Fiber-optic transceivers

Feb 1st, 1997

Fiber-optic transceivers

The Bit-Driver fiber-optic transceiver line allows any copper Ethernet LAN to be switched to a fiber-to-the-desktop LAN. The line consists of four Ethernet-to-fiber transceivers, a 24䂌 transmissive star, an Ethernet fiber-optic Bit-Driver interface card, and an optical repeater mini Bit-Driver. All four transceivers support 10Base-FL or foirl, Ethernet LAN, and ieee 802.3 standards. Features include link status, collision, receive data, transmit data, power LED, and indicators that provide multimode and singlemode options. The devices are available with ST, SMA or FC connectors and are Windows 95-compatible.

S.I. Tech Corp.

Geneva, IL

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