MRV intros Raman amplifiers for ULH DWDM applications

July 30, 2007
JULY 30, 2007 -- MRV Communications Inc. says its EM1600-OAR family of Raman amplifiers utilizes stimulated Raman scattering to create optical gain.

JULY 30, 2007 -- MRV Communications Inc. (search for MRV Communications) today announced the availability of new ultra long-distance optical Raman (search for Raman) amplifier modules for its Lambda Driver DWDM transport platform. MRV says its Raman amplifiers improve optical signal-to noise ratio (OSNR), allowing improved performance of long-haul optical networks.

According to the company, its EM1600-OAR family of Raman amplifiers utilizes stimulated Raman scattering to create optical gain. The new amplifiers increase the single span reach of an optical signal by more than 50 km over traditional Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)-based alternatives by improving the optical signal-to-noise ratio in amplified long-haul networks, claims the company.

MRV's EM1600-OAR Raman amplifier family consists of three modules that offer 10 dB, 12 dB, and 15 dB of maximum optical gain over G652 fiber. The amplifiers provide flat response for the entire C-band with the optional ability to be configured to other wavelength ranges. MRV's Raman amplifiers use different protection techniques, including automatic optical shut down upon detection of fiber break or open connector. This safety feature is extremely important, given the Raman amplifier's high-power light and power consumption, says the company.

MRV reports that the modules are currently in use by customers worldwide, including German regional service provider R-KOM.

"Because we use mainly 10-Gig protocols, we need the high optical signal-to-noise ratio a Raman Amplifier provides to enable long-distance connection with the minimal number of amplifier locations," explains Klaus Eckel, chief technical officer for R-KOM. "We are pleased with the speed and professionalism with which MRV installed the modules and are confident that with this technology, we can leave out extra amplifier locations, which will translate to significant savings," he asserts.

R-KOM is active in both the carrier and enterprise businesses. The company provides redundant high-bandwidth connections for telecom providers and serves enterprises' fast-growing need for high-bandwidth communication with LAN-to-LAN connections across its high-speed WDM rings.

"The development of Raman optical amplifier modules marks the latest step in MRV's mission to provide carrier-class solutions for ultra long-haul networks," adds Noam Lotan, MRV's president and CEO. "Raman amplifiers are important tools that enable carriers to build wider-reaching WDM optical networks that enable more services and improved performance."

EM1600-OAR Raman optical amplifier modules are available immediately.

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