Syringa Networks boosts bandwidth, cuts costs with ADVA platform

JUNE 8, 2009 -- The telecom provider upgrades its eastern ring built on the FSP 3000 platform, enabling enhanced services for clients in southern Idaho.

JUNE 8, 2009 -- Syringa Networks, a middle-mile provider serving the state of Idaho, is increasing its network bandwidth capacity while simultaneously cutting costs with the implementation of ADVA Optical Networking (search Lightwave for ADVA Optical) technology built upon the FSP 3000 platform.

The new installation upgrades Syringa Networks' existing 4x2.5-Gbps DWDM technology with 40x10-Gbps capability, increasing capacity by 40x throughout its 2,000-km regional fiber-optic network across southern Idaho.

The equipment is deployed from Boise to Idaho Falls in a diversely routed ring that provides network redundancies to reduce the threat of disruptive outages such as fiber cable cuts to Syringa Networks' customers.

With this latest installation, Syringa Networks says it has reduced the environmental footprint of its network while generating significant operational savings. The deployment of Raman amplifiers has reduced the number of amplification sites necessary from 29 to 21, via the amplifiers' ability to more efficiently span long distances. This reduction in amplifier sites generates savings in real estate and energy. The new efficiencies free existing network equipment to be redeployed elsewhere as Syringa Networks chooses.

Syringa Networks was created in September 2000 by 12 rural telephone companies with the goal of building an extensive fiber-optic broadband network across southern Idaho. ADVA Optical Networking has provided equipment and services to Syringa Networks since 2001.

"ADVA Optical Networking offered the best value in technology and proven account service," says Syringa chief executive officer Greg Lowe. "This recent upgrade to our network positions us to better serve the needs of our customers by allowing high-bandwidth products like regional Ethernet rings and MPLS while still serving our high-capacity private-line customers with dedicated OC-3/OC-48 and 1/10GbE."

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