Telecast to ship fiber-optic systems with Neutrik connectors

APRIL 14, 2009 -- Neutrik connectors offer protection in harsh environments for Telecast's camera-mounted multiplexers.

APRIL 14, 2009 -- Telecast Fiber Systems (search Lightwave for Telecast Fiber Systems) says its CopperHead line of patented fiber-optic video systems will now ship with connector supplier Neutrik's opticalCON optical fiber connectors. Telecast says the Neutrik connectors will enable the company to offer customers broader connectivity across the CopperHead product range and greater economies for mobile productions.

The CopperHead is a camera-mountable transceiver with the ability to multiplex all of a camcorder's input and output signals onto a single durable and lightweight fiber-optic cable. Going forward, the opticalCON connectors will be available for all CopperHead multiplexer models. The CopperHead Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (DMC), a camera-mounted fiber-optic transceiver for the Thomson Grass Valley Infinity camcorder, is the first product in the CopperHead line to ship with the opticalCON connectors.

The opticalCON connector features a heavy-duty cable retention scheme and an automatically self-sealing shutter that protects the fiber connection from dirt and other contaminants. Equipped with copper contacts as well as two fiber connectors, the connector can be used with hybrid cables, transporting all camera signals while providing remote low-voltage powering of the camera. When local power is available for the camera, the connector also can be used with Telecast's "TAC"-series tactical fiber cable, lightweight, long-distance fiber-optic cable for harsh ENG and teleproduction environments.

"Telecast is proud to be teaming with a company that exemplifies high performance in broadcast connectivity," says Richard Cerny, president of Telecast Fiber Systems. "The inclusion of the opticalCON connectors with the CopperHead gives our customers a real win-win. Now, they have an even more cost-effective solution for getting the most out of their investment in mobile fiber-optic transmission equipment and cameras."

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