PMC-Sierra's products selected for Lucent Technologies' metro access system

29 September 2003 Santa Clara, CA Lightwave--PMC-Sierra today announced that seven of its Metro IC products have been selected by Lucent Technologies for its Metropolis DMX system.

29 September 2003 Santa Clara, CA Lightwave--PMC-Sierra today announced that seven of its Metro IC products have been selected by Lucent Technologies for its Metropolis DMX system. The Metropolis DMX system provides seamless end-to-end optical integration and interworking capabilities to add data services onto SONET/SDH networks. PMC-Sierra's Metro devices deployed in Lucent's Metropolis DMX system include the following:
• PM5377 TSE 240, STS-1/AU-3 crossconnect,
• PM5369 TUPP 9953, 10-Gbit/sec tributary unit pointer processor,
• PM5370 WSE 40, 40-Gbit/sec capacity non-blocking VT/TU/STS/AUI cross-connect,
• PM5329 ARROW 24xFE and PM5333 ARROW 8xFE 10/100, Ethernet over SONET/SDH mappers; and
• PM5326 ARROW 2x192 and PM5324 ARROW 1x192, metro transport highly integrated channelized 20 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit framers.

"We worked hand-in-hand with Lucent Technologies to develop solutions to boost network capacity, enable cost-effective upgrades for deployed networking platforms and deliver new services required by carriers," said Steve Perna, vice president and general manager of PMC-Sierra's Service Provider Division. "We are pleased that these Metro IC products are now being successfully deployed in network trials."

The PM5377 TSE 240 crossconnect device integrates 96-ports of 2.5-Gbit/sec serial technology and reduces the software complexity of automatic protection switching with innovative message assisted protection switching(MAPS). MAPS technology utilizes and extends intellectual property received from Lucent Technologies and was developed through close collaboration between PMC-Sierra and Lucent. The TSE 240 crossconnect reduces equipment costs for add/drop multiplexers, digital crossconnect systems and multi-service provisioning platforms. The TSE 240 becomes the second crossconnect of the CHESS AIII family and joins the PM5376 TSE Nx160 STS-1/AU-3 crossconnect device, PM5326 ARROW 2x192, and PM5324 ARROW 1x192 SONET/SDH framers.

"PMC-Sierra brought to the table a proven track record of execution, core competency in high-speed serial I/O technology and a strong collaborative work ethic to deliver a best-in-class product," said Phil Dietz, chief architect at Lucent Technologies. "The TSE 240, along with the ARROW family of products, enables us to meet the bandwidth requirements of our next-generation Metropolis DMX platform, greatly simplifies our software development effort through the use of MAPS technology and maintains interoperability with our existing deployed systems."

The CHESS Wideband chip set (PM5369 TUPP 9953 and PM5370 WSE 40) is a highly integrated VT/TU solution for grooming up to 40 Gbits/sec of T1/E1, T3/E3 and emerging Ethernet over SONET/SDH access services. The CHESS Wideband VT/TU grooming solution provides cost-effective in-service upgrades to multi-service provisioning platforms, sub-wavelength digital crossconnect systems and add/drop multiplexers. The TUPP 9953 and WSE 40 devices incorporate the MAPS technology to extend automatic switching protection to the VT/TU level.

"As a strategic supplier to Lucent Technologies, PMC-Sierra was able to address key architectural requirements for our next-generation Metropolis DMX platform," said Jay Fahey, general manager of Metro-Access Systems at Lucent. "PMC-Sierra exceeded our expectations in their ability to work closely with us and deliver a complete crossconnect and pointer-processing solution. The CHESS Wideband products will ensure Lucent can deliver low-cost, efficient VT/TU grooming as an in-service upgrade, and provide scalability and performance for next-generation DMX platforms."

The PM5329 ARROW 24xFE and PM5333 ARROW 8xFE 10/100 Ethernet over SONET/SDH mapping devices enable the delivery of cost-effective, carrier-class metro Ethernet services. These devices support the same degree of security, reliability, and service quality as traditional access technologies. The ARROW 24xFE and ARROW 8xFE join PMC-Sierra's production released PM5397 ARROW 2xGE Gigabit Ethernet over SONET/SDH mapping device to offer complete 10, 100 and 1000-Mbit/sec Ethernet transport services for add/drop multiplexers and multi-service provisioning platforms. The 2.5-Gbit/sec and 622-Mbit/sec capacity ARROW 24xFE and ARROW 8xFE devices support both low order (VT1.5/VC-12) and high order (STS-1, STS-3c/VC-4) virtual concatenation with hitless bandwidth adjustments using fully integrated LCAS processing.

The PM5326 ARROW 2x192 and PM5324 ARROW 1x192 metro transport optimized devices are highly integrated channelized 20 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit framers respectively. Both devices implement key SONET/SDH transport functions such as section, line and path performance monitoring, transparency of transport overhead and control plane messaging. As well, these devices support channelized, concatenated or arbitrarily concatenated traffic, with automatic detection of any changes in traffic configurations.

Pricing, availability and customer support
The PM5377 TSE 240 is priced at $1,375, the PM5369 TUPP 9953 at $1,325 and the PM5370 WSE 40 at $1,525 in 1KU quantities. The PM5329 ARROW 24xFE is priced at $552 and the PM5333 ARROW 8xFE is at $288 in 1KU quantities. All five devices are sampling today.

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