Premier Products

July 1, 2001

Optical transport system
This broadband optical transport system is a family of products designed to extend broadband signals up to 20 km without investing in repeaters or other equipment. The system allows users to perform such functions as provide service to a small remote hut, extend crossconnects throughout large buildings, deploy DS-3s to customers, and expand DSL service to a large customer base. A variety of modules and enclosure options are available, allowing the user to select the products that best meet the specific application and capacity needs. Singlemode models extend broadband signals up to 20 km without additional repeaters, while the multimode versions go 1.5 km.
Telect Inc., Liberty Lake, WA

Parallel optical links
The ParaLink parallel optical links create data links in high-end telecommunications and high-end data-communications equipment requiring high density and high throughput. Applications include board-to-board, rack-to-rack, and bay-to-bay links in optical crossconnect switches, terabit routers, VSR equipment, and high-speed computers. The ParaLink family is a 12-channel parallel fiber transmitter and receiver pair. The transmitter is based on an 850-nm VCSEL array and the receiver uses a PIN photodiode array. There are two standard device classes in the family-one operating at 1.6 Gbits/sec per channel and the other operating at 2.5 Gbits/sec.
Molex Inc., Lisle, IL


Ethernet multiplexer
The EBE-20 brings WDM bandwidth expansion technology to any Gigabit Ethernet 1.25-Gbit/sec multimode or singlemode LAN. The product directly interfaces with up to 16 Ethernet switches using industry-standard duplex SC connectors. Each 850-nm switch output is converted to a specific 1,550.xx ITU-compliant wavelength, and the resulting 1,550 WDM signal set is delivered on a single fiber output port directly compatible with singlemode and multimode network backbones.
APA Optics Inc. and Harris Corp., Blaine, MN

Optical access feeder system
The FSP 1000 is an optical access feeder system designed for MAN service providers that require flexible, cost-effective aggregation of up to eight high-speed data, storage, video, or voice applications on to a common 2.488-Gbit/sec signal. The system is suitable for enterprise or service provider deployment at customer premise or central office sites, and can be used as a DWDM feeder, managed fiber access solution, or for SONET/SDH tail circuits. The modular architecture of the product comprises a small, rack-mountable, NEBS/ETSI-compliant chassis and up to eight hot-swappable converter modules that can be selected to meet the application requirements.
ADVA Optical Networking, Ramsey, NJ


Fiber-optic cable
The premises ribbon interconnect cable is a flexible, easy-to-connect ribbon cable for mass termination assemblies. The ribbon can also be broken out into individual fibers and furcated for connection to standard legacy connectors. Available in counts of four, six, eight, and 12 fibers, the products are suited to meet the network needs of the central office, collocation sites, Internet hotels, and similar installations. The products exceed ICEA-596 and Telcordia GR-409 requirements for indoor cables and are NEC plenum-rated to meet the requirements of local and national building codes.
Pirelli Cables and Systems North America, Columbia, SC

MEMS device technologyThis family of MEMS devices is targeted at switching and attenuation applications. All three products come in a cylindrical package measuring 25x5.5 mm in diameter. The products operate at 5 V DC and require 1 mW of power. The MEMS attenuator can be used to dynamically set the attenuation level between 0 and 30 dB. It features low insertion loss of 0.5 dB and can be operated in the C- or L-band. The MEMS on/off switch can be used to shutter laser output during power-up and has an extinction ratio of greater than 50 dB in the optically off position. The MEMS 1x2 switch can be used to switch between two fiber paths. Its size, low power consumption, and high speed make it suitable for protection switching, equipment sparing, and reconfigurable add/drop multiplexing applications.DiCon Fiberoptics Inc., Berkeley
Patch cordsThese fiber-optic patch cords are colored to help manufacturers quickly identify ports while referencing labeling on ports or identification charts. Different custom-colored patch cords can identify such functions as forwarding transmissions, return transmission, and patching of certain fiber runs that may continue through to another location. Colors being utilized currently are blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, violet, rose, and aqua. Singlemode and multimode patch cords are available.Fiber Instrument Sales Inc., Oriskany, NY
10-Gbit/sec transponderThis 10-Gbit/sec 850-nm serial transponder is designed for OC-192 very-short-reach, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and proprietary backplane interconnects. The transponder offers a reduction in cost, power consumption, and board space requirements for high-speed optical interconnects between 0 and 300 m in length, according to the company. The product provides a seamless interface between the OIF SFI-4 parallel electrical interface at the framer and the multimode optical fiber. The transponder accepts parallel electrical signals, serializes the 16-bit work, and converts it into a single optical signal. The receiver recovers the serial data and clock from the optical signal and converts the bits back to parallel electrical signals.Cielo Communications, Broomfield, CO

Multichannel VOAs
These low-power, multichannel VOAs offer low power consumption, low heat dissipation, and high dynamic range, making them suitable for integration into optical network systems. Applications include dynamic channel balancing in DWDM systems, dynamic channel leveling in optical add/drop multiplexing, and receiver overload control. The VOAs provide reliable and stable electronic control of attenuation across the C-, S-, or L-band and allow dynamic power management fast enough to respond to any optical switching disturbance or variation in the EDFA gain profile. In addition, the VOAs feature low insertion loss and low polarization-dependent loss.
DigiLens Inc., Sunnyvale, CA


Mini mainframe
The Laser Link mini mainframe (LLMM) is an ultra-compact, flexible, low-density platform for the company's laser link range of 1,300- and 1,550-nm optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, receivers, transport systems, and headend RF management products. The LLMM complements the Laser Link mainframe, which houses, powers, and routes status information to and from Laser Link modules by offering the same features and flexibility in a more compact form. The LLMM is also easy to install and provides several powering options, flexible configurations, and remote monitoring capability.
ANTEC Corp., Duluth, GA

TEST EQUIPMENTOptical spectrum analyzerThe Raptelle optical spectrum analyzer comes in two models: the Raptelle 10000, covering the range 1,000-1,650 nm, and the Raptelle 20000, covering the range 1,500-1,650 nm at higher resolution. The Raptelles, about the size of shoeboxes, are virtually service free. They have no moving parts and are completely computer operated to allow integration with other equipment. Software can be adapted to the manufacturers' environment and platform.Multichannel Instruments AB, Stockholm

Cable tester
The LanRover Category 5 cable tester tests for opens, shorts, reversals, miswires, and split pairs. When a connection from the main unit to the remote is sensed, testing begins automatically. The LED for each pair will indicate "on" for a good pair, "off" for an open pair, or flashing for a bad pair. Indicators appear on both the main unit and the remote. If a pair is bad, one or more of the fault LEDs will flash to indicate the type of fault. Holding down the tone button enters the debug mode. The pairs are stepped through one at a time to display connection and fault information on a pair-by-pair basis. A quick press of the tone button will induce a tone on all pairs. Subsequent presses will cause a tone on one pair, advancing to the next pair in turn. The product tests both STP and UTP cables and comes with a coax cable adapter for testing coaxial cables.
Jensen Tools Inc., Phoenix

Loopback test adapters
The LC and SC Armadillo loopback test adapters are designed to test transmission and receiver capabilities by simulating optical links for data-networking equipment. The products feature a ruggedized shell protecting the fiber-optic loop from being snagged, twisted, or broken. They are also user-friendly with color-coded shells for easy fiber-type identification: yellow for 9/125 singlemode fiber, orange for 62.5/125 multimode fiber, and green for 50/125 multimode fiber. Black is available in both multimode and singlemode and blue is available for users with a single fiber-type application.
Timberline Connectivity Inc., Portland, OR

Optical-fiber analyzerThe NR-9200HR optical-fiber analyzer has a refractive index resolution of 5x10-5 and a spatial resolution of 0.4 micron. The product provides extensive and versatile characterization of the RIP, complete core and cladding geometry, as well as mode-field properties of optical fibers.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Quebec City, Quebec

Laser-diode attach systemThe laser-diode attach system (LDA) packages InP laser-diode assemblies onto carriers and then attaches them inside an optoelectronic package. The LDA assembly integrates a Windows NT-based pulse heat system that drives a patented eutectic hot bar heater to generate the eutectic solder interface. The programmable closed-loop system gives tightly coupled control and repeatability of eutectic reflow processes while maintaining a final placement accuracy of 5 microns. A preheated cover gas eliminates material oxidation during eutectic processing.Palomar Technologies, Vista, CA
Pick and place systemThe Model 830 semiautomatic pick and place system for die and surface-mount components works with any tape-mounted die removal system, including the company's Model 4750 poker pin type die ejector. Features include optional epoxy die bonding capability.Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, CA
Bare fiber holderThe BF-820 bare fiber holder is designed to hold and position telecom fiber for power measurements by using internal guides that gently and correctly place the fiber every time. The BF-820 is compatible with the company's or Agilent's adapter rings.ILX Lightwave Corp., Bozeman, MT
MEMS motion analyzer systemThe MEMS motion analyzer is a turnkey system for characterizing the complex motions of MEMS/MOEMS. The system can measure motions in six degrees of freedom, with nanometer resolution, at frequencies from 1 Hz to 10 MHz. The product combines video microscopy, stroboscopic illumination, and proprietary algorithms to analyze the motions of individual microstructures, or arrays of microstructures, simultaneously. Engineers and researchers can test and characterize the motions of virtually any MEMS/MOEMS device, including VOAs, optical switches, optical crossconnects, and 2-D and 3-D micro-mirror arrays.Etec Inc., Peabody, MA

Optical design software
The CODE V version 9.0 is optical design software designed to make users more productive and efficient, according to the company. The interface presents an environment similar to Widows-based applications and includes functionality such as multiple windows, undo, context-sensitive help, right-click menus, and copy and paste capabilities. Other features include data-entry spreadsheets, tool bars, and interactive output windows, which help organize optical system modeling, analysis, and optimization tasks. A lens wizard aids users by automating the creation of optical systems and providing access to a library of more than 2,000 patents and other samples that serve as design starting points.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

Modeling and simulation software
LinkSIM Version 3.0 is optical link-level modeling and simulation software that enables users to design and analyze links in optical telecommunications and broadband fiber-optic systems using sources, components, and fiber effects including Raman amplification and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser modeling. LinkSIM also features component modeling and simulation analysis capabilities, including an object-oriented topology layout facility and waveform simulation engine. The software has a wide variety of applications, including telecommunications, datacom, WDM and TDM systems, optical LANs, parallel optical interconnects, and free-space optical interconnects.
RSoft Inc., Ossining, NY

Excimer laser writer
The FIBEX excimer laser writer writes sharp fiber Bragg gratings with easy reproducibility. The product has improved spatial coherence of >2 mm due to a patented resonator design. FIBEX also offers a laser cavity that eliminates drift and vibration, resulting in a beam-pointing stability of <100

Cable accessories bulletinThis full-color, 16-page bulletin features the company's communications cable accessories to help network designers and installers with a wide variety of installation challenges. Included in the bulletin is an extensive line of cable-management solutions, such as bundle retainers, D-rings, strain relief clips, standoffs, cable rack spacers, and fiber network saddles. In addition to product pictures and feature benefits, the bulletin includes complete specifications, standard packaging, and ordering information on the accessories.Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL
Sensor catalogThe Balluff Sensors Catalog 2001 is a 500-page catalog filled with product information and specs for the company's sensor products as well as updated information on established products for automation. Full technical information and application examples are listed for the company's inductive, optical, capacitive, and magnetic sensors, as well as mechanical switches and numerous sensor accessories. The catalog also includes easy-to-use quick-reference sensor-selection guides and technical reference section.Balluff, Florence, KY

Communications solutions catalog
This catalog of communications products and solutions features a full range of the company's and Quante brand network access and testing technologies for telcos, cable television providers, and data-communications networks. The catalog features photographs, technical drawings, and specifications on the company's complete line of cabinets, closures, and MDF solutions for copper and fiber optics as well as the company's comprehensive line of test, locating, and marketing equipment. Static control, fire protection, safety/environmental, marker products, and specialty tapes are also highlighted in the new catalog.
3M, Austin, TX

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