MRV intros Fiber Driver EM316GSW-XY Gigabit/Fast Ethernet multifunction media converter

The EM316GSW-XY is the latest addition in the company’s XY family of next-generation optical media converters.

DECEMBER 21, 2009 -- MRV Communications Inc. has announced the Fiber Driver EM316GSW-XY, a Gigabit/Fast Ethernet multifunction media converter. The EM316GSW-XY is the latest addition in the company’s XY family of next-generation optical media converters.

The Fiber Driver XY family of media converters offers multiple functions combined with a multi-rate small form-factor pluggable (SFP) design. The devices feature built-in media conversion, signal repeating and lambda conversion with optional WDM technology available via SFP interfaces.

The EM316GSW-XY combines two 10/100/1000 Ethernet copper ports and two 100/1000 SFP Ethernet ports with four modes of operation to serve as a dual media converter, redundant converter, signal repeater, or a four-port multimedia 100/1000 Ethernet switch.

The EM316GSW-XY may act as a dual independent copper-to-fiber converter. The device operates in standalone unmanaged mode, or can also be used in a 16-slot Fiber Driver chassis supporting up to 30 converters. In the redundant converter mode, the module can provide a self-healing copper-to-fiber connection for mission critical networks. With its built-in signal repeating capability, the device also acts as a two-port fiber and copper network distance extender, the company says.

In switch mode, the system is designed to act as a mixed-media Ethernet switch, allowing Layer 2 switching of Fast/Gigabit Ethernet traffic to or from a fiber-based linear or ring network. Using MRV’s Layer 1 automatic protection switching (MAPS) protocol, the EM316GSW-XY can also achieve fault tolerance in ring topologies to ensure the continued operations demanded in high availability networks, the company adds.

“Typically, managing network cabling change and evolution has meant single function devices that can’t evolve with network change,” said Noam Lotan, CEO of MRV Communications. “With the versatility of the EM316GSW-XY media converter, enterprises can utilize the module’s four modes of operations to meet a variety of functions and reduce replacement inventory requirements, resulting in significant overall savings.”

The EM316GSW-XY also is designed to support link fault pass-through with link integration notification (LIN) to ensure correct propagation of link faults by disabling both ends of a failed link. This enables devices dependent upon link state to accurately respond to network conditions. Additionally, the module is IEEE 802.3u compliant.

The EM316GSW-XY module is available now worldwide.

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