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Oct. 1, 2001
Systems and subsystems

50-GHz mux/demux module
This multiplexer/demultiplexer module is based on no-shift coating and packaging technologies. Available in C- and L-bands, the 50-GHz DWDM module is housed in an ultra-thin package of 60x90x9 mm for four-channel modules and 80x115x9 mm for eight-channel modules. With guaranteed bandwidth of 0.13 nm at 0.5 dB over temperature, wavelength, and polarization, these modules are suitable for both 2.5-Gbit/sec and 10-Gbit/sec systems.
Lightwaves2020 Inc., Milpitas, CA

Grooming switch fabric
The large grooming version of the SN 16000 intelligent optical switch is able to scale to a 1,024x1,024 OC-48/STM-16 switch fabric, provide dual network-aware control planes, and offer voice quality restoration. This high-density switch is currently shipping in a 512x512 OC-48/STM-16 or 128x128 OC-192/STM-64 configuration. The product offers full grooming capabilities down to the STS-1/AU-3 level through OC-192/STM-64 and allows for automatic recognition and switching for all standard SONET/SDH concatenation rates.
Sycamore Networks Inc., Chelmsford, MA

Ultra-long-haul system
SmartPhotoniX UPLx160 ultra-long-haul photonic line system offers a total operating capacity of 1.7 Tbits/sec-160 wavelengths at 10 Gbits/sec per wavelength for up to 3,000 km without signal regeneration. By eliminating the need for electrical regenerators and requiring fewer truck rolls and less equipment, the product lowers overall operating costs for carriers. The product is designed to work on all prevalent types of fiber and offers operators increased speed of provisioning and the flexibility of add/drop capabilities with 100% channel access and remote reconfigurability.
Marconi plc, Pittsburgh

Bandwidth-management system
T::DAX next-generation bandwidth-management system now supports superband, broadband, wideband, and narrowband services on a single platform. The system also manages North American Async/SONET and European PDH/SDH standards and allows migration to IP- and ATM-based backbones. The T::DAX can aggregate, crossconnect, and manage traffic from 2.5 Gbits/sec down to 64 kbits/sec.
Enavis Networks, Herndon, VA

High-speed receiversThe G8338/G8339 InGaAs PIN photodiodes with transimpedance amplifiers are well suited for use in a variety of optical-fiber communications systems, including Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and SDH. Both products have a wide dynamic range of -37 to -5 dBm at a data transmission rate of 156 Mbits/sec. Rise time is 2,000 psec and photo sensitivity is 27 V/mW. Supply current of the receivers is 25 mA and output bias voltage is 1.5 V. G8338/G8339 photodiodes operate over a temperature range of -20 to 70°C.Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ
Framing and pointer processorThe Mekong S19204 is an integrated OC-192 SONET/SDH framing and pointer processor device with on-chip features critical for next-generation optical-networking equipment. Mekong is a multifeature integrated circuit enabling customers to collapse multiple functions down to one chip, including aggregation, pointer processing, and grooming functions. Mekong also supports a variety of line interfaces for reducing system and board design requirements. Enabled by the device's two APS ports, the product provides protection switching and redundancy in both the multiplex and demultiplex directions and incorporates nonintrusive TOH monitoring for all inputs.Applied Micro Circuits Corp., San Diego
Cable assembliesThese fiber-optic cable assemblies for the frame and workstation are available in singlemode and multimode fiber. The products come in a variety of mix-and-match connector configurations, including standard and hybrid combinations of MT-RJ, ST, SC, and FC styles. Different polish types and core styles are also available, including 50- and 62.5- micron multimode core sizes and PC, SPC, UPC, and APC singlemode polishes. Cable types include simplex and duplex forms. Cable assemblies come in a variety of lengths, including 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 m.Leviton Voice and Data Div., Bothell, WA

LC polymer ferrules
Liquid-crystal polymer ferrules are available in standard SC singlemode and standard SC multimode. Testing has proven the ferrules comparable to standard Zirconia ferrules for insertion loss, cable retention, cable flex, humidity, twist, and durability.
SANWA Components USA, San Diego


Wall-mount distribution tower
The IC110 wall-mount distribution tower contains all the components required for terminating, labeling, and wall-mounting the IC110 wiring- and cable-management blocks in a stacked tower configuration. The package includes a metal wall-mounting frame, three 100-pair IC110 wiring-blocks, three cable-management blocks, 60 four-pair and 12 five-pair connecting blocks, label holders and labels, and all required hardware for wall-mounting. The wall-mounted frame and all accompanying cable-management accessories are built with steel material with a black powder-coated finish and come disassembled.
ICC, Cerritos, CA

FTTH access system
The Ribbonet fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) system enables FTTH solutions and is a futureproof system designed for fast installation at low cost, according to the company. Fiber is installed around the existing conduit system without needing to be spliced, and fiber is blown from each apartment or house all the way to the basement, street cabinet, or other connecting point. Ribbonet technology is prepared for both underground and overhead cabling. Ethernet transmission with enhanced quality-of-service features creates a rapid highway for broadband access to each apartment or house at a low cost. This solution paves the way for a host of high-bandwidth services such as video broadcast, pay-per-view, gaming, IP telephony, and always-on Internet access.
Ericsson Network Technologies, Hudiksvall, Sweden


Sample kits
These two sample kits contain Europlus board-level fiber-management clips, reels, and strain relief boots. The super deluxe kit includes five each of all reels, splice clips, coupler clips, filter/isolator clips, edge guides, corner guides, risers, stackers, strain relief boots, and all size tapes and rivets for mounting the components. The mini deluxe kit includes three each of the same components. The kits are supplied in reusable rugged plastic boxes and are delivered from stock.
Optimark Fiber Optics, Chestnut Hill, MA

Test Equipment
Accelerated manufacturing processThis accelerated manufacturing process (RAMP) creates a streamlined fabrication process using a continual flow through the production line, meaning no "stair steps," no transfers, and no wasted time or rework, according to the company. By employing RAMP, the company streamlines production of optical products, reducing throughput time and improving production yield. Racal Instruments Inc., Irvine, CA
Bit-error-rate testerThe D3371-2V-3V bit-error-rate tester allows designers to test the performance of communication components and systems and analyze the acquired results. An integrated "one box" test set, the D3371 provides good performance in key areas, including pattern-generator signal amplitude and quality, burst signal generation and analysis, and automated error-measurement functions. The product helps engineers reliably detect and track down problems related to error rates by creating, generating, and transmitting data signals to a communication component or module under test, and then receiving the responses accurately.Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, OR

Laser-diode life test system
The LD 960-32 life test system for the life test of semiconductor laser diodes uses the company's conductive thermal control technology, as opposed to an air-based oven, for precise control of diode temperature during the life test process. The product allows laser-diode manufacturers to more accurately and consistently predict laser-diode reliability. The system is capable of performing life tests on up to 960 diodes, with 30 diodes at 32 independent thermal sites, and each individual diode is driven by a microprocessor-controlled source. The product has a thermal capacity of up to 500 W per thermal site and a temperature range of 25-250°C.
ThetaDelta Technologies Inc., Lawrence, MA

Sign and Manufacturing

Test stations
This test equipment is designed for laser-diode burn-in and laser-diode transmitter/receiver qualification. The V1000 is a burn-in station designed to address the demands of the semiconductor laser production environment. The station provides precise conditioning and high-accuracy data acquisition of user-selected parameters. It can house up to 128 DUTs in groups of 16 and accommodate laser modules equipped with TEC. The T1000 is an advanced qualification station for transmitters/receivers. The product enables a complete set of measurements using an optical spectrum analyzer, a digital communication analyzer, and a digital multimeter. Both units are designed to simplify compliance with Telcordia standards.
TELOPS Inc., Quebec City

Behavioral system simulator
ARCHITECT is a MEMS top-down behavioral system simulator that integrates mixed-domain thermal-electromechanics with optics, fluidics, and electromagnetics. ARCHITECT allows designers to capture and understand complete device and subsystem behavior required to develop optical and wireless MEMS products. ARCHITECT can be used alone or in conjunction with the rest of the company's suite of MEMS design tools. The product employs a top-down design methodology, which contains a set of parameterized, physically correct, behavioral libraries, which can be customized and assembled for a variety of MEMS applications. In addition, the product includes a graphical schematic capture editor, circuit simulator, timing/waveform analyzer, and proprietary layout generators that create 2-D layout descriptions from schematics.
Coventor Inc., Cary, NC

Automated alignment system
The FR-3000 NanoRobot alignment system for photonics automation applications provides six-axis alignment, high resolution, and long travel in a single stage. The product also offers photonics component manufacturers faster alignment of complex components, shorter settling times, and high stability for greater assembly efficiency. NanoRobot positions components with 0.1-nm resolution, smaller than an individual atom.
Burleigh Instruments Inc., Victor, NY


Product guide and catalog
The 2001 Product Guide is a short-form catalog containing information on the company's new products and also features information on other products such as distribution amplifiers, extension products, and switches. The Volume 3 CD full-line product catalog and technical resource contains up-to-date and in-depth information on the entire line of the company's products. The CD is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, and Windows 2000 and is both PC- and Mac-compatible.
Communications Specialties Inc., Hauppauge, NY

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