Reflex Photonics intros SNAP 12 modules

MAY 13, 2008 -- Reflex Photonics has unveiled two enhanced versions of its InterBOARD SNAP 12 Parallel Fiber Optic Modules.

MAY 13, 2008 -- Reflex Photonics (search for Reflex Photonics) has unveiled two enhanced versions of its InterBOARD SNAP 12 Parallel Fiber Optic Modules.

The upgraded, faster modules are capable of transmitting and receiving 60 Gbits/sec aggregate or 5 Gbits/sec per channel, and 75 Gbits/sec aggregate or 6.25 Gbits/sec per channel respectively. These two new versions are additions to the 40-Gbit/sec aggregate current products, which provide channel speeds of 3.5 Gbits/sec per channel.

Each SNAP 12 pluggable, parallel optical interconnect module features Reflex Photonics' LightABLE optical packaging technology, which the company asserts allows each module to overcome harsh external operating conditions including temperature, humidity, and EMI interference. The components are designed to enable multi-channel links with the highest bandwidth density for very short reach (VSR) applications of up to 500 m in low powered, low profile packages. The modules are particularly well suited for high-speed data communications and computing environments where VSR bandwidth bottlenecks are incumbent, the company says.

All Reflex InterBOARD SNAP 12 Parallel Fiber Optic Modules are available in either board-edge or mid-board mounting configurations for increased flexibility and, in terms of gigabits/sec, offer a device with the lowest cost and the highest packaging density. The mid-board-mount SNAP 12 modules remove the need for additional patch cables by integrating a fiber ribbon (pigtail) into the module and an MTP/MPO connector at the other end. This ability enables the modules to be mounted, in most cases, in close proximity to supporting FPGAs.

"With the broadening of our SNAP 12-based product line to incorporate these faster channel speed modules, we are able to improve upon our ability to provide customers with a cost-effective solution to achieve both the highest bandwidth and highest packaging density in the most data intensive operating environments," said Dr. David Rolston, co-founder and CTO, Reflex Photonics. "Due to flexibility in terms of mounting configurations at both board edge and mid-board insertion points, low profile form factor, minimal power consumption and 12 independent channel functionality, the SNAP 12 modules are ideal for high-speed, short-reach data and telecom transmissions in server farms, mass storage interconnect environments, and super computing systems."

Reflex Photonics' 60- and 75-Gbit/sec aggregate InterBOARD SNAP 12 modules will begin sampling in Q2 of 2008.

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