Polatis partners with JDSU in test and measurement market

MARCH 26, 2009 -- The companies integrate new Series 2000 optical matrix switches and demonstrate joint technology at OFC/NFOEC.

MARCH 26, 2009 -- JDSU (search Lightwave for JDSU) and Polatis Inc. (search Lightwave for Polatis) have signed a distributorship agreement under which JDSU will integrate Polatis products as part of its portfolio of test products for the lab and production markets. The agreement expands a distributorship that was originally entered into in 2005 when JDSU and Polatis first began offering the Series 1000 all-optical offerings for automating test and measurement processes.

The addition of Polatis' new Series 2000 all-optical matrix switches enables higher capacity test solutions while maintaining signal performance. The Series 2000 all-optical matrix switches has been demonstrated for the first time at OFC/NFOEC 2009 in JDSU Booth #2015 and Polatis Booth #813, in San Diego, CA.

Polatis president and CEO Gerald Wesel says, "The new agreement, and the availability of our new Series 2000 products, enables us to address a larger market with the same instrumentation-grade quality that our joint solutions are already known for."

"Test automation further reduces costs for our customers, and the release of a high port count switch by Polatis further enables customers to implement JDSU testers in a more cost-effective way," says Gegs Jones, JDSU fiber optic production and lab testing business unit manager. "This agreement allows both companies to take advantage of what each does best and we are excited about the opportunities it provides for our customers."

The Polatis Series 2000 is a strictly nonblocking all-optical matrix switch with up to 80x80 ports. In a compact form factor, the Series 2000 provides transparent, bidirectional connectivity on dark or lit fiber with high repeatability and with typical insertion loss less than 1 dB, says Polatis.

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