Deutsche Telekom selects JDSU's IPTV test equipment

MARCH 12, 2008 -- JDSU's NetComplete service assurance system and associated IP test probes will be deployed in Deutsche Telekom's network to help the carrier monitor its IPTV service.

MARCH 12, 2008 -- JDSU (search for JDSU) today announced that its NetComplete service assurance system and associated IP test probes have been selected by Deutsche Telekom to support delivery of its IPTV service.

The NetComplete portfolio also includes software that enables monitoring of service quality from central network operations centers, increasing efficiency and reducing the need to deploy technicians to the field, say JDSU representatives. It ensures early recognition of changes in the quality of the streaming video signals, including any decrease in signal strength; prioritizes issues based on alarm levels; identifies the cause of service quality problems; and provides reporting tools.

"By selecting JDSU's NetComplete solution, service providers choose a partner with worldwide experience in IPTV test," contends Jerry Gentile, general manager of JDSU's service assurance solutions business segment. "Customer demand for high-quality IPTV services is growing rapidly. In today's intensely competitive environment, it is a strategic imperative to deploy proven, cost-effective communications test solutions that help ensure service quality and subscriber satisfaction," he notes.

The most important aspect of sending TV and video content over IP networks is ensuring picture quality for the consumer. Frozen pictures, pixelization, or lack of sound are among the service impairments that challenge IPTV service providers to offer end users an experience that is as good as or better than conventional TV. Without the right test options, service providers risk the service impairments that reduce customer loyalty and lead to subscriber churn.

JDSU says its NetComplete system addresses these challenges by constantly monitoring IPTV video streams at the most important points in the network. For example, NetComplete monitors IPTV signals at the head end as they are fed into the telecommunications network, as well as at points of presence throughout the network as signals leave the core network and enter the access network. This end-to-end approach ensures the correlation, capture, and confirmation of network performance data necessary for top-quality transmissions, explain company representatives. Most importantly, NetComplete enables proactive measures to address service issues before they diminish the end-user's experience. Over time, the data generated and captured by NetComplete provides key insight into the overall health and tendencies in the network.

JDSU's "head end-to-home" IPTV test equipment also includes field instruments such as the HST-3000, a triple-play services handheld tester specifically designed to meet installation and maintenance needs for access networks, including higher bit-rate triple-play services like IPTV and HDTV.

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