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LIGHT SOURCE The OLS-6 hand-held light source is available in a 1550/1625-nm version. It has two fiberoptic output ports and is designed for use with an optical power meter to measure loss in fiberoptic networks. An internal launch fiber provides stable power coupling between the port and the measurement cable, allowing repeatability.
Acterna Corp., Germantown, MD

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER The ADN8830 is a single-chip, high-precision laser temperature controller for DWDM networking equipment. It performs system-supervising functions such as real-time temperature monitoring, temperature-lock indication, switching frequency, and phase control. The thermoelectric cooler comes in a 5x5-mm package. It has temperature stability of 0.01°C, >90% efficiency, and <1% ripple noise performance.
Analog Devices, Norwood, MA

TUNABLE FILTERS The VCF series of tunable filters operates at 200, 100, or 50 GHz. They have adjacent channel rejection of >25 dB, nonadjacent channel rejection of >40 dB, wavelength-setting accuracy of 4 to 16 GHz, insertion loss <3 dB, and chromatic dispersion <±50 GHz. The filters are tunable over either the C- or the L-band and require 1.6 W at 5 V for tuning. They come in a hermetically sealed package measuring 25x12x50 mm.
JDS Uniphase, San Jose, CA

PUMP LASERS The 98CX series module is a pump laser for metro and local networks that use EDFAs. It provides output of 40 to 90 mW and has coolerless operation from 5°C to 60°C in a 4-pin coaxial package. The 98BT module is designed to transmit at high speeds over large landmasses and provides kink-free power >220 mW using submarine-qualified chip technology. It includes built-in temperature control and wavelength locking with fiber grating.
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., Optoelectronics Division, Tokyo, Japan

A 32/40-channel mux/demux module is based on thin-film filter technology and comes in a package typically 120x90x28.5 mm. It has channel spacing of 100 GHz. The passive DWDM module has an epoxy-free optical pathway and is available in standard or premium grade.
Fibernett Co. Ltd., Yongin City, Kyungki-Do, Korea

The OPM series of optical power monitors uses photodiodes and precision dual transimpedance input stages for high linearity throughout the full dynamic range. The output voltage is linearly proportional to power. The monitors can measure fiber-coupled lasers and LEDs. Several options are available in photodiode material and optical input, including free beam input.
Artifex Engineering, Emden, Germany

The Photon 8x8 PCSS subsystem allows switching and managing of optical bandwidth at 2.5 Gbit/s and higher in metro and other optical networks. It has switching time of 2 ms, insertion loss of <5 dB in the C- and L-bands and 1290- to 1330-nm bands, crosstalk of <-40 dB, polarization-dependent loss <0.4 dB, return loss of <-45 dB, and maximum optical input of 23 dBm per fiber input.
Lynx Photonic Networks, Calabasas Hills, CA

Optical Switch
The OS 550 random-access fiberoptic switch platform has switching time of <250 ms, stability of ±0.01 dBm, insertion loss of <1 dB/channel, polarization-dependent loss of <0.05 dB, and repeatability of ±0.01 dB over a wavelength range of 1280 to 1650 nm. It is aimed at network monitoring and component testing and qualification.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

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