Agilent Technologies introduces compact high-power C- and L-band tunable lasers

Sept. 13, 2001--Agilent Technologies Inc. launched compact tunable laser source modules designed to reduce the cost of test in R&D and manufacturing.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) launched the Agilent 81649A and 81689B compact tunable laser source modules, which reduce the cost of test in R&D and manufacturing by allowing users to configure variable multichannel test setups quickly and easily in both the C- and L- Bands.

When used with Agilent's high-power distributed feedback (DFB) 81662A and 81663A laser sources, these modules form a flexible multichannel stimulus test setup for both the C- and L-bands. The combination enables a variety of optical stimulus configurations, providing the flexibility required for installation and maintenance as well as for submarine networking.

The Agilent 81689B compact laser source -- the successor to the 81689A -- covers the C-band with a tuning range of 1525 nm to 1575 nm. It has an adjustable power output of up to +10 dBm across the entire range, which makes it the first Agilent compact tunable laser source to match the power output of the Agilent 81662A DFB. The 81689B therefore helps lowers test cost through spares. It is supplemented in the L-band by the new Agilent 81649A, which features a range of 1570 nm to 1620 nm, with a maximum output power of +6 dBm across the whole range.

Both new compact tunable laser sources offer users the following benefits:

* Price/performance ratio: equipment and test costs are reduced, and floor space requirements are lower as a result of easy sparing and the use of one set of lasers for several different wavelength configurations;

* Test set-up processes: plug-and-play drivers feature predefined functions and easy remote control functions; and

* Scalability: laser sources and detectors can be combined within the same mainframe, and channels can be added as required with no impact on performance.

The Agilent 81649A and 81689B are available now and are priced at $16,800 and $18,900 respectively.

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