh 202157

A planar-lightwave-circuit device based on Mach-Zehnder interferometry provides tunable chromatic dispersion compensation of up to ±2100 psec/nm, with models for 10-Gbit and 40-Gbit DWDM transmission. One device in a compact, rugged package compensates equally for all channels in the transmission band and offers colorless operation across the C, S, and L bands. Evaluation boards and software are available.

ANDevices Inc.,
www.andevices.comTh 202159

The scalable ADF high-density frame system ranges from 2,304-termination central office frames to configurable FTTX distributions. Each system features a tray-based design for ultrahigh-density, advanced cable management and protection, and simple termination accessibility and usability. FTTX systems include cabinets optimized for node applications, as well as hybrid fiber-optic/copper systems for transitions to fiber-to-the-home in existing networks.

Telect Inc., www.telect.comTh 202160

The 10-Gbit/sec CO 10G ATDX is an advanced DWDM transponder module that provides a compact, high-performance DWDM interface to meet the needs of metro, long-haul, and ultralong-haul network equipment architectures. The module operates on electrical-to-optical signal conversion over the ITU-T 50-GHz grid. The optical interface consists of PIN/APD, Mach-Zehnder (chirped, nonchirped), and tunable/fixed laser variants. It uses non-return-to-zero and duobinary line coding and the adaptive threshold and phase receiver modes.

CoreOptics, www.coreoptics.comTh 202161

The 8- to 40-channel low-loss PLC ROADM is designed for system developers building DWDM networks for telecommunications, cable TV/MSO, and enterprise applications. It enables remote configuration of optical networks to meet changing wavelength service requirements without disrupting service. The greater network agility helps improve time-to-revenue and lower capital and operating expenses by reducing network maintenance. Other benefits include disaster recovery, infrastructure activation for triple play, and real-time activation of high bandwidth for businesses, special events, and IPTV services.

JDSU (Optical Communications), www.jdsu.comTh 202162

With its integrated optical channel monitor, the WavePath4500 wavelength-selective switch (WSS) incorporates discrete functions into a single module that performs multiplexing/demultiplexing, hitless wavelength reconfiguration (allowing any incoming wavelengths to be distributed to any output port), dynamic channel attenuation, channel wavelength and power monitoring, wavelength blocking, and switch configuration verification. The WSS is available for 10 fiber ports, configurable to either 1×9 or 9×1 and supports up to 45 100-GHz C-band channels.

Capella Photonics Inc.,
www.capellaphotonics.comTh 202163

The Meteor II is a bidirectional optical front-end transceiver module designed for full-duplex communication over a single fiber, intended for the ONU/ONT side in GPON, EPON (GE-PON), and BPON applications. It provides upstream transmit digital data up to 1.25 Gbits/sec at 1320 nm, and downstream digital data up to 2.5 Gbits/sec at 1490 nm. The transceiver is based on proprietary PLC technology using a SystemOnGlass (SOG) concept, which enables surface-mounted optoelectronic devices with no free-space elements.

ColorChip Ltd.,
www.color-chip.comTh 202164

The KPS-EYFA-PM series of 0.5-to-10-W, singlemode, polarization-maintaining optical amplifiers offers compact, efficient, high-performance OEM units for free-space or fiber transmission systems, coherent experiments, and nonlinear studies. They are available at 1.5-µm and 1-µm wavelengths, and may be custom-packaged or integrated in a 19-inch rack mount with a GPIB or RS232 computer interface.

KEOPSYS Inc., www.keopsys.com

The OFA-ACS series, 19-inch shelf-type multiport EDFA is designed for cable TV or FTTH networks and offers stable optical outputs up to 20 dBm/port from up to 20 ports over a wide operating temperature range. A DSP chip in the EDFA enables monitoring and control via RS232, GPIB, or SNMP. The amplifier can be monitored via the front-side panel LCD and operated manually through buttons in the panel.

LiComm Co. Ltd.,

A full line of Lightron BPON, GE-PON, GPON, and WDM-PON transceivers is available through Vitex. Products include both ONU and OLT transceivers, as well as parts available in LBIT optical block forms.

Lightron Fiber-Optic Devices Inc., www.vitextech.com


The Troubleshooting A Fiber Optic Link DVD uses actual field footage while providing necessary information to identify problems during installation and acceptance testing. Organized into chapters, the DVD is easily navigable so the user can locate the appropriate application, identify common problems, and find recommendations of solutions for both singlemode and multimode installations. Special features include troubleshooting flow charts and quizzes.

The Light Brigade Inc.,

The mini handheld fiber-optic splice preparation unit, designed for all environments, automates the strip, clean, and cleave process that is critical for fusion splicing. The FPU provides a high-speed, fully automatic, one-step process for all standard polyimide ribbon and 900-µm jacketed fiber, in the factory or field.

3SAE Technologies Inc., www.3SAE.comTh 202167

A line of SC connectors has integrated Auto-Shutter, which opens and closes automatically as the connector is connected or disconnected into a standard SC-type female receptacle. The connectors provide full laser eye safety and dust protection. They are fully Telcordia GR-236-compliant and compatible with NTT-SC and JIS-C-5973. Connectors are available for 900-µm fiber and 2-mm or 3-mm cable in PC and APC formats.

Seikoh Giken Co.,

ILSINTECH’s MAX CI-03 series includes the CI-03B for single fiber and the CI-03M mass cleaver, which can handle cleaving and fiber collecting in one action. The products have a cleaving angle <0.5° and a precision blade with 16 cleave spots. The cleavers have a lifetime guarantee, scratch-free body surface, and a built-in maintenance tool to perform minor repairs when necessary.

Vitex LLC, vitextech.com


An integrated two-channel photonic 2R regenerator for optical networking applications up to 40 Gbits/sec is fabricated from a hybrid of a planar silica Mach-Zehnder interferometer and a monolithic SOA array. The 40G-2R2-ORP features low losses due to its design and passive assembly techniques and is aimed at inline regeneration in long-haul networks, for signal conditioning at add/drop nodes, and for PMD mitigation.

Centre for Integrated Photonics, www.ciphotonics.comTh 202170

The PLC integrated triplexer module is a three-port transceiver designed for full duplex digital communication over a single fiber strand with an additional analog video receiver. It enables triple play (voice, data, and video) over PONs in FTTP and FTTC architectures. The single-fiber concept is intended to double capacity, reduce system cost, and simplify network design and fiber management. The first version complies with the FSAN BPON standard ITU-T G983.3 Class B+; future versions will include modules compliant with GPON ITU-T G984 and G-EPON IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM).

NeoPhotonics Corp.,
www.neophotonics.comTh 202171

Outside-plant cables are nonarmored and all dielectric. Configurations are available in 8.4-mi/14-km singlemode and 4.95-mi/8-km multimode, with standard color-coding on fibers and buffer tubes for easy identification. All buffer tubes are constructed to a nominal OD of 2.5 mm. The cable has an MDPE jacket, and is also available in HDPE.

CommScope Uniprise,

A Packet-Over-Glass (POG) capability utilizes FEC and MAC technologies to allow metro Ethernet switch and router suppliers to achieve telecom-ready extended reach connections suitable for metro and regional transport, which will allow transport of Internet Protocol directly on fiber without relying upon the SONET/SDH infrastructure.

Applied Micro Circuits Corp., www.amcc.comTh 202172

The ClearSpectrum tunable dispersion-compensation module (TDCM) is a fully integrated optical module that provides flexible chromatic dispersion management, enabled by multichannel FBG technology. The device allows for dispersion tuning at each receiver, as required in 40-Gbit/sec transmission links, or for simultaneous dispersion trimming of multiplexed DWDM channels. The dispersion level can be controlled with standard communication interfaces.

TeraXion Inc., www.teraxion.comTh 202173

The NanoSpeed series of fiber-optic switches uses a patent-pending nonmechanical configuration with an all-solid-state-crystal design to eliminate all mechanical moving parts and organic materials. The switches are designed to meet demanding requirements such as ultrahigh reliability of 50 billion cycles, response time of 100 nsec, and continuous switching operation. The devices can be driven by a circuit with 12-V input voltage and 0- to 5-V control signal.

Agiltron Inc., www.agiltron.com

A line of high-finesse (up to 20,000) optical tunable filters are Telecordia-certified, can tune over a range of 400 nm, and include a variety of bandwidths and free spectral ranges. The filters can be used in tunable fiber ring lasers, high-resolution portable spectrum analyzers, and various spectroscopy applications.

Micron Optics Inc.,
www.micronoptics.comTh 202174

A family of third-generation, four-channel, 5-Gbit/sec/channel parallel fiber-optic modules (PFOMs) are suitable for multipoint architectures requiring high-capacity interconnection. To meet growing demand for optical high-speed switching and routing, Infiniband interconnect, and supercomputing, compact 4- and 12-channel PFOMs are also available. The devices feature low power, an extended temperature range, and strict standards compliance.

Zarlink Semiconductor,
www.zarlink.comTh 202176

I-Temp industrial-temperature DFB lasers operate from -40° to +85°C and are designed for transmission systems up to 2.5 Gbits/sec. The lasers are available at both 1310-nm and 1550-nm wavelengths and TO-can or TOSA-based packages for uncooled applications.

Archcom Technologies Inc.,

The BL2000 ONT system-on-chip is part of the E2E GPON solution for cost-focused ONT applications. The GPON product family consists of PONmaker software, BL3000 OLT MAC, and the BL2000 family of ONT SoCs for speeding customers’ time-to-market with ITU-T G.984-compliant GPON equipment.

BroadLight Inc.,
www.broadlight.comTh 202177

Fiber grating lasers (FGLs) have DWDM capabilities down to 50-GHz channel spacing without wavelength locking, and direct modulation speeds up to 10 Gbits/sec. FGL technology uses a Fabry-Perot laser diode, a fiber grating, and an integrated optical filter. Housing options such as butterfly, TOSA, and pure silicon bench are available.

AIFOTEC FIBEROPTICS GmbH, www.aifotec.com

Polymer claddings (PCs) are UV-curable coatings intended for cladding “hard-clad” silica core fibers. The index of standard products runs from 1.370 to 1.444 (850 nm). Samples of a 1.4525-index product are also available. Used with fused silica core, the cladding yields a numerical aperture from 0.16 to >0.48. The claddings are useful for recoating fibers that have been stripped for splicing, writing Bragg gratings, or connectorizing.

Luvantix Co. Ltd.,
www.luvantix.comTh 202178

DSPLL technology was used to create the 10-Gbit/sec Si5040 XFP transceiver with integrated jitter-attenuating capability on both transmit and receive data paths. The product addresses the need for small size, low jitter, and low power in XFP optical modules. The transceiver’s 5×5-mm size enables it to attenuate jitter in space-constrained applications without sacrificing power consumption.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.,
www.silabs.comTh 202179

The Tri-HeptoWave WDM (1310, 1490, and 1550 models) utilizes patented IMPACT MOUNT technology for 2D self-alignment bundle process, which incorporates three devices into one and reduces costs for the WDM components. A six-port LGX box would use only two WDMs instead of the six standard WDMs usually required. The Tri-HeptoWave WDM can be used in optical transfer node enclosures for FTTP.

Valdor Fiber Optics Inc.,
www.valdor.comTh 202182

Optical industrial receptacles and assemblies combine the high performance of a fiber-optic connection with the versatility of a rugged industrial connector for installation in harsh environments, FTTX applications, and antenna and base stations. The connector system is available in single-fiber SC, dual-fiber LC, and multifiber MPO or LumaCore configurations, all with a bayonet-style latching mechanism to ensure an IP-67-grade water- and dust-sealed optical connection.

Molex, www.molex.comTh 202183

To reduce the size and cost of FTTX transceiver modules, the PDCS120F, an InGaAs-based photodiode, is integrated with a PON filter. It can provide 25-dB attenuation between 1310- and 1550-nm wavelengths, eliminating optical crosstalk between upstream and downstream channels. The filtered photodiode is available in production volumes.

Albis Optoelectronics AG,
www.albisopto.comTh 202184

A pluggable DWDM XFP 10-Gbit/sec transceiver has 80-km reach, is XFP MSA-compliant, and is available for 100-GHz-spaced DWDM applications. It provides a solution to fiber exhaust by adding DWDM support to the existing XFP card.

Fujitsu Ltd., www.fujitsu.com/global/services/telecom/optcompo/Th 202185

LX4 transceivers support Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches used in premise legacy multimode fiber (MMF) applications. The X2 LX4 module transmits data over four wavelengths (1275, 1300, 1325, and 1350 nm) by optically combining the outputs onto a singlemode fiber, making it fully compliant to IEEE 802.3ae specifications. The singlemode multiplexer and multimode demultiplexer operate at the typical LX4 center wavelengths with a spacing of 24.5 nm.

Opnext, www.opnext.comTh 202186

SECURE optical interconnect products include MT-RJ SECURE and LC SECURE for simplex and duplex applications, and MPO SECURE to address high-density applications. The SECURE system provides 10 keys and colors in each connector style, with color-matching adapters.

Tyco Electronics,
www.tycoelectronics/fiberopticsTh 202187

The WDM Bi-di Block is a bidirectional module with optional pigtailed connectors, used in fiber-optic transport systems for the closed-circuit TV and video broadcasting market. The product is available with DFM-LD/FP-LD and PIN-PD/PIN-TIA. For the PIN-TIA version, data rates range from 155 Mbits/sec to 2.5 Gbits/sec. Industrial-temperature versions are available, with optional SC, LC, ST, or FC connectors.

Teradian Inc., www.vitextech.comTh 202190

10-Gbit/sec PIN-TIA modules feature a wavelength range from 1100 to 1600 nm, sensitivity of -18 dBm, low group delay over bandwidth, high transimpedance gain, and single power supply, and low power consumption. They are available in either coaxial pigtail or ROSA package.

XL Photonics Inc.,
www.vitextech.comTh 202191

The OJC series of patch cords is JIS C-5973, IEC, and Bellcore-compliant. Key features include 100% optical performance testing and precision ceramic ferrules with end-face geometry per IEC proposal. Standard lengths of SC, FC, and ST connectors are offered.

Shinhan Photonics Co. Ltd.,
www.vitextech.comTh 202192

The chirp-managed laser (CML) uses low-cost, high-power, directly modulated DFB laser chips and enables transmission of 10-Gbit/sec signals beyond 350 km in singlemode fiber without optical dispersion compensation. CML is suitable for enterprise, metro, and long-haul networks, and is available in both butterfly and XFP TOSA formats. TDM and WDM versions covering ITU grids from 1528 to 1615 nm are available. Full C/L-band tunable versions will be forthcoming.

AZNA, www.aznacorp.com


The N4903A J-BERT serial bit-error-rate tester (BERT) provides quick jitter tolerance compliance tests for optical and electrical multigigabit receivers. The user can choose from a list of predefined standard compliance curves covering Fibre Channel and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, as well as custom curves. The J-BERT also provides quick eye diagrams, eye contour and masks, as well as pattern-capture capability for immediate eye and functional analysis.

Agilent Technologies,
Th 202193

OptSim and ModeSYS are modular options for the Optical Communication Design Suite for the design and performance evaluation of singlemode and multimode optical communication systems. OptSim’s proprietary time- and frequency-domain algorithms allow users to simulate complex systems efficiently and accurately. ModeSYS enables simulation of multimode systems with device-level accuracy and system-level efficiency. Applications include OCDMA, FTTH/FTTP, PON, DWDM/CWDM, DPSK, TDMA, cable TV, soliton systems, and optical interconnects.

RSoft Design Group,

The Scepter is PC-controlled for consistent connector and bare-fiber polishing. Various polishing procedures are easily programmed for all connector types and surface finishes. Scepter workholders incorporate an independent suspension and optical alignment design for uniform polishing at each connector position and maximum usage of consumables.

Krell Technologies,
www.krelltech.comTh 202194

VPIphotonics Analyzer visualizes and analyzes electrical and optical data gathered from design tools for optical components and systems, as well as data gathered from lab measurements, and is designed for more freedom in the display, arrangement, export, and analysis of results. The preview release includes the new VPIcomponentMaker/VPItransmissionMaker Version 7.0.


The DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) certification allows Experior Photonics to perform official Qualified Products List (QPL) testing of MIL-PRF-29504/5 and /5 fiber-optic pin and socket termini, which is required in order to list such products on the government’s QPL.

Experior Photonics Inc.,

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