Premier Products

Feb. 1, 2001
Mux-VOA moduleThis integrated multiplexer and variable optical attenuator (VOA) module combines 80 optical functions on a single silicon chip, reducing system complexity and cutting space requirements. Manufactured using the company's ASOC technology, the product combines a 40-channel arrayed-waveguide-grating multiplexer with a 40-channel VOA. This combination gives full control of the power level in each optical channel, allowing network designers and integrators to achieve maximum unrepeated link lengths. The module comes with full internal electronics, including a microprocessor control function, offering customers the opportunity to rapidly integrate the device into end equipment.Bookham Technology, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Fiber-optic link
A 10-Gbit/sec very-short-reach optical interconnect IC, the VSC7166 integrates transmitter and receiver functions onto a single IC. The device is used to interface SONET OC-192 framers with parallel optical modules, allowing designers to connect networking equipment located in close proximity. This IC converts 16-bit, 622-MHz SONET-framed data to 12 1.244-Gbit/sec serial data. The VSC7166 provides error detection and correction for a robust link in the presence of errors. To enhance system reliability, the device is capable of recovering data transmission in the case of a down channel. In addition, integrated simulation of error conditions enables the designer to verify robustness against such conditions during link operation.
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., Camarillo, CA

Systems & Subsystems

Mini hub
The SC78 mini hub is a fiber-optic eight-port unmanaged hub that provides flexible node bypass capability for SCRAMNet SC78 networks. Individual nodes or subrings may be switched in or out of the system without disabling the entire network. Each of the product's fiber-optic ports can be attached to an individual SC78 network node, to another SC78 mini hub, or to a complete subring of SC78 nodes. For additional capacity, two hubs can be cascaded together to increase the number of available ports. The SC78 mini hub monitors all nodes for proper operation with a negligible effect on network latency. Large networks with multiple rings can be integrated since port-card signals are reclocked, ensuring the stability and integrity of the remaining network.
Systran Corp., Dayton, OH

SNMP-integrated chassis
The iMediaCenter platform features two-, eight-, and 18-slot chassis with a Simple-Network-Management-Protocol (SNMP) agent embedded directly on the chassis backplane. The innovation eliminates the need for separate management modules to be purchased, installed, and configured, according to the company. The SNMP agent enables network managers to monitor copper and fiber-link status information as well as chassis environmental statistics, including temperature and voltage level.
IMC Networks, Foothill Ranch, CA

Multiservice switch router
A next-generation service-provider solution, the BXR-48000 is a 480-Gbit/sec switch router that advances the company's IP and multiservice infrastructure solutions. The router allows operators to decrease their annual operating costs by reducing overlay networks, migrating numerous legacy and emerging IP services onto one common network and optimizing bandwidth utilization for more efficient use of optical infrastructures. Because the BXR-48000 routes and switches numerous protocols across the backbone concurrently on a per-node or a per-port basis, Internet Protocol, frame relay, private-line, and ATM services can be engineered end-to-end over one scalable network.
Marconi, Pittsburgh

SAN gateway solution
SCSI over Internet Protocol (IP) capability has been added to the company's DiskLink SAN interconnect gateway. The new Gigabit Ethernet interface added to DiskLink as an alternative to existing ATM OC-3 and OC-12 wide-area interfaces, allows customers to build storage networks over IP backbone networks such as intranets and virtual private networks. SCSI over IP allows business-critical SAN applications, such as data replication and remote tape backup, to operate on existing IP networks, potentially saving the costs of wide-are connectivity. DiskLink is able to combine storage traffic from local Fibre Channel SANs and SCSI-based storage devices for transmission to remote sites over ATM or broadband IP networks.
ADVA Optical Networking, Munich, Germany

DWDM transmitter
The T5QEA is one of the products in a new line of forward-path electro-optic transmitters that are designed to transport digital information on multiple QAM carriers. The transmitters are available in eight wavelengths on the ITU grid for use with standard DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers and are designed to facilitate the addition of digital video, Internet data and telephony, video-on-demand, and pay-per-view services over the broadband network. The T5QEA delivers the performance level of traditional external modulation at a cost comparable to that of direct modulation, enabling forward-path narrowcasting, digital injection, and transmission at ITU-grid wavelengths., State College, PA

Fiber-optic modem
The RS-485 TeleData fiber-optic modem can be used as a telephone modem, a data modem, or both. The F270X/F271X is capable of transmitting both voice and data signals simultaneously over one fiber-optic cable. Available in multimode or singlemode, the modem can extend a regular analog phone line 15 km. Other features include immunity to lighting, immunity to EMI/RFI, electrical isolation, and increased bandwidth with extended distances.
Versitron Inc., Newark, DE

SONET hardware products
Five hardware products are available that support the company's Unifier SMX multiservice SONET platform. The products include T1, T3, and 10/100 Ethernet interface modules as well as M10 and 13 multliplexer modules, which complement the product's existing OC-3 and OC-12 interfaces. The additional services supported include frame relay and IP routing, enabling service providers to extend their service offerings to more advanced data services. The Unifier SMX is a carrier-class multiservice SONET platform that is designed to replace traditional SONET add-drop multiplexers but also integrate the functionality of a 3/1/0 digital-crossconnect switch, frame relay switch, ATM switch, and IP router.
MAYAN Networks, San Jose, CA

Modular EDFA
This high-power 24-dBm modular erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is an extension of the company's product line, which now includes levels of 14, 17, 20, 22, 24, (2, 20), 27, and 30 dBm. The dual-mode EDFA is packaged in a compact housing that fits into the Laser Link II or III mainframe. Up to seven modular EDFAs may be housed in a single five-RU space. The product is part of the company's 1,550-nm product family.
ANTEC Corp., Duluth, GA

Coupler/splitter module
This fiber-optic coupler/splitter module allows for rear input with front output of fiber signal. Custom and OEM variations are available. For more information, visit the company's Website at
Fiberdyne Labs Inc., Frankfort, NY

Components Optical cordThis optical fan-out cord (FOC) is created without splicing, which provides users with loss-free routing. Because of its small size, loss from microbending is reduced. With a DAM 20 mm long and 3.2 mm in diameter, the FOC fits up to 192 port into a 19-in rack. The 0.9-mm FOC is wrapped in Kevlar, making it strong enough to endure increasing connector load, according to the company. Fiber ribbons are bound in a central package, which "fans out" where the plugs enter the unit. Both ribbon and cable fiber are incorporated, and standard connectors may be used to connect or disconnect the product. Singlemode and multimode fiber types can be customized to rack size and spacing.SENKO Advanced Components Inc., Southboro, MA

OC-48 framer technology
The Danube is a highly integrated OC-48 SONET/SDH framing-and-pointer processor device with on-chip features for next-generation optical-networking equipment. Danube provides an integrated solution, enabling customers to collapse multiple functions down to one chip, including aggregation, pointer processing, and grooming functions. The device enables the aggregation of 16 OC-3s, four OC-12s, or other logical combinations of OC-3 and OC-12 asynchronous interfaces into a larger OC-48 signal. The product can transparently remap the incoming OC-3 and OC-12 signals' transport overhead across time domains and into the outgoing higher rate signal.
Applied Micro Circuits Corp., San Diego

10-Gbit/sec laser driver
A 10.7-Gbit/sec laser diode driver, the MAX3930 is designed to directly modulate laser diodes at data rates up to 10.7 Gbits/sec while needing 108 mA from a single 5-V or 5.2-V supply. This device consists of a high-speed modulation driver, laser-biasing block, and a pulse-width adjustment control circuit. The driver receives differential CML signals with 50-ohm on-chip line terminations and is also able to deliver a laser modulation current of 20 mA to 100 mA with an edge speed of 25 psec. The high-bandwidth, fully differential signal path is internally implemented to minimize jitter accumulations.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, CA

POS-PHY devices
The PM5358 S/UNI-4x622 for multiport OC-12 line interfaces, and the PM5382 S/UNI-16x155 for multiport OC-3, combine serializer-deserializer, clock recovery, and clock synthesis, together with SONET framers and packet and cell processors to achieve the highest level of integration currently available. These devices are additions to the company's POS-PHY Level 3 physical-layer portfolio for data streams from OC-3 to OC-48.
PMC-Sierra, Burnaby, British Columbia

Double-jacketed cableThe GX-series subgrouping fiber-optic cable is double jacketed for chemical resistance in harsh industrial environments. This fiber will not degrade with continuous long-term exposure of most volatile chemicals such as fuels, oils, liquids, cleaning agents, and acids. The cable consists of an inner cable jacket of PVC and an outer fluoropolymer cable jacket to provide the chemical resistance. The fiber count for the product can range from two to 144 optical fibers within a single cable jacket. Also, the cable can mix multimode and singlemode optical fibers within a single cable.Optical Cable Corp., Roanoke, VA

Receiver modules
The NR4500BP, an NEC Avalanche photodiode receiver module, is housed in a miniature coaxial package. The 2.5-Gbit/sec module was developed for OC-48 long-haul DWDM, metro network, and metro access applications. Features include an onboard transimpedance amplifier. This integrated TIA eliminates the need for an additional device, helps reduce noise, increases sensitivity, and improves bit-error rates.
California Eastern Laboratories
Santa Clara, CA

Fiber interface ICsThese ICs are a family of interface devices for use in fiber-optic communications. These devices are able to operate at frequencies of up to 155 Mbits/sec and have been designed for both high-end telecommunication applications and lower-cost data-communications applications. Designed in low-power, deep sub-micron CMOS technology, the devices operate between 3 V and 5.5 V and over the temperature range -40 to +85°C. The parts are available in both small-footprint plastic packages and die form.Semtech Corp., Newbury Park, CA

Crimp connectors
The 2Quick fiber-optic crimp SC- and ST-style connectors are nonadhesive connectors that assemble onto the fiber in roughly two minutes. The connectors meet or exceed all of the TIA/EIA-568B.3 requirements and exceed the more stringent pulling requirements established by TIA/EIA-568B.3.
Hubbell Premise Wiring, Stonington, CT

InstallationConnectivity platformREZ is a cable-management system for residential and small office applications. It provides a central point for termination and distribution of home networking services throughout the home. Used in conjunction with bundles of twisted pair coax and fiber cables that are installed as home-runs to every room, the REZ Media Manager allows telephony, entertainment, Internet, cable TV, audio, security, and other services to be made available to any part of the home or small office from one control panel. The product comes in two sizes-eight or 16 modules-and supports Category 5, 5e, and 3. Separate modules enable 10Base-T Ethernet, fiber, and coax.ADC, Minneapolis
High-capacity racewayThe TG-70 surface raceway is made for routing power and communications cabling, including fiber-optic cables. The nonmetallic raceway is designed for maximum capacity, with space to accommodate up to 74 two-outlet workstations utilizing any combination of the company's Category 5, 5E, 6, or fiber-optic connectors. The TG-70 raceway system also features 40-mm bend-radius control fittings for protection of high-performance cabling. In addition, the raceway may be easily divided into separate channels, permitting the routing of both power and communication cables via a single system.Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL

Cable-management system
The EZ Tray EasyPack is a prepackaged, all-inclusive, ready-to-install cable-management system designed to increase the ease of any installation. The product is available in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-in widths and a 6.5-in length. EZ Tray is a wire-mesh cable-tray system constructed of precision-engineered welded steel wire and will adapt to almost any configuration, enabling it to handle 90-degree turns, twist around obstructions, and make multiple level changes.
Cablofil Inc., St. Louis

Test Equipment

Optical-network analyzer
This OC-48 handheld optical-network analyzer is part of the SunSet OCx product family. At the 2.5-Gbit/sec data rate, this handheld OCx includes a broad range of SONET/BERT transmission analysis and service verification capabilities. The analyzer also offers service providers and equipment manufacturers test choices from DS-0 to OC-48c. The product weighs three pounds and has a color screen and logical user interface.
Sunrise Telecom Inc., San Jose, CA

Modularized enhancementsThe FiberGuard monitoring system monitors networks for changes in optical power and notifies network administrators at preset levels. With the newly released modularized enhancements, the system now provides higher levels of analysis and notification of power loss and signal degradation as well as active signal switching. FiberGuard consists of both hardware and software: chassis, power supply, system control unit, and monitor cards. FiberGuard detects power degration in 0.1 dB increments, according to customer-selected levels, and through the software configurations, the system senses the power on the network and responds to slight levels of attenuation before equipment produces bit errors, according to the company.Meson Fiberoptics Inc., Hallstead, PA

Communications analyzer
The MCA1060 microwave communications analyzer features 60-GHz bandwidth, a variety of stimulus signals, and analysis capabilities to provide a fully integrated test system for 0.01- to 40-Gbit communications signals. The analyzer comes standard with two 60-GHz input channels, a 6.25- to 200-MHz TTL output, 6.25-MHz to 1.6-GHz ECL output, and an impulse output with frequency content from 6.25 MHz to 60 GHz. There are also GPIB, VGA, and Centronics ports and connections for 10-MHz reference I/O. The system provides signal analysis in both the time and frequency domains, including eye diagrams, spectrum analysis, group and phase delay measurements, fully error-corrected transmission and return-loss measurements, and broadband TDR analysis.
LeCroy, Chestnut Ridge, NY

TDR capabilityTime domain reflectometry (TDR) capability for the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA is a tool that enables digital designers and manufacturers of high-speed digital components and systems to verify signal integrity. The 86100A, combined with the 54753A single-ended or the 54754A differential TDR modules offers a normalization technique that corrects for test-fixture errors in the frequency domain, providing engineers with accurate test results.Agilent Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Fiber-optic detector
This dual fiber-optic detector has a built-in microscope. Coupled with the company's white light source, monochromator, and dual-channel signal processing electronics, the detector allows the two arms of a wideband coupler or a WDM to be measured simultaneously. Measurement reproducibility of 0.02 dB can be achieved on a routing basis and attenuation as high as 40 dB can be measured over the wavelength range of 900-1,700 nm. Each detector module includes a 2-mm diameter InGaAs detector, which intercepts all the light leaving the fiber. A shutter, which is automatically opened when the detector is closed, prevents hysteresis effects caused by exposure of the detector to the room lights during fiber insertion.
Bentham, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Products catalogThe 750-page 2001 Test, Measurement, and Monitoring Products Catalog is available on paper and CD-ROM and features more than 1,400 test, measurement, and monitoring products used to design, build, deploy, and manage next-generation global communications networks and Internet technologies. Solutions range from instrumentation and handheld products to conventional measurement products and advanced mixed-signal test solutions. The catalog can be ordered by going to the company's Website at mbd/catalog_request.Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, OR

Cable brochure
The six-page Specialty Fiber Optic Cables Brochure describes the company's specialty fiber-optic cables designed for different applications and includes descriptions of the features, configurations, and benefits offered for these cables along with the industry standards and approvals they meet.
Chromatic Technologies Inc. Franklin, MA

Fiber-optic catalog
This catalog, Fiber Optic Supplies, Tools, and Test Equipment for the Installer contains a complete selection of the items that fiber technicians would need in order to install, maintain, and test a fiber-optic system. Also available are how-to kits, which package all the tools and training videos required to complete various fiber-optic tasks. For a free catalog, contact the company at their Website:
The Light Brigade, Kent, WA

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