Tronic's Microsystems opens new MEMS facility

7 May 2003 Grenoble, France Lightwave Europe--MEMS developer Tronic's Microsystems, has opened a new MEMS production facility in Crolles, France.

May 7th, 2003

7 May 2003 Grenoble, France--MEMS developer Tronic's Microsystems, has opened a new MEMS production facility in Crolles, France.

One of the most established independent custom MEMS manufacturers in the world, the company is installing a new clean room into an existing facility, which is expected to be completed by July, with full volume production by the end of 2003.

This announcement follows the final closure of the company's second round of financing and the appointment of TRONIC'S Microsystems new CEO, Peter Pfluger.

"Customer confidence in our technological know-how and production capabilities have encouraged us to dedicate our resources to a full production facility. Not only have we reached our objectives, we are also on target with our plan," said Pfluger.

"Timing and conditions are perfect now for this strategic investment. It will make Tronic's a more competitive entity for custom MEMS manufacturing, open and ready for new products and customers."

The decision to build the new facility follows strong requests from customers for enhanced production capacity. Tronic's is ramping up production of its custom inertial sensors based on specialised thick silicon-on-insulator (SOI) micromachining processes.

The new facility located near Grenoble, France (known for its innovation and expertise in micro and nanotechnology) will be equipped with 4- and 6- inch compatible equipment to satisfy high-tech market and user needs.

The facility will encompass a production area of 7,000 square feet with 4,300 square feet of clean room and will be fully dedicated to the production of high-end MEMS based custom components. It will have a capacity of 10,000 wafers per year.

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