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Raman pump laser
Corning's Optilock VR2e Raman pump laser offers operating power of up to 350mW in a standard 14-pin butterfly package.

It provides high optical and electrical efficiency, as well as more optical output power per unit input electrical current and less thermo-electric cooler power consumption per unit output optical power. In a system which polarisation multiplexes two pumps per wavelength, this enables over 500mW per wavelength.

For Raman gain modules that need only 300mW per wavelength, a single VR2e can replace two lower-powered (e.g. 200mW) pumps, reducing drive electronics and multiplexing optics. Costs, power consumption and board-space consumption can drop by 20-40%.

All-band tunable
Agilent Technologies' 81600B all-band high-performance tunable laser source offers 200nm tuning range over S, C and L bands.

Low-SSE output power is up 10 times on previous sources, allowing multi-station test of critical DWDM components. Full performance is specified even for fast swept.

Cost is reduced through flexible test set-up, independent of the device under test, the transmission band and the manufacturing scale.

Fast-switching tunable laser
Intune Technologies' INT1100 fast wavelength-switched tunable laser transmitter is a plug-and-play module.

It is claimed to be the world's fastest commercially available wavelength-switched transmitter, with a current switching speed of <1ms.

Applications include DWDM transmitter sparing, wavelength-enabled routing in PONs, wavelength-routed switches, optical add-drop multiplexers, and 10 and 40Gbit/s externally modulated equipment.

Tunable laser with 12.5GHz channel spacing
Due to its Optical Phase Locked Loop (OPLL) technology, Fiberspace's Gridlocker tunable laser claims the highest wavelength accuracy available (±250MHz). This incorporates a tuned Fabry-Perot etalon to provide a sharp optical frequency reference that maintains a high absolute wavelength stability, enabling closer channel spacing (e.g. 25 and 12.5GHz).

Its 16-channel (3nm) tuning cuts the number of spare line-cards needed for back-up. It also enables remote provisioning by allowing installed lasers to be dynamically tuned.

"Gridlocker combines these elements with the high output power and proven reliability of DFB lasers, thus optimising the cost savings of DWDM systems for long-haul," says president and CEO Dr Leonardo Berezovsky.

400mW pump laser
For EDFAs and Raman fibre amplifiers in DWDM systems requiring increased data transmission speeds and higher bandwidths, Anritsu's AF4A903 laser diode module combines high power and low consumption for pump light sources operating at 1480nm.

High optical output of 400mW and maximum forward voltage of only 2.8V at 1300mA helps to cut DWDM system power consumption and lengthen operating life.

The module also has a built-in optical isolator, internal monitor photodiode, and thermoelectric cooler, housed within a 20.8x7.8x12.7mm 14-pin butterfly package.

Increased 10Gbit/s efficiency for WDM
Alcatel Optronics' laser sources for long-haul and ultra-long-haul directly integrate the locker into the module.

As well as reducing the footprint and eliminating the fibre management required by two separate devices, the optical signal is more accurate and stable for WDM systems with 25GHz channel spacing.

In particular, the 1935 TLI temperature tunable laser has a choice of 16 possible different wavelengths.

Tunable fibre laser
Koheras A/S' Adjustik C15 compact tunable DFB fibre laser system has narrow linewidth (<10kHz), high wavelength selectability over 1.02-1.20 and 1.52-1.61mm, mode-hop-free tuning or locking over 1-2nm, and output power of 10 mW.

It has a stable single longitudinal mode, can be supplied with polarisation-maintaining output, comes with integrated driver electronics, and needs only 110/220V power supply for operation.

Hybrid EML
CyOptics' 10Gbit/s Hybrid EML combines two discrete components: an electro-absorption modulator (EAM) and a DFB laser. Performance exceeds that of monolithic EMLs but with the same 7-pin low-profile butterfly package and GPO connector.

It can transmit over 80-120km of SMF28 fibre without dispersion compensation and with <2dB dispersion penalty, and to >500km in an amplified and compensated link. This can extend metro system reach beyond 40-60km without re-design.

Bandwidth of >12GHz allows FEC.

Locker for 25GHz FSR networks
Tunable Photonics' 25GHz free spectral range (FSR) version of its TrueLock wavelength locker has accuracy of ±1.0GHz EOL, due to temperature control of the etalon without the need for compensation by control software.

Optical pathlength can be modified more easily than via etalon tilt, reducing manufacturing costs of the internal subassembly. With a compact solid etalon and space-efficient optical layout, it is the smallest multi-wavelength locking solution available.

Available both as a hermetically sealed external package and a miniature internal sub-assembly ready for transmitter module integration, size and price are the same as its 100 and 50GHz versions.

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