Anritsu instrument evaluates optical modulators

MAY 19, 2008 -- Anritsu's new signal quality analyzer option generates up to 3.5 Vp-p high-amplitude waveforms and eliminates the need for an external amplifier.

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MAY 19, 2008 -- Anritsu Company (search for Anritsu) has introduced the MU181020A-013 Variable Data Output option for its MP1800A/MT1810A Signal Quality Analyzer/pulse pattern generator (PPG).

The MU181020A-013, which can generate 0.5 to 3.5 Vp-p high amplitude waveforms, can be easily integrated into the MP1800A mainframe with the PPG module to create a single instrument that can accurately and quickly evaluate optical modulators, say Anritsu representatives. Eliminating the need for an external amplifier, the MP1800A can raise the efficiency and quality of optical modulators during the R&D and manufacturing stages when configured with the MU18020A-013.

The MU181020A-013 generates high-quality waveforms with both low jitter, and short rise and fall times (Tr/Tf) to satisfy the performance specifications required for measuring all types of optical modulators, says Anritsu. It also has a built-in variable (20% to 85%) crosspoint function that addresses the disparity in which the rising and falling signals cross in an optical modulator waveform, caused by transient voltage drops and wavelength temperature. The overall features of the MU181020A-13 allow manufacturers to make more reliable, repeatable BER and performance measurements on EA and LN modulators, as well as optical semiconductors such as Electro-absorption Modulator Integrated Laser Diodes (EMLs).

The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer provides bit error rate and quality analysis for digital signals from 100 Mbits/sec up to 12.5 Gbits/sec. It provides both Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED) in a single chassis and allows for multi-channel support for parallel testing, note company representatives. It is ideal for research and development of high-speed logic ICs, backplanes, digital systems, and PON devices.

The MU181020A-013 has a U.S. price of $20,000. The MP1800A/MT1810A is base priced at $40,000. 

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The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer providesboth Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED) in a single chassis and allows for multi-channel support for parallel testing.
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