Enablence debuts ONTs based on PLC platform

DECEMBER 5, 2008 -- Enablence Technologies claims to be the first company to integrate PLC-based transceivers into standards-compliant GPON/GE-PON ONTs.

DECEMBER 5, 2008 -- Enablence Technologies Inc. (search for Enablence) yesterday announced the addition of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) with PLC-based optical transceivers to complement its traditional line of non-PLC-based ONTs.

A transceiver is the most critical component in an ONT; it is a combination of transmitter and receiver in a single device that is used to convert optical signals to electrical signals, and vice versa, allowing bi-directional optical communication in fiber optic networks.

These transceivers are typically built using an expensive assembly of traditional lenses, filters, and other sub-components, say Enablence representatives. By contrast, the PLC platform developed by Enablence combines all the same functionality onto a silicon chip platform, using automated processes similar to those used to make standard electronic chips. Enablence claims to be the first company to integrate PLC-based transceivers and deploy PLC-based ONTs.

Over the years, the company has distributed thousands of PLC based components to vendors around the world, say company representatives, including many for metro and long-haul networks where high reliability is paramount. The application of PLC technology to ONTs in the access network was pioneered by Enablence, they say. The company believes it retains a unique competitive advantage by being the only FTTP systems provider with an internal supply of advanced PLC components.

Both PLC-based and non-PLC based ONTs are consistent with the ITU's G.984 GPON standards and the IEEE's 802.3 GE-PON standards, the two leading standards for passive optical access networks. While being 100% interoperable with competing industry optics, the Enablence PLC optics provides several key advantages, including the capability to co-exist with other ONTs and optical technologies on the same passive optical network, says the company.

Enablence's FTTx Networks Division and the Optical Components & Sub-systems Division have been working together to integrate PLC optics into the ONT-E1800i and ONT-G221 optical network terminals for GE-PON and GPON technologies, respectively.

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