Lightwaves2020 touts Tunable Laser Source Module

APRIL 8, 2008 -- Lightwaves2020 says its newly developed, compact Tunable Laser Source Module features high output power (+17dBm) and high side-mode suppression (>60dB).

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APRIL 8, 2008 -- Lightwaves2020 (search for Lightwaves2020) says its newly developed Tunable Laser Source Module is a compact tunable laser source featuring high output power (+17dBm), high side-mode suppression (>60dB), precision tuning, narrow spectral width (<1MHz), and μ s tuning or scan speed.

This high-performance tunable laser source is ideal for applications from IR optical spectral analyzer, fiber-optic component testing, in-situ optical monitoring systems in optical thin film coating, and various sensing applications, say company representatives.

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Lightwaves2020 says its new tunable laser source is ideal for fiber-optic component testing.
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