Stadtwerke Rostock utility chooses RAD Access Devices for SDH backbone-based data network

13 December 2002 -- German utility Stadtwerke Rostock has chosen Megaplex-2104 multiplexers from RAD Data Communications for a new SDH-based datacoms network.

13 December 2002 -- Stadtwerke Rostock AG (SWR), a German utility offering electricity, natural gas, heating and urban lighting for urban and regional markets, has chosen Megaplex-2104 multiplexers from RAD Data Communications for deployment in a new SDH-based data communications network.

Ten RAD multiplexers will be used to deliver V.24 data over dedicated E1 lines to add-drop multiplexers (ADMs). The data flows into telecontrol nodes from measuring, control and metering units.
SWR implemented the project jointly with ITM, a systems integrator and authorised RAD distributor in Germany.

ITM developed the concept using an SDH backbone based on Sagem's ADMs. The modular Megaplex devices support transparent transmission of high- and low-speed data for a wide selection of TDM-based services, including dedicated point-to-point data connections, voice, ISDN, video and LAN interconnect.

SWR needed a high bandwidth data transmission network to operate its new power distribution network management system in a combined control room. The new data network will be used for telecontrol purposes, enabling the transmission of process data from transformer stations, cross connects and power plants.

"It was important to us to have a flexible, future-proof network with high scalability that can be expanded step by step and that supports a wide range of standard interfaces for transmitting telecontrol, security and metering data," said Ralf Haenschke, SWR's control engineer.

"In addition, we needed a central network management system that could ensure economical and uninterrupted network operation by monitoring and managing all the different components."

The overall concept also needed to support integration of an enterprise-wide office communications system, including tie-ins of external outposts, an energy consulting centre, a call centre and equipment used by other SWR departments.

"Together with the Sagem SDH multiplexers, they guarantee an interruption-free tie-in of telecontrol, phone, fax and LAN services," Haenschke continued. "This gives us a future-proof solution, allowing us to expand our network at any time without any problems."

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