Fiber-optic switching system

Feb 1st, 1999

Fiber-optic switching system

The GP700 general-purpose fiber-optic switch system is a low-loss optical switch used for cable, component testing, remote fault locating, and optical-signal routing. The system provides accurate positioning for either singlemode or multimode fibers, resulting in a typical insertion loss of 0.6 dB. Backreflection is -60 dB typical, and repeatability is ۪.025 dB maximum. The unit can control up to 30 1¥N switches and 64 on/off, 1ٴ, or 2ٴ switches. Larger systems can be accommodated using multiple housings. The switching system can also accommodate couplers, tunable filters, and variable attenuators.

DiCon Fiberoptics Inc.

Berkeley, CA

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