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High-density LC adapters
Y-connect’s family of singlemode and multimode high-density LC adapter products is available with a patent-pending, modularised multiport dust shutter. This product provides easy-to-use dust protection as well as eye protection for Class III A and lower lasers. The duplex and quad LC adapters are designed with secure panel mount latching and are compatible with TIA FOCIS 10B duplex and quad panel cut-outs, allowing users to double connection densities using existing simplex and duplex SC adapter panel cut-outs. The adapters and dust shutters are available in MM, SM, and APC. The products meet UL 94 V-0 flammability requirements and are fully RoHS compliant.


The new PS-LN polarisation rotators are integrated optics waveguide devices that switch the polarisation state of an input light between two linear orthogonal output states at frequencies up to 10 GHz. Practically, the output light is transmitted on either the fast or slow axis of the output polarisation-maintaining fibre of the component, operating then as a TE to TM converter. This polarisation rotation is designed to provide an efficient means for high-speed polarisation switching or polarisation scrambling. The rotators are available at various wavelengths including 1,300 and 1,550 nm and for switching bandwidth from 100 MHz to 10 GHz.

Photline Technologies,

Fujikura Europe’s field assembly with simple technique (FAST) optical connector portfolio now includes LC connector types to meet the needs of field engineers working on FTTH deployments. The LC connector variant is said to offer decreased footprint from SC and ST options. The product targets increased FTTH roll-outs in Europe and is designed to keep cost-per-subscriber in the European market minimised. Field-installable, the connectors require no assembly tooling, polishing, or epoxy resin. They cater to 250-to-900-µm diameter single- and multimode fibre types, including multimode 62.5/125 µm and multimode 50/125 µm. The connectors are 10G fibre/OM-3 compliant. The RJ latch system mounted to the top of the connector housing is designed for engineers to perform single-handed insertion and retraction.

Fujikura Europe Ltd.,

The G10447 series 10 Gbit/s gallium arsenide (GaAs) PIN photodiode receivers are mounted in industry-standard ROSA packages. The receivers feature a very high-speed response of up to 12 GHz, making them suitable for a variety of short-distance, high-speed data transmission applications such as 10-Gigabit Ethernet, high-speed storage area networks (Fibre Channel), and optical interconnect applications, according to the company. The ROSA package is compatible with industry-standard 10 Gbit/s devices such as XMD-MSA and is suitable for use in XFP transceivers.

Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.,

The ultrafast version of Kylia’s mini-1×2 DPSK demodulator features a piezo actuator that ensures a time constant of 0.1 s for compensation of very quick signal frequency variation. The company says that current market offerings propose time constants not shorter than 5 s. The ultrafast version will be offered in the same package as standard DSPK demodulators: 50×42×12 mm. For both tunable versions, the delay tuning allows a frequency shift of one free spectral range. The ultrafast version features an optical path delay between receiving ports of 0.1 ps.


Uniprise keyed fibre LC connectors and adapters include moulded features on the plug and colour-coded keys in the adapter to reduce the chance of unauthorised connections. To make a connection, the plug adapter colours must match the connector colour. If they do not match, the keying features will prevent the connectors from mounting into the adapters, preventing the signal from passing between the connectors. The keyed LC plugs also will not match with standard LC adapters, only the equivalent colour couplers.

Commscope Inc.,

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