PODCAST: Luxtera talks CMOS Photonics

MARCH 20, 2007 -- In an interview with Editorial Director Stephen Hardy, Luxtera's VP of Marketing Marek Tlalka explains why the monolithic integration of germanium-based photodetectors with CMOS electronics is a big deal.

MARCH 20, 2007 -- On March 14, Luxtera (search for Luxtera) announced that it had developed a way to integrate germanium around silicon waveguides to create monolithically integrated photodetectors. This advancement represents the last step toward the ability to create a monolithic optical transceiver using CMOS processes, the company said. (See story here.)

In an interview conducted the previous week, Marek Tlalka, Luxtera's vice president of marketing, explained why the company thinks the achievement is a major breakthrough -- and what it plans to do next.

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