NeoPhotonics intros FTTH devices

October 3, 2005 Las Vegas, NV-- Today at the FTTH Conference, NeoPhotonics introduced its new product line of small form factor (SFF) and SFP bi-directional transceivers, as well as a line of SFF PLC power splitters, for FTTH applications.

October 3, 2005 Las Vegas, NV-- Today at the FTTH Conference, NeoPhotonics introduced its new product line of SFF and SFP bi-directional transceivers.

"Bi-directional transceivers that operate over a single strand of fiber are key in lower cost FTTH applications," says Jeffrey Lo, vice president of active components at NeoPhotonics. "The single fiber concept reduces system cost, doubles capacity, and simplifies network design and fiber management. Combining this advantage with the MSA compliant form factors of SFF and SFP transceivers is key to reducing capital and operating expenditures in FTTH deployments."

"These bi-directional transceivers extend our line of SFF and SFP transceivers for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet in FTTH applications," adds Tim Jenks, CEO of NeoPhotonics. "In addition to our bi-directional transceivers for FTTH applications, we also have a complete line of single mode and CWDM SFF and SFP transceivers for SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications. "

According to the company, now available for initial shipments, the bi-directional transceivers operate at data rates from 125 Mbit/sec to 1.25 Gbit/sec and are compliant with IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) standards. The devices meet the SFP and SFF-8472 MSA standards. The SFF transceivers offer various pigtailing options and the SFP transceivers are hot pluggable. The transceivers incorporate either MQW-FP or DFB lasers at 1310, 1490, and 1550 nm. The receiver designs are based on PIN diodes.

Also at the conference, the company introduced its new SFF PLC power splitter product line.

"With several larger scale FTTH deployments ongoing around the world, customer demand is driving the PLC splitter package size to ever smaller dimensions," says Chris Pfistner, director of global access business at NeoPhotonics. "With our new SFF splitters we are combining the class leading performance of our standard size devices with the benefits of an ultra compact package that measures just 4 x 4 x 40-mm. This is about the size of a standard fiber splice today."

"This product extends our comprehensive line of PLC based splitters for FTTH applications," adds Jenks. "In addition to our SFF PLC splitters, we also have a complete line of standard package 1xN and 2xN splitters, as well as a wide array of modules. "

According to the company, the SFF splitters are available in 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 and 1x32 configurations, and feature low insertion loss, low PDL, high uniformity. The products are compliant with Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability requirements.

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