Alcatel and Multilink develop transceivers

Alcatel Optronics and Multilink Technology Corp have formed a partnership to jointly develop compact next-generation DWDM transceivers. for the core telecommunications network.

Such a transceiver would be among the first in the industry to address the long-haul, ultra-long-haul and submarine networks. In addition to being among the first solution of its kind for the core network, because of the high level of integration of electronics and optics within one module, it will be more compact, have a lower power consumption, and therefore be less expensive to operate than currently existing solutions.

"We are proud to join in this collaboration, bringing together Multilink's electrical component expertise with Alcatel Optronics' optical components and systems knowledge, which will shorten our customers' time-to-market and reduce their cost of operations," said Dr Jens N Albers, executive VP and co-chairman of Multilink.

"By partnering with Alcatel Optronics, we feel confident that together we can develop the best solution suitable for the highest performance applications.

"We are committed to providing our customers with innovative high-performance and cost-effective transport solutions," said Marko Erman, Senior VP and Chief Strategy Officer of Alcatel Optronics. "By integrating the latest optical and electrical technologies, this collaboration will 'future proof' our customers' systems and reduce the amount of redesign required over the coming years."

The agreement will include development of 10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s solutions. Both Multilink and Alcatel Optronics will play a significant role in the development of these subsystems. The first product to come out of this collaboration will be a 10Gbit/s optical transceiver optimised for cost-effective performance for long-haul, ultra-long-haul, and submarine applications. This product will be made available to equipment suppliers providing solutions for the core network, with Alcatel as the first customer.

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