Lumentum to intro 400G CFP2-DCO, PAM4 DML, and WSS enhancements at virtual OFC 2021

June 3, 2021
The new module has “flex-coherent” capabilities that enable support of OpenROADM, OpenZR+, and OIF 400ZR operating modes.

Lumentum Holdings Inc. NASDAQ: LITE) says it plans to unveil three products at next week’s virtual OFC 2021. The introductions include a coherent 400G CFP2-DCO optical transceiver, an enhanced 100G PAM4 directly modulated laser (DML), and upgrades to its line of wavelength-selective switches (WSSs).

The 400G CFP2-DCO transceiver follows on from Lumentum’s earlier 200G module. The new module has “flex-coherent” capabilities that enable support of OpenROADM, OpenZR+, and OIF 400ZR operating modes. It also supports proprietary modes for performance-optimized applications where cross-vendor interoperability is not a requirement. The 400G CFP2-DCO transceiver also supports Layer 1 encryption, Link Layer Discovery Protocol, and an Overhead IO channel. Lumentum says it has begun shipments of beta samples of the module, with production release planned for the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Lumentum also will unveil an enhanced 100G PAM4 53-GBaud DML. The DML extends the 500-m reach for 100G DR and 400G DR4 and 100-m for 800G PSM8 of the device the company announced was sampling last year (see "Lumentum sampling 100G PAM4 DMLs"). The new DML supports transmissions up to 2 km for 100G FR and 400G FR4 CWDM transceiver module applications. The DML reduces cost and power consumption via a smaller footprint and the requirement for fewer components. Lumentum says it is accepting requests for beta samples of the 100G PAM4 DML for 2-km applications.

Finally, the company also has expanded the performance of its WSS to support “all spectral bands,” including C-Band, L-Band, and extended C-Band. Lumentum also has improved its WSS manufacturing scale with the ability to rapidly respond to changes in requested build configurations and spectral bands.

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