Yenista unveils next-gen benchtop tunable laser

MARCH 25, 2009 -- Using Optim-Y technology, the company says its laser has achieved a "record low" SSE level of 95 dB.

MARCH 25, 2009 -- Yenista Optics SA (search Lightwave for Yenista), a provider of fiber-optic test and measurement technologies for laboratories and manufacturing, has released the Tunics T100R at OFC/NFOEC 2009 on March 23-26 in San Diego, CA. The next-generation benchtop tunable laser combines high output power with low SSE. The new product is being showcased in a live demo at Booth #629.

Yenista says the Tunics T100R replaces the need for engineers to have different laser sources per application. It can be operated in both stepping and sweeping mode. With the newly developed Optim-Y technology, the laser exhibits a low source spontaneous emission (SSE) level of 95 dB, +10-dBm output power, 5-pm wavelength accuracy, and mode-hop free operation over a 160-nm range.

"Up to now, engineers were obliged to choose between a tunable laser with high output power or a laser with low SSE," says Nicephore Nicolas, Yenista's sales and marketing manager. "The Tunics T100R is a must-have for optical laboratories and will provide, whatever the application, tremendous performances; engineers are now able to qualify components like WSS with unsurpassed dynamic range, ultrahigh accuracy, and at least a hundred times faster."

Yenista recently acquired tunable laser technology from Anritsu that traces back to Photonetics. "With the T100R based on more than a decade of experience in tunable lasers and newly developed technology, we are entering a new area in fiber-optic component testing," claims Michiel van der Keur, chief executive officer of Yenista.

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