Syntune and CyOptics announce co-operative agreement for tunable lasers

Jan. 9, 2007
JANUARY 9, 2007 -- Leveraging Syntune-designed tunable lasers and CyOptics' automated manufacturing platform, the companies aim to accelerate the market introduction of full-band tunable laser products and provide a continuous volume supply of tunable devices.

JANUARY 9, 2007 -- Syntune AB (search for Syntune), developer of single-chip tunable lasers and transmitters, and CyOptics Inc. (search for CyOptics), developer of Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chip and component technologies, today announced a co-operative agreement for the introduction of a family of full-band tunable laser products for the telecommunications market. This agreement will accelerate the market introduction of the full-band tunable laser products and also provide a continuous volume supply of tunable devices, say the companies.

The co-operative agreement leverages Syntune-designed tunable lasers and CyOptics' automated manufacturing platform. CyOptics says its manufacturing platform has provided over four million lasers with over 120 billion service hours in telecommunications equipment deployed worldwide since 2000.

Wavelength agility and fast traffic provisioning is driving the demand for next-generation optical networks. Demand for tunable lasers has already doubled from 2005 to 2006, and is expected to continue to grow at 64% compound annual growth rate through 2010, according to industry analyst Ovum-RHK.

The Syntune-designed S3500 butterfly package and S3600 Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA) address these applications across the C- or L-band.

"Syntune's patented widely tunable technology is an excellent addition to our already broad portfolio of active optical component products," reports Ed Coringrato, CyOptics CEO. "We have a three-year history of working with Syntune, and together we will be well positioned to serve a supply constrained market."

Syntune uses a fabless model for III-V semiconductors that has proved highly successful in the silicon semiconductor industry, say company representatives. Now, the Syntune family of products will be manufactured on CyOptics' proprietary automation packaging platform, ensuring the highest quality and reliability at the lowest cost, contend the companies.

"The fabless model has been the most efficient way to bring our products to market," notes Syntune CEO Patrik Evaldsson. "By partnering with CyOptics, a leader in quality manufacturing, we are able to differentiate our product's performance, cost, and delivery to meet our customers' current and future requirements."

"CyOptics' strong presence throughout the telecommunications community will give customers easy access to the Syntune product family," adds Kevin Green, vice president of marketing and sales at Syntune. "We look forward to the added support that is possible with a worldwide leader in component sales."

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