SuperComm 2000 Product Showcase

June 1, 2000
These new metal-clad optical-fiber cables (MOF) are assembled in an interlocked metal armor that eliminates the need for innerduct, thus saving time and labor. MOF can be assembled with any manufacturer's fiber for complete system flexibility. Applications include network backbones and industrial robotics or where physical protection or data security is required.AFC Cable Systems
New Bedford, MA
The expanded E-2000 fiber-optic connector system incorporates several technological improvements as a result of the company's patented Active Core Alignment process and high-quality end face polishing. The improved E-2000 features 0.1-dB maximum insertion-loss random mating and 85-dB minimum return loss as well as long-distance transmission and higher transmission frequencies with greater bandwidth.Diamond USA Inc.
Chelmsford, MA

According to the company, this small-form-factor duplex connector is lower in cost and size than the now-standard duplex SC interface. It can be spaced the same as copper, effectively doubling the number of fiber ports. The connector uses the familiar RJ latching system found in copper systems and is therefore snag-proof. Cable assemblies are available in many configurations.
Ekris Cable
New Britain, CT

These singlemode or multimode all-fiber couplers are available in standard, wavelength-flattened, or wideband varieties. Fully tested and Bellcore GR-1209-compliant, these fiber-optic couplers pro vide stable environmental performance, according to the company.Hope Optic Communications Co. Ltd.
Shanghai, China

The newest members in a premium line of connectorized cables for patch cords and pigtails, the GigaWave and TeraBand cables outperform current industry standards, according to the company. The GigaWave cables exceed industry-standard Telecordia GR-326 Issue 3 specifications for end-face geometry, while the TeraBand surpasses the Telecordia specifications and introduces new parameters to measure fiber and face quality.
Telect Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA


This compact unit allows network operators to patch, splice, crossconnect, and/or store up to 3,000 fibers in a variety of housings and configurations. Multiple cable-entry options streamline installation. Front access and a unique cable housekeeping arrangement allow for easy administration and maintenance.
Claremont, NC

Designed specifically for the fiber-optic industry to protect electronic wires and cables from abrasion, the Spring-Fast cushion grommet adheres to any four-axis contour. According to the company, the grommet is easy to install, with tight-gripping spring fingers that reduce installation costs compared to the often-toxic adhesive-applied grommetting. Available in eight-sheet thicknesses from 0.025 inch to 0.26 inch, Spring-Fast is ISO 9002-certified.Device Technologies Inc.
Marlborough, MA
Optical Shuffle simplifies the installation process and offers a solution to dense fiber-routing in a complex, flexible product. Circuits are plugged in and out in one package, requiring no fiber-optic expertise to handle future maintenance. Optical Shuffle can be unconnectorized or connectorized with the standard mass connectors and accommodate perfect shuffles, butterflies, and most fiber-routing schemes. Both singlemode and multimode fiber may be used. The ribbon legs can be of any length to accommodate the largest rack-to-rack spacing, or they can be cabled fiber ribbon that eliminates a splice point in the network. Optical Shuffle is available in a compact package, typically 50 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter.Schott Fiber Optics Inc.
Southbridge, MA

The HDX system of high-density preterminated shelves for the fiber distribution management of central-office, outside-plant, and cable-TV environments doubles the density of conventional 72-fiber shelves. The system contains 144 fibers per shelf for a total capacity of 1,008 fibers within its seven-shelf-mounted system and features an end-to-end solution, an improved cord-management system, a time-saving splice organizer, LGX compatibility, and maximum speed and transmission reliability, according to the company. Also offered is a conventional 72-fiber shelf with a capacity of 649 fibers within a nine-shelf construction. Both solutions can utilize various fiber-optic connectors.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
Research Triangle Park, NC

The Optical Services Network (OSN) family scales from 2.5 Gbits/sec at the metro edge to 80 Gbits/sec at the metropolitan area network's major hubbing aggregation points. Both the entry-level OSN 4200 and the high-end OSN 4800 use the company's WavePack service multiplexing technology to carry multiple data protocols, in native mode, on a single wavelength. An associated technology, WaveSwitch, moves traffic between wavelengths, adding and dropping individual services and ap plication flows at multiple nodes in the metro network.Alidian Networks Inc.
Mountain View, CA
The newest member of the AlphaGen family, the curbside generator systems are designed specifically for outside-plant (OSP) telecommunications, broadband networks, and other OSP communication networks. The AlphaGen line features reduced audible noise levels, higher power density, and improved fuel compatibility. Fueled by gas or propane, the systems use a universal regulator, making them compatible with existing network equipment. Communication functions allow both remote monitoring and startup capability.Alpha Technologies
Bellingham, WA
Located at the service provider's point-of-presence, Orchestra provides the service intelligence at the network edge necessary to manage and prioritize the performance and priority of all services. Orchestra includes the company's patented content-based quality-of-service engine that performs content recognition and policy management. Aplion Networks
Piscataway, NJ

The PowerShaper dispersion-management processor corrects for chromatic dispersion by compensating for the differences in wavelength speed in an optical signal. The technology employed allows a single product to function across multiple-wavelength channels and compensate for different levels of chromatic dispersion. Its applications include multigigabit transmission systems, optical amplifier systems, and analog wavelength-division multiplexing transmission systems. The PowerShaper features a compact design and is available with all fiber types.
Avanex Corp.
Fremont, CA

The IntelliGain series of erbium-doped optical amplifiers are compact modules designed for OEM integration, where applications require moderate gain in a restricted-space environment. Designed and manufactured to meet Bellcore GR-1312-CORE requirements, the devices are available in three styles: Metro-I, Metro-II, and Metro-III, according to various gains and power levels. Con figurations include low-power-consumption modules and "One-pump-split-to-N" modules, and applications include booster amplifiers, inline amplifiers, and preamplifiers. Metro-I, -II, and -III feature gain from 15 to 25 dB with low-noise figure and broad bandwidth.
Fremont, CA

Designed to carry Internet-protocol-based traffic while providing quality of service, the Dynarc 500 multiservice router integrates the functionality of high-performance routing, switching, and add/drop multiplexing into a single carrier-class platform, enabling full-scale services such as secure virtual private networks, videoconferencing, voice over IP, and multicast video. The router features 16 slots with port adapters that include SONET/SDH, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and E1/T1 tunneling. Its architecture enables switching capacity to scale to very high speeds, from 32 Gbits/sec to 128 Gbits/sec.
Sunnyvale, CA

The latest in a family of next-generation hybrid SONET add/drop multiplexers, the FLASH2400 ADX features extensive optical/electrical interface capabilities, data-capable switching fabrics, and high-density integrated subtending rings. The FLASH2400 ADX supports line optics at OC-48 and OC-192 data rates with tributary mixes, including DS-3/EC-1, OC-3/3c, OC-12/12c, and OC-48/48c. The multiplexer also supports up to eight OC-48 2F-BLSR/UPSR rings or up to two OC-48 4F-BLSR rings with a 5-Gbit drop from a single shelf. Three shelves can be placed in a single rack for high OC-48 bandwidth density.
Fujitsu Network Communications
Richardson, TX

A single-switch solution optimized for hybrid electrical and optical singlemode and multimode fiber environments, the FSX2000 switch matrix supports speeds up to OC-48c/STM-16, making it ideal for service providers, router-based networks, and test lab facilities. The FSX2000 features a 128?128-port capacity and a small footprint NEBS-compliant design. Auto mated configuration is provided by the company's network-management and remote client software, which is integrated with a variety of SNMP-based platforms.Cornet Technology
Springfield, VA
The MultiWave CoreDirector is an intelligent optical-core switch that provides the high-bandwidth switching, protection, and provisioning capabilities for next-generation optical networking. With built-in networking intelligence, the CoreDirector uses new technologies like wavelength binding, flexible concatenation, VSR optics, and optical priority provisioning to enable carriers to create and deliver differentiated, dynamic optical services at any time, any size, and any priority. With density up to 640 Gbits/sec, scalability to OC-768, and granularity down to STS-1, CoreDirector enables carriers to design services such as automatic bandwidth bursting and OC-"any", while eliminating the need for additional SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexers and digital and optical crossconnects.Ciena Corp.
Linthicum, MD

According to the company, the Series 2000 Generator features many configurations for versatile applications, including an enclosed muffler system, which streamlines the unit's appearance, as well as upgraded gaskets and polythylene washers, which improve weather protection and sound attenuation. Its 14-guage construction and electrostatically applied paint increases exterior durability, while removable access doors increase the ease and improve the cost of field maintenance.
Generac Power Systems Inc.
Waukesha, WI

This new range of flat-gain, L-Band EDFAs over the 1,560- to 1,605-nm bandwidth are available in three standard saturation output powers: 14, 18, and 21 dBm. Customized output powers are also available. Optimum gain flatness is ?0.5 dB, and the typical noise figure is 5.5 dB over a temperature range of 0-80iC. The EDFAs are produced using the company's new highly doped erbium fibers specially designed for L-band applications. Available modules include an OEM gain-block module or a bench-top version, which includes pump and output power displays and controls.Highwave Optical Technologies
Piscataway, NJ
The V23827-T18-C530 OC-192 trans ponder links high-end routers to metropolitan networks at transmission speeds of 10 Gbits/sec over a distance of up to 10 km. Electrical parallel data (data and clock) of 16:1 low-voltage differential signal is transmitted at a data rate of 622 Mbits/sec over 16 channels. The module features low-power consumption of 6 W. As a result of the uncooled distributed-feedback laser, the device measures only 75?42?15 mm.Infineon Technologies AGBerlin, GermanyFree-space optical transport The SkyNet 800 155-Mbit/sec system offers a high-speed, high-bandwidth, low-maintenance alternative to leased-line fiber-optic cable and short-haul micro wave transmission systems. SkyNet 800 is immune to radio interference, free of FCC licensing, and eliminates right-of-way permits. The systems are quickly installed and, unlike buried fiber, can be relocated. Infrared Communication Systems Inc.
Edmonds, WA
The GbX increases the maximum interconnect distance limitation of a Gigabit Ethernet switch from the standard distance (220 or 5,000 m) to distances over 100 km. The GbX features full-duplex bandwidth operation with 2-Gbit/sec throughput, network management and control via rear-panel RS-232C port, single- and dual-fiber WDM options for new or existing fiber plants, and single- or dual-channel and redundant power supply options. GbX is available in both a 100-km and 40-km range.JDS Uniphase
Melbourne, FL
The Com-6 generator set provides DC power for the telecommunications industry and reduces the need for batteries as a source for backup power, while at the same time extending the duration of backup power in emergencies. Powered by a 20-horsepower, overhead valve engine, the generator uses variable speed controllers and power conditioners to provide precise DC-voltage output. The 6-kW COM-6 generator set can operate on natural gas or LP and provides full power for up to 100 hours without attention. It is also compact enough to replace an entire battery cabinet.Kohler Power Systems
Kohler, WI
The Hi-Mode family of dispersion-management devices (DMDs) counters the effects of chromatic dispersion while improving the optical power budget. According to the company, the Hi-Mode DMD is the first to provide continuous broadband dispersion and dispersion-slope management, resulting in more available DWDM channels per fiber. The improved signal quality of Hi-Mode allows an increase in distance between regenerators, and the extra optical power gained enables integration of optical-networking features into optical amplifiers.LaserComm Inc.
Plano, TX
The VersaLink product suite provides wavelength routing and monitoring solutions for transparent DWDM networks. The family consists of shelf-level "plug-and-play" elements, including optical routers, add/ drop nodes, and optical monitors. Initial offerings include 16- and 32-channel wavelength routers featuring bidirectionality, less than 4-dB worst-case insertion loss, ?0.5-dB channel uniformity, access to any channel at any time, and numerous monitoring/alarming options. The optical performance monitor offers optical intelligence and element control by continuously monitoring every wavelength channel.LightChip Inc.
Salem, NH
The FiberSLAM passive optical network (PON) includes an optical line terminal (OLT) that drives a single fiber connection. The unit can host up to 17 PON interfaces. A total of 19 slots are available to accommodate combinations of PON cards, triple DS-3 cards, and OC-N cards. The OLT optically splits the fiber to connect up to 32 optical-network terminals that deliver both packet- and circuit-based services. The system is ITU FSAN- compliant, ensuring vendor standardization for operations and maintenance.NEC Eluminant Technologies Inc.
Herndon, VA

A complete line of multiplexers and demultiplexers based on a proprietary bulk-grating design, the MICS provide an insertion loss as low as 3 dB and -40-dB channel crosstalk. MICS do not need temperature control and are available in 16-, 32-, and 40-channel versions with 50- or 100-GHz spacing. The wide-channel option features 44 GHz at -1 dB and 75 GHz at -3 dB, compared to 28 GHz and 50 GHz, respectively, for the standard component (100-GHz spacing). MICS have been Bellcore-tested extensively.
Marly de Roi, France

Optimized for feeder and transport applications in the metro access network, the QS200 managed optical add/drop multiplexer has the flexibility to accommodate any metro traffic mix, traffic pattern, and protection requirement, which ensures the existing fiber base is fully utilized. According to the company, the modular architecture of the QS200 enables service providers to deploy additional capacity channel-by-channel anywhere at any time. The QS200 also offers high-transmission efficiency by handling more channels and nodes without amplifiers. Additional features of the QS200 include full SONET compatibility and switching times of <1 msec.Qeyton Systems
Hagersten, Sweden

An open, purely photonic 10-Gbit/sec solution, the ULTRA photonic networking system offers service providers ultra-high capacity over ultra-long distances without optoelectronic regeneration. According to the company, the system offers high value in terms of cost, scalability, simplicity, rapid restoration, instantaneous bandwidth provisioning, and overall footprint.
Qtera Corp.
Boca Raton, FL

Specifically designed for carriers and tele communications providers, the FOMUX 3000 can concentrate up to 32 fiber-optic input channels, each working at a speed up to 1.2 Gbits/sec, on just one fiber link, putting data traffic of up to 40 Gbits/sec on one fiber connection. It can be implemented into point-to-point, ring, or add/drop topologies. The FOMUX 3000 features modular architecture for easy upgrades and full management for maximum security.
Pandatel AG
Hamburg, Germany

Part of a family of scalable, integrated, high-performance, network-based intelligent service-provisioning platforms for delivering managed subscriber services, this application-aware network-edge platform enables service providers to deliver mission-critical applications to their subscribers. According to the company, the platform is rapidly deployed and customer provisioned and provides real-time statistics for usage accounting and billing.
Quarry Technologies
Burlington, MA

This Prisma cladding pump optical amplifier is the newest of the company's optical transport products enabling flexible, high-performance broadband networks. According to the company, the amplifier's unique design, which uses a double-clad all-glass fiber, results in a low-cost, reliable, life-long product. Prisma's high output-power capability is also expected to lower network costs because it reduces the need for amplifiers. Scientific-Atlanta Inc.
South Norcross, GA
This optical access system consists of two network elements, the QB5000 optical access switch and QB100 intelligent optical terminal, which transmit data across a passive optical network. The system enables service providers to offer business customers a variety of bandwidth services ranging from 1-100 Mbits/sec to dedicated wavelengths. Bandwidth levels can be provisioned as low as 1 Mbit/sec to accommodate customer demands.Quantum Bridge Communications
North Andover, MA
One of a family of transceivers designed to meet the growing demand of ATM and SONET/SDH, the PT7311 transceiver unit features an FP laser transmitter and PIN photodiode receiver. It transmits data and voice communications from 2 km to 100 km. The company also has available a range of multimode and singlemode transceivers in 1x9 or 2x9 duplex SC or pigtailed packages.Shenzhen Photon Technology Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen, China

The OSN MODIF/OXC is the latest component of the TransXpress optical service node (OSN), which ties various DWDM point-to-point links to a real optical network. The core high-tech component of the OSN MODIF/OXC is the optical crossconnect (OXC), which switches with the aid of optical mirrors based on micro-electromechanical systems' silicon technology. The other key component is the managed optical distribution frame (MODIF). The OSN MODIF/OXC features excellent modularity (it scales in steps of six ports) and is fully transparent for all types of optical signals. The component also includes an HTTP interface with the Web and a LED-based help display for fast crossconnect provisioning.
Siemens AG
Munchen, Germany

The SN 16000, the core for intelligent optical networks, combines a software-centric architecture with optical switching and routing technology to create an intelligent platform for the delivery of high-speed services, from OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64. It uses industry-standard protocols for routing and signaling for interoperability with other systems in a hybrid-network architecture. By employing Multiprotocol Label Switching and Open Shortest Path First open industry standards, the SN 16000 provides a foundation for reliable transport of data in a scalable network.Sycamore Networks Inc.
Chelmsford, MA

The RXM-750 integrated fiber-optic receiver module is powered by a single 5-V power supply and housed in a 20- PIN DIL package. It is available with multimode-fiber pigtail with either an ST or LC connector. The RXM-750 is ideally suited for SONET OC-1, OC-3, and OC-12, and other 45- to 750-Mbit/sec fiber-optic transmission applications.
Vectron International
Norwalk, CT forms the basis of an integrated operations support system for the telecommunications provider by providing a record of the complete network inventory resulting from the network engineering and documentation process. It helps users design, manage, and visualize an accurate end-to-end model of the physical network components from the switch to the customer locations. integrates inside-plant and outside-plant data into a single, seamless relational database that allows users to model where their assets and customers are located and how they connect to one another.
Englewood, CO


The OmniRemote product line is a new concept in remote monitoring and collection of multiprotocol data and legacy information. The internal processor runs scripts to process serial and nonserial inputs, providing flexible mapping points for their final destination. Connection to the network is accomplished through an Internet-protocol, dial-up, RS-232/422 ISDN, and full T1 CSU/DSU internal connection. The router option brings intranet access to the technician anywhere in the system to any address authorized. OmniRemote has value-driven applications in CLEC, wireless, and ILEC applications.
Badger Technology Inc.
Milpitas, CA

The AX/4000 service-level-agreement monitor (SLAM) provides carriers with a mechanism to measure performance parameters for their ATM customers. A single AX/4000 serves as a probe and sits at an ATM switch site to determine whether it is adhering to the prescribed network service. SLAM generates ATM test cells that are sent across the network and looped back at the far end. When the test cells return to the sending probe, roundtrip delay and other SLAM parameters are measured and logged to determine whether other network traffic had an effect on its performance. SLAM monitors Layer 2 traffic sources such as ATM and frame relay or Layer 3 or Internet-protocol traffic sources.Adtech Inc.
Honolulu, HI
The FSXpert offers network operators nonintrusive access into fiber-optic networks for testing and monitoring and can be configured to meet the needs of each operator's network. An FSXpert chassis can include a controller, optical test access units, and value-added modules (which house various optical components such as splitters and combiners). Graphical user-interface software controls the system, which can be operated from a local or remote location. FSXpert is protocol-independent, allowing users to utilize the system for virtually any type of monitoring or testing.ADC
Minnetonka, MN
The 86143B optical spectrum analyzer offers absolute wavelength accuracy and nominal ?.4-dB amplitude accuracy. The analyzer also features built-in, automated DWDM channel analysis applications and provides fast sweep speed, which maximizes throughput, yield, and productivity.Agilent Technologies Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA
The fiber monitoring capability of this lightwave remote test product offers network operators and carriers the ability to view fiber-related network faults from a central location, so they can reduce MTBF and MTTR. As a preventive maintenance tool, the system can be configured to operate on dark or active networks, thus providing greater flexibility.Anritsu Co.
Richardson, TX
The STG-155, STG-622, and STG-2400 compose this family of fiber-optic tele communications test instruments for global service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers. The products focus on the testing and quality-of-service assurance of SONET/SDH, DWDM, and data-communications networks. According to the company, these test instruments are ideally suited for the telecom field professional who demands portable SONET test gear with the ability to test DS-1, DS-3, STS-1, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 fiber services.Avantas Networks Corp.
St. Laurent, Quebec
Designed for multimode fiber with ST connectors, the fiber test kit determines if a fiber facility has fundamental continuity. It also determines whether the fiber falls within the acceptable range of total optical loss. Potential for eye injury is eliminated because the kit transmits and receives the light with a distinctive tone. Independent Technologies
Omaha, NE

The Series 100 power monitors combine a stable optical tap and PIN photodiode in a miniature, hermetic package. The devices are optically passive, featuring low insertion loss, ultra-high return loss, and low polarization-dependent loss. The small footprint makes Series 100 power monitors suitable for monitoring optical power in a wide range of applications, including optical amplifiers, power control devices, and fiber-optic terminal equipment.
Eigenlight Corp.
Somersworth, NH

The DATALITE cable identifier is used to identify cable in new installations, troubleshoot mislabeled networks, and replace the tone generator for cable mapping. From a workstation outlet, the DATALITE handheld power unit sends an electronic signal to the patch panel. The DATALITE LED modules, plugged into the patch panel, illuminate to indicate where the cable is terminated. Power units can be set to illuminate LED modules as either red or green, allowing installers to use two units simultaneously. The cable identifier works on any communications wiring scheme.IDEAL Industries
Sycamore, IL
For validation of terabit routers deployed within the wide-area-network backbone, the terabit router tester is an integrated mix of packet over SONET/SDH and Gigabit Ethernet, providing the ideal testing environment for the demanding high-speed Internet arena where extreme scalability is required. IXIA Communications
Calabasas, CA
According to the company, the ANT-10Gig is the industry's first field-tester for OC-192 and STM-64. It offers access to all standard interfaces from 1.5 to 2 Mbits/sec up to 10 Gbits/sec and supports multiple signal structures up to the OC-192/STM-64 level and their analysis, down to 64 kbits/sec. ANT-10Gig features a Windows-based PC, fast test setups employing a Windows user interface with touchscreen, and extended OH analysis. Additional features include time-saving test sequencing during installation and turn-up, a printout facility, and a platform based on the ANT family mainframe. Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Research Triangle Park, NC

The DSP-FTA410S fiber test adapter for the company's DSP-4000 Digital Cable Analyzer enables bidirectional, dual-fiber, multimode testing on fiber-optic links. The adapter measures optical power, loss, length, and propagation delay at 850 nm and 1,300 nm. Pass/fail results are based on common fiber test standards and are automatically stored in the tester for generating certification reports. The DSP-4000 main unit simplifies test data management by saving both fiber and copper results in the same database for clear documentation.
Fluke Networks
Everett, WA

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