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Fujitsu Gpon
Fujitsu Gpon

OLT transceivers
Two optical transceivers have been released for optical line terminals (OLTs) in GPON systems in SFP and SFF formats. These products tolerate wide variations in the received burst optical power, operate in temperature ranges from -40° to +85°C, and are approximately 20% smaller than existing optical transceivers. These improvements enable GPON deployments to support more than the typical 32 subscribers per port and at longer distances than 20 km.

Fujitsu Ltd.,
services/telecom/optcompoPirelli Xfp

The XFP family includes a portfolio of modules featuring high output power and a range of dispersion tolerance levels reaching distances from 80 km to more than 200 km without dispersion compensation. Designed to tolerate chromatic dispersion values up to 3,200 ps/nm, these MSA-compliant transceivers allow customers to reduce the cost and complexity of DWDM in metro and regional applications. High wavelength stability enables integration in 100 GHz DWDM systems and compatibility with 50 GHz systems.

Pirelli Broadband Solutions S.p.A.,

The AFCT-5745 and AFCT-594x series of OC-48 SFP transceivers are part of the METRAK family of metro/SONET products. The transceivers are applicable for SONET ADMs, multiservice edge platforms, xDSL applications, and metro switching. They feature digital diagnostics and monitoring capabilities, are RoHS compliant, and are able to be used in industrial-temperature applications.

Avago Technologies,
www.avagotech.comFiberxon Olt

The GPON OLT transceiver supports asymmetry and data rates of 2.488 Gbit/s downstream and 1.244 Gbit/s upstream with SFF and SFP, working at 1,490 nm and 1,310 nm wavelengths, respectively. The transceiver includes fast receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) capability to help operators read the optical signal strength of each ONT. With this mechanism, operators can lower their operational expenditures by monitoring the real-time status of the optical distribution network (ODN).

Fiberxon Inc.,

CIP is releasing a preliminary datasheet for its 100G-HS-PIN, a photodiode designed for operation in the 75 to 110 GHz frequency band, which is claimed to be the fastest commercial photodiode. It is available in a 1 mm connectorised module or in bare die form. Applications include millimeter-wave radio over fibre, instrumentation, and high-speed clock recovery. A broadband package for 100 Gbit/s is under development.

Centre for Integrated Photonics Ltd., www.ciphotonics.comDiscovery Kittyhawk

Optical coherent receiver system
The Kitty Hawk is an optical coherent receiver system that provides a cost-effective, flexible communications platform with high sensitivity up to 10 Gbit/s, both with and without optical preamplification. It includes automatic wavelength tracking, locking to the incoming signal, and polarisation-independent operation; preserves optical phase information; and is capable of detecting multiple modulation formats.

Discovery Semiconductors Inc.,

Optical time-domain reflectometer
The AXS-110 is a handheld, quadruple-wavelength optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR). Available in multimode, singlemode, and quadruple-wavelength versions (850/1,300 nm and 1,310/1,550 nm), this lightweight unit offers easy operation; 1 m dead zone; 8 cm resolution; 8 hour power autonomy; and an easy-to-interpret results screen showing pass/fail status for each wavelength, fibre length, and macrobend. The AXS-110 is available with a power meter, visual fault locator, USB port, and fibre inspection probe.

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering,

The BERTScope LRM optical test set, when combined with the BERTScope S 12500B, provides efficient receiver and transmitter compliance testing for 802.3aq Long Range Multimode (LRM). The LRM test set integrates an optical source with the required drive signal filtering, noise, and intersymbol interference for comprehensive stressed receiver tests. The test set also integrates a reference receiver to verify the optical source’s calibration and enable transmitter compliance tests, including transmitter waveform and dispersion penalty.

SyntheSys Research Inc.,

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