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The FRM5W232BS receiver module is an InGaAs avalanche photodiode detector incorporating a GaAs IC transimpedance preamplifier and a 10-kohm thermistor in a mini-DIL-type package. It has a typical sensitivity of -34 dBm. The amplifier runs on a +3.3-V power supply and consumes 0.15 W.
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor,
San Jose, CA

The AQ2744 high-power sensor provides optical input power over a range of -50 to +40 dBm (10 W) and accuracy under reference conditions within ±2.5%. It has linearity of ±0.05 dB (-20 to +37 dBm) and a wavelength range of 800 to 1650 nm. The optical port contains a built-in integrating sphere. The sensor is designed for measuring power of light sources such as Raman amplifiers and pump sources, as well as total power for WDM systems.
Ando Electric, Kawasaki, Japan

Etalon-based OEM wavelength-locker modules are designed for integration with telecom laser packages and can be configured for either rear-facet monitoring of a DFB laser or front-facet monitoring of a DBR laser. They allow the frequency of the lasers to be held to within 1.5 GHz and are designed to operate with 2.5-GHz channel spacing. Their temperature sensitivity is <3 pm/°C.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA

The Series 4000 fast variable optical attenuator is designed for receiver protection or for use as a safety switch during transmitter turn-up. The device blocks the transmission of light when no voltage is applied and reduces attenuation as voltage increases. Other applications include single- and multi-channel power control, equalization, and optical add/drop. It meets Telecordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 requirements.
Lightconnect, Newark, CA

The 1926 MAM is a dual booster compact optical amplifier designed for optical crossconnects and metropolitan and access links. It contains two single-channel erbium-doped fiber amplifiers in a package measuring 100 × 90 × 12.7 mm. The two EDFAs are independent, each with an internal 980-nm pump module. The device can reach +17 dBm (50 mW) output in the C-band.
Alcatel Optronics, Paris, France

A depolarizer integrates functions of depolarization and wavelength combination. It has a center wavelength of 1420 to 1500 nm with a range of any two wavelengths, coherence length of <1 m, state of polarization of 1, degree of polarization of 5%, insertion loss of 0.8 dB, and return loss of 50 dB.
ITF Optical Technologies, Ste.-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

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