Avo Photonics, Luna reveal MEMS-based tunable laser manufacturing agreement

NOVEMBER 20, 2008 -- Luna Technologies, a division of Luna Innovations, and Avo Photonics have revealed that Avo Photonics is producing Luna's PHOENIX 1000 tunable laser.

NOVEMBER 20, 2008 -- Luna Technologies (search for Luna), a division of Luna Innovations, and Avo Photonics (search for Avo Photonics) have revealed that Avo Photonics is producing Luna's PHOENIX 1000 tunable laser.

The Luna Technologies' PHOENIX 1000 is a MEMS-based external cavity laser designed to offer low noise and precise tuning capability over the C-band. Product highlights of this miniaturized, 18-pin TEC-cooled package include fast tuning up to 500 Hz, mode-hop free swept operation over the C-band wavelength coverage from 1515 nm to 1565 nm, narrow linewidth less than 2 MHz, and superior phase noise characteristics.

The laser is based on intellectual property rights of the Iolon "Apollo" laser that Luna purchased in December 2006. Since that acquisition, Avo Photonics has been the exclusive manufacture of the rebranded PHOENIX 1000.

Avo Photonics has produced large quantities of the laser for Luna over the past 20 months within its Horsham, PA facility. Some of the specialized assembly equipment was transferred from Coherent to Avo where it was integrated with the array of existing photonic manufacturing capabilities including automated die and wire bonding; laser welding; hermetic sealing and leak testing; micro, mini, and macro optical system assembly; vacuum packaging; precision inspection; opto-electronic characterization; environmental testing; and burn-in/life-testing.

"Tunable lasers have become a key enabling element in a variety of fiber-optic measurement and sensing applications," said Dr. Brian Soller, president of Luna Innovations' Products Division. "We are fortunate to have Avo Photonics partner with us in the manufacturing of this device. .Avo's attention to detail and consistent focus on quality have enabled us to bring to market a laser that exceeds expectations."

The PHOENIX 1000 tunable laser is available immediately with four to six weeks typical delivery.

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