Absolute Analysis' 10-GbE tester supports 10GBase-LRM

MAY 21, 2008 -- Absolute Analysis has launched what it claims is an industry-first 10-Gigabit Ethernet protocol analyzer employing an SFP+ interface and supporting the new 10GBase-LRM standard.

MAY 21, 2008 -- Absolute Analysis has launched what it claims is an industry-first 10-Gigabit Ethernet protocol analyzer employing an SFP+ interface and supporting the new 10GBase-LRM (Long Reach Multimode) standard.

"For the first time, developers in embedded systems, storage networking, data communications, telecommunications, and military & aerospace are able to capture 100% full line rate," contends Dennis Murphy, president of Absolute Analysis. "This new test solution provides complete analysis with absolutely no data loss at 10 Gbits/sec and at distance ranges of up to 220 meters or 720 feet. In
addition, customers will experience shortened development cycles, expanded engineering capabilities and problem resolution by using our system," he contends.

"Absolute Analysis' protocol test solutions are leading the market by providing new SFP+ technology at the highest level of 10-Gigabit Ethernet testing," Murphy continues. "With industry momentum gaining toward Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), storage managers are beginning to seek out test solutions that address Fibre Channel protocol behavior over 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Our new 10-Gbit/sec analyzer and related products provide the 10GBase-LRM support that large storage area networks (SANs) will require for adoption of FCoE," he maintains.

"The demand to reach devices at farther distances and analyze massive amounts of data at higher speeds, with 100 percent accuracy, continues to grow," adds Manoj Samanta, vice president of engineering at Absolute Analysis. "We created this new technology to support 10GBase-SR (Short Range), 10GBase-LR (Long Range), and the new 10GBase-LRM interface to ensure standards conformity. However, we also developed the analyzer to be fast and powerful by including a PCI Bus with transfer rates up to 528 Mbits/sec to quickly upload large trace files."

Samanta says he recently demonstrated the new 10-Gbit/sec analyzer to a large wireless provider in the UK. "They were highly impressed with the product's features and the accuracy at which we were able to capture data to the bit level at 10 Gbits/sec and declared this the best Ethernet protocol analyzer they had ever seen."

Absolute Analysis says its 10-Gbit/sec SFP+ tester provides developers with the capability to connect up to 16 ports in a single chassis, simultaneously utilizing both Ethernet and Fibre Channel. These ports are each synchronized to a common clock, allowing development engineers to monitor multiple points in the network and aggregated links and time correlate trace information for anomalies.

The analyzer also boasts a large 4GB capture memory that is expandable to 8GB, enabling deep capture of over eight million frames for analysis over extended time periods, say company representatives.

Additional features and benefits of the Absolute Analysis 10-Gigabit Ethernet Protocol Analyzer include:
• A unique ability to use an external clock source to ensure user control;
• LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), SAN (Storage Area Network) and MAN (Metro Area Network) support; and
• Up to 32 firmware-based multi-level triggers and filters that capture specific information required by the user as well as detect protocol anomalies.

Absolute Analysis says its new 10-Gbit/sec SFP+ analyzer has been pre-ordered by customers in military & aerospace for embedded systems development and advanced military applications and in data communications and telecommunications markets for storage development and networking applications.

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