Source Photonics intros single-fiber 10G SFP+ transceivers

DECEMBER 9 2008 -- Source Photonics says the device is the industry's first 10-Gbps single-fiber bidirectional SFP+ transceiver.

DECEMBER 9 2008 -- Source Photonics Inc. (a subsidiary of MRV Communications; search for Source Photonics) has announced the availability of what it asserts is the industry's first 10-Gbps single-fiber bidirectional SFP+ transceiver.

The single-fiber bidirectional modules leverage Source Photonics' expertise in low-cost bidirectional optics packaging combined with high-speed optical device technology. The result, the company says, is a fully SFF-8431 compliant SFP+ module that transmits and receives on a single fiber. The single-fiber, bidirectional interface improves the efficiency of telecommunication networks by reducing fiber cost and simplifying fiber management.

The optical specifications are modeled after the 10-km 10GBASE-LR interface, but use two different wavelengths in the 1300-nm window for upstream and downstream transmission. Based on Source Photonics' existing 10-Gbps SFP+ platform, the bidirectional modules have a power dissipation of <1 W, which is consistent with high-density applications.

"This is a natural evolution for the 10-Gbps market," said Emin Chou, director of product development at Source Photonics. "As the 100BASE-BX and1000BASE-BX single fiber interfaces have gained popularity in the past few years, going to a 10GBASE-BX type interface is a clear upgrade path for existing installations, and also opens up a whole new set of possible applications that previously did not exist in the 10-Gbps space."

The 10-Gbps bi-directional transceivers will also be offered in XFP form factor.

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