QSC selects Sunrise Telecom's STT platform

APRIL 29, 2008 -- Sunrise Telecom says its modular STT test platform supports a range of technologies, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, next-generation SONET/SDH, and DWDM in a portable package. German telecom provider QSC AG has selected the STT platform to install, turn up, and verify differentiated Ethernet services throughout Germany.Â

APRIL 29, 2008 -- German telecom provider QSC AG has selected Sunrise Telecom's (search for Sunrise Telecom) Scalable Test Toolkit (STT) platform to install, turn up, and verify differentiated Ethernet services throughout Germany. Sunrise Telecom says its STT product satisfies the critical need to test carrier-class Ethernet up to 10G in the backbone and to ensure a consistently high quality of service is delivered to the edge. QSC, a leading telecommunications and DSL Internet service provider, provides complete next-generation Enterprise Networks (VPNs) and managed voice and data services. 

"We selected Sunrise Telecom's STT platform because of its flexibility, scalability, and the unique combination of high functionality, modularity, ease-of-use, and technology coverage beyond Ethernet," reports Stefan Mohr, head of service solutions for QSC. "Since we started working with the STT Metro Ethernet in our real operating environment, we have been very satisfied with its performance and the high level of support we received from Sunrise Telecom."

The STT platform is a field-portable tool designed to test carrier-class Ethernet services and maintain Ethernet network elements, including switches, routers, DWDM, and the next-generation transport networks, including SONET and SDH. Its highly efficient application-based user interface speeds testing and minimizes time spent on test configuration and training, say Sunrise Telecom representatives.

A fully automated one-button acceptance test increases productivity, efficiency, and reliability when rolling out service, making it the ideal tool for technicians who may not be Ethernet experts, yet are responsible for turning up and verifying complex Ethernet networks.

"We are very pleased that QSC has placed its confidence in Sunrise Telecom's STT platform as a key enabler for facilitating the upgrade of their networks and as a critical tool for turning up business services to their customers," notes Bahaa Moukadam, vice president of marketing for Sunrise Telecom's Telecom Products Group. "As carriers push to gain market share in Ethernet Services through higher reliability and faster service turn-up time, they come to rely on Sunrise Telecom's expertise, technology, and support as a strategic business advantage."

According to Sunrise, STT Metro Ethernet's powerful hardware-accelerated processor enables wire-speed traffic generation for comprehensive and automated QoS testing. Its multi-layer applications cover physical layer to IP layer testing, ensuring that both the underlying infrastructure as well the IP network are robust enough to reliably handle the most demanding needs of modern network services. Field technicians and special services teams can leverage the STT Metro Ethernet's pass/fail, go/no-go test methodology to boost their productivity when upgrading their network and to speed up business services fulfillment time.

Sunrise says its STT Metro Ethernet features:
• Installation: Configurations with multiple ports, dual media, 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-X, and 10-GbE rates reduce testing time and enable multi-port load testing of network elements. The system's multi-stream, independent traffic generation and measurement enables technicians to verify up to 64 simultaneous services and traffic types (data, voice, and video) based on bandwidth, priority, and type of service.

• Verification: The one-way delay measurement with GPS clock synchronization allows technicians to verify carrier-class Ethernet services conform to ITU, IEEE, and MEF industry standards. Packet capture and decode lets personnel confirm and diagnose network issues by identifying application layer protocols.

• Network turn up: Prior to going live, technicians can confirm and diagnose network issues by identifying application layer protocols with packet capture and decode. The QnQ, MPLS, VLAN, latency, BER, throughput, RFC2544, RFC2889, and flooding features allow technicians to generate and monitor traffic for accuracy and security of network health.

The STT Metro Ethernet is immediately available from Sunrise Telecom. 

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