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MicroMux is a coarse-WDM mux/demux module for OEMs. It provides data-rate and protocol-independent multiplexing or demultiplexing of four channels. It measures 9 × 9.2 × 6 mm and comes in a clip-pin mounting package. The device is designed for metro-core, metro-access, and enterprise CWDM systems; multiwavelength, 300-pin transponders; and GBIC and Xenpak transceivers. The module is ITU G.694.2-compliant.
Gigabit Optics, Sunnyvale, CA

The AT-10B receiver, based on an avalanche photodiode, operates at a bandwidth of 9 GHz with -28-dBm sensitivity. It is designed for 0C-192 SONET/SHD and 10 Gigabit Ethernet DWDM and metro markets. It accommodates NRZ transmission with forward-error correction. The AT-12A receiver is designed for the long-haul, ultralong-haul, and submarine markets, and is suitable for use in RZ transmission systems.
Picometrix, Ann Arbor, MI

The M-661 translation stage has an integrated linear piezo motor drive that provides a velocity of 200 mm/s and acceleration of 150 m/s2. The stage has a 20-mm travel range and 0.1-µm resolution. It comes in a package measuring 25 × 20 × 8 mm, and an optional electronics board is available. A modified version is available for XY configurations. The stage is designed for high-speed micropositioning, scanning, micromanipulation, micromachining, and use in semiconductor test equipment.
Polytec PI, Auburn, MA

A 1 × N splitter based on planar waveguide technology has one input port and multiple output ports for dividing optical signals. It operates from 1260 to 1600 nm.
APA Optics, Blaine, MN

Mini-MetroChannel CWDM passive multiplexer and demultiplexer modules are designed for integration into metro and access networks. The 4- and 8-channel versions have insertion loss of 1.0 and 1.5 dB, respectively, and work with uncooled lasers with wavelengths 20 nm apart. They measure 45 × 28 × 9 mm.
Tsunami, Mountain View, CA

The MRSI-5005 advanced packaging work cell provides flip-chip bonding and handles delicate gallium arsenide dies. It can be cofigured for several component attachment technologies, including MEMS, RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave modules. Placement accuracy is better than ±5 µm. It can handle dies randomly oriented through 360°.
Newport MRSI Group,
Billerica, MA

A 50-GHz 1 x 8 interleaver periodically demultiplexes a 50-GHz channel-spaced stream into eight streams spaced at 400 GHz, and another version into eight streams spaced at 500-GHz. Models are available for both the C- and the L-bands.
OpsiTech, Grenoble, France

A 1550-nm, XENPAK-compliant transceiver module handles 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmissions over distances of 40 km. It is powered by an externally modulated laser, uses low-power CMOS ICs, and contains a PIN detector. A customized version with an avalanche photodiode detector is also available. It uses a standard XAUI electrical interface and 70-pin connector.
OpNext, Fremont, CA

EDF-980-T1 erbium-doped fiber has a high numerical aperture and is designed for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers that require tight fiber coils. EDF-RC-980-T1 is a reduced-clad erbium-doped fiber designed for small EDFAs such as those used in the metro amplifier market.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

The Norcom 2020 optical-leak test system includes software and a laser interferometer and pressurizes hermetic packages to perform simultaneous gross and fine leak testing. It provides quantitative measurement of leaks in minutes for optoelectronics and microelectronics.
NorCom Systems, Norristown, PA

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