France linked to Corsica

France Telecom has upgraded one of its network links using Corvis' next-generation repeaterless festoon product. The 4x2.5Gbit/s link, which connects the French mainland to the island of Corsica, provides France Telecom with four times more capacity.

The deployment of the link is part of a multi-year agreement signed in June 2001 with France Telecom.

David Huber, president and CEO of Corvis said, "Our XF festoon product offers repeaterless links for mainland-to-island and island-to-island spans as well as multiple links along coastlines.

Corvis' Raman amplification and soliton transmission technologies allow carriers to transmit up to 800 gigabits per fibre over distances as long as 350 km without in-line amplifiers (see feature page 22).

The elimination of in-line amplifiers in festoon, regional point-to-point and spur network applications cuts capital expenditures and operational costs dramatically, and speeds network deployment. This development allows carriers to produce revenue more rapidly.

When the system is fully upgraded, France Telecom will gain a 16-fold increase in transmission density to 10Gbit/s. This increase in speed equates to handling either 128,000 calls per second or 200 high-definition multimedia channels simultaneously.

As traffic demands increase, the Corvis XF system can be upgraded to 80Gbit/s, which would enable more than one million simultaneous telephone calls, or 1,500 high-definition multimedia channels.

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