EXFO launches IQS-600 Modular platform for R&D and manufacturing applications

FEBRUARY 19, 2008 -- EXFO says its highly scalable test system hosts a wide range of optical, transport, and datacom test modules, including DWDM, ROADM, and 40-Gbit/sec technologies.

FEBRUARY 19, 2008 -- EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. (search for EXFO) today announced the launch of the advanced IQS-600 Integrated Qualification System, which it claims is a highly scalable modular test platform for R&D and manufacturing applications.

EXFO says the IQS-600 delivers unprecedented performance and flexibility through seamless integration of the widest range of optical, transport, and datacom test modules under a common, PC-based software environment. It also offers complete test automation capabilities to facilitate characterization of next-generation, IP-based networks, subsystems, as well as active and passive components at transmission rates reaching 40 Gbits/sec, say company representatives.

The IQS-600 platform's open architecture enables users to run automation software and extensive protocol scripts without the assistance of an external computer. It can also monitor or troubleshoot test applications from a distance via remote access devices like Java, VNC, Remote Desktop or Web browsers. A RAID option--performing real-time mirroring of data on a second hard drive--rounds out the list of key features on this next-generation platform, says EXFO.

The IQS-600 platform is available in three models. The IQS-610P and IQS-605P controller units feature a dual-core Intel processor, Ethernet ports, and optional remote GPIB control. The IQS-610P houses as many as 10 test modules and is ideal for high-volume manufacturing applications, while the IQS-605P comes equipped with a large LCD transflective screen and is designed for R&D environments. The IQS-610E expansion unit, holding up to 10 additional modules, can be rack-mounted to build a 100-module test system using a single controller unit.

"EXFO is highly committed to providing system vendors with advanced test solutions for their R&D and manufacturing applications," reports Germain Lamonde, EXFO's chairman, president, and CEO. "The launch of this scalable modular test platform, combined with the availability of a large family of optical and next-generation IP-based test solutions, marks an important milestone towards simplification, automation, and efficiency in multi-layer testing environments and the continuation of our global platform strategy."

"The design and manufacturing of 40 Gbits/sec and beyond optical networks have placed an enormous burden on system vendors to thoroughly characterize their systems," adds Etienne Gagnon, EXFO's vice president of poduct management and marketing. "EXFO's best-of-breed IQS-600 platform renders these complex testing tasks easy by delivering unmatched test automation, minimizing manual intervention, and ensuring accurate, repeatable results."

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