EXFO launches IP triple-play module

APRIL 23, 2008 -- EXFO says its AXS-200/650 module simplifies testing with automated test suites optimized for triple-play service commissioning and verification.

APRIL 23, 2008 -- EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. (search for EXFO) today announced the launch of the AXS-200/650 IP triple-play application module for the installation and troubleshooting of Ethernet-based triple-play services. It is designed for use with the AXS-200 SharpTESTER Platform.

The AXS-200/650 has been specifically designed for assessing the quality of service (QoS) of IP-based voice (VoIP), video (IPTV), and data services. Ideal for use in any FTTx deployment, this triple-play test module is optimized for field technicians and engineers responsible for installing and maintaining networks, say EXFO representatives.

As broadband triple-play deployments continue to accelerate, the demand for IP-centric test equipment follows suit. Not only do technicians need to verify IP-layer network connectivity during installation and troubleshooting, they also need to verify the quality of the services being offered.

To meet this requirement, the AXS-200/650 provides dual Ethernet interfaces for full WAN � LAN analysis of IP based services, contends the company. Complete IP layer connectivity testing can be performed via various methodologies such as IP PING, FTP/HTTP downloading, and trace-route measurements. EXFO's latest offering provides enhanced high-definition (HD) IPTV test capabilities with complete set-top box (STB) emulation. A full suite of QoS metrics is available, including media delivery index (MDI), program clock reference jitter, stream-rate metrics, bandwidth utilization, and IP metrics on multiple MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 media streams. In addition, says EXFO, critical VoIP metrics can be monitored to ensure quality IP-based voice services.

The company claims its AXS-200/650 is the industry's only triple-play test offering that provides automated test suites with easy-to-interpret Pass/Fail analysis. As a result, it is ideal for less-skilled users as well as advanced technicians that require the ability to perform in-depth analysis. User-definable thresholds allow network service providers (NSPs) to customize the unit based on local service offerings and quickly validate that the service is within acceptable limits, says EXFO.

"The complexity of the access network is increasing as NSPs adapt their network infrastructure to facilitate the delivery of IP video," explains Etienne Gagnon, EXFO's vice president of product management and marketing. "At the same time, customer demand for high-quality, triple-play services is growing rapidly. Our AXS-200/650 will allow NSPs to simplify their triple-play deployments by reducing the time required to install and troubleshoot their next-generation IP services."

The AXS-200/650 will be showcased at Interop 2008, in Booth 2505, in Las Vegas, from April 29 � May 1, 2008.

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