Tronics Microsystems and CEA agree MEMS R&D plan

5 June 2002 -- MEMS foundryTronics Microsystems, Grenoble, and CEA Leti have signed a three-year R&D contract.

5 June 2002 -- MEMS foundryTronics Microsystems, Grenoble, and the neighbouring CEA Leti (Laboratory for Electronic and Information Technologies of the French Atomic Energy Commission) have signed a three-year R&D contract.

The partners will dedicate common R&D means to ensure the evolution of the manufacturing technologies of silicon on insulator (SOI)-based MEMS. the technology was transferred by CEA Leti to Tronics upon its creation in May 1997. The contract also includes the development of new devices based on those technologies.

The alliance will allow Tronics to maintain its competitive edge in the fabrication of MEMS on SOI for high-end applications while strengthening the historical links between the partners. It also follows the introduction of CEA-Valorisation to the capital of Tronics in May 2001.

"We are increasing our production rate for different products as well as our design capabilities. The effort that will be conducted by the Leti through this agreement will allow us to prepare the future while focusing our resources on our core activity the production of MEMS," commented Stephane Renard, Tronics' founder, President and CEO.

Jean Therme, CEA Leti's CEO, said , "We are confident that this partnership will give the company additional strength to stand out in the high-growth MEMS market with the perspective of an exemplary success."

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