EPIK Communications signs Caribbean Crossings Ltd.

July 24, 2001--EPIK Communications announced that Caribbean Crossings Ltd., a subsidiary of Cable Bahamas Ltd., has purchased a fast Ethernet Internet protocol connection and capacity on EPIK's Miami metro ring.

Jul 24th, 2001

EPIK Communications Incorporated (EPIK), the telecommunications subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, Inc. (NYSE:FLA) (NYSE:FLA.b) (FECI), announced that Caribbean Crossings Ltd., a subsidiary of Cable Bahamas Ltd., has purchased a fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) Dedicated Internet Access IP (Internet protocol) connection as well as capacity on EPIK's Miami metro ring.

Caribbean Crossings has developed a submarine fiber optic cable system -- Bahamas Internet Cable System (BICS) -- that links the four major islands of The Bahamas with the U.S. BICS is a 600-kilometer non-repeater system that uses state-of-the-art optical transmission technology. Caribbean Crossings' purchase of Dedicated Internet Access and Miami metro capacity from EPIK will enable fast, reliable connectivity between The Bahamas and the U.S.

EPIK's Dedicated Internet Access service is part of a suite of enlightened IPSM services that leverage EPIK's high-speed, high-capacity IP-on-Wave OC-192 (10 Gbps) backbone network. This network currently connects 11 major Southeast markets, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Dedicated Internet Access offers customers reliability, performance, and security backed by EPIK's fast provisioning and strong commitment to customer service.

About EPIK Communications:

EPIK Communications, a carriers' carrier, is lighting up a regional fiber network in the Southeastern United States and developing a fiber footprint beyond the Southeast via swaps. For more information, visit www.epik.net.

About Caribbean Crossings:

Caribbean Crossings Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Bahamas Ltd., holds telecommunications licenses from The Bahamas Public Utilities Commission and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to offer international bandwidth capacity for data and Internet services. For more information, visit www.cablebahamas.com.

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