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LASER DRIVERS A pair of 2.5 Gbit/s laser drivers has built-in D-FF and selectable retiming and bypass modes. They are ECL-compatible and have duty rate adjustment and an output shutdown switch. The FMM3174VI is a modulator integrated laser driver, and the FMM3175VI is a direct modulated driver. Both are housed in a small size 16-pin package. Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, San Jose, CA,

MUX/DEMUXERS Chromatica mux/demux modules are athermal and passive, with a thermal stability better than 1 pm/°C over an operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C. They are available in 16-, 20-, 32-, 40-, and 80-channel versions, all of which meet Telcordia GR-1209/1221 requirements. The 40-channel device offers channel spacing of 100 GHz. BaySpec, Fremont, CA,

PUMP LASERS A series of multimode, semiconductor pump lasers deliver up to 2.5 W of power. They are available at 915 nm for pumping Raman fiber lasers and at 975 nm for co-doped EDFA pumping. Standard packages include chips on submount and lensed chips on submount. Hermetically sealed, fiber-coupled 14-pin butterfly packages have a 105-µm core, 0.15-NA fiber, and deliver 2-W output. They are available thermoelectrically cooled or uncooled, and custom configurations are also available. Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA,

OPTICAL RECEIVER The DSC-R404 optical receiver from Discovery Semiconductors can be used for 40-Gbit/s transmissions, with optical preamplification, SONET/SDH, and RF over fiber from the L- to Q/V-bands. It offers a conversion gain from 35 V/W to 70 V/W and has bandwidth from 100 kHz to >35 GHz. It is hermetically sealed in a small-footprint package and built following GR-468 standards. AMS Technologies, Munich, Germany,

A 50-GHz interleaver doubles the capacity of OC-192 systems by interleaving wavelengths, allowing up to 160 channels, for a system capacity of 1.6 Tbit/s. It operates without active temperature control and is compact. New Focus, San Jose, CA

The FVOA2001 single-channel and FVOA2008 8-channel variable optical attenuators are based on diffractive MEMS. They have a typical response time of 60 µs, typical PDL <0.1 dB, insertion loss of 0.8 dB, wavelength-dependent loss <0.3 dB at 10-dB attenuation, PMD <0.01 ps, dynamic range >30 dB, and power consumption <10 mW/channel. Lightconnect, Newark, CA,

A SMF-28 collimating lens provides focusing for applications at OC-192 and above. It positions a fiber 250 µm from the input surface of the lens, which is wedged to eliminate back reflection. It has a 1.8-mm diameter and focal length of 2.9 mm with a tolerance of ±0.1%. It is AR-coated for C-band operation and has an insertion loss <0.5 dB. CommOptics, Irvine, CA,

The Smart Power Regulator Array is a module containing a multichannel variable attenuator, optical taps, detectors, and a controller for dynamic control of the power in optical channels. It can be configured with four or eight optical attenuators, and a maximum of 16 modules with up to 128 channels can be connected by a single ribbon cable. Chorum Technologies, Richardson, TX,

The MTP102-OS31-C transponder operates at 10 Gbit/s and incorporates a 1310-nm short-wavelength electroabsorption modulated laser and a photoreceiver with an integrated limiting amplifier. It has sensitivity of >-19 dBm at a bit-error rate of 1E-10, with rise and fall times of 30 ps. It has a 200-pin FCI connector. Multiplex, South Plainfield, NJ,

Chirped phase masks incorporate gratings with a small increment from one period to the next, allowing a fiber inscribed with a mask to compensate for phase differences between longer wavelengths that travel further into the fiber Bragg grating and shorter wavelengths before they reflect back. They have chirp levels to 13 nm/cm. Optical Switch, Richardson, TX,

The LTC 1923 thermoelectric-cooler (TEC) controller IC is designed for DWDM systems. Control circuitry and two sets of complementary output drivers provide bidirectional current flow to a TEC. Adding a temperature control loop allows a set point stability of 0.1°C, and modified versions achieve 0.01°C stability. Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, CA,

The NSOM/AFM-100 confocal micro-optical profiler uses a cantilevered optical-fiber probe to scan over the microlensed or other optical fiber element, measuring the topography of the lens while light is collected at each point down to 50-nm resolution. It can monitor the distribution of light at various optical planes in micron or submicron steps from above the fiber tip through the focal point. Nanonics Imaging Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel,

The IOE 1100 C-band erbium-doped fiber amplifier is designed for long-haul and ultralong-haul applications. It covers 1529.83 to 1561.92 nm, has total input power of -5 dBm, output power of 22 dBm, gain ripple of 1 dB over a single temperature and 1.7 dB over the whole temperature range, noise figure of 6.5 dB at 27-dB gain, and PMD of 0.5 ps. Onetta, Sunnyvale, CA,

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