Fanfare launches virtual testbed with latest software release

JUNE 8, 2009 -- The test technology provider says its iTest 3.4 release is designed to reduce costs and time-to-market for service providers and suppliers.

JUNE 8, 2009 -- Fanfare (search Lightwave for Fanfare), which delivers test technologies to service providers, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises, has announced the latest release of iTest, the company's flagship test automation product.

iTest 3.4 is a comprehensive testing software for device and heterogeneous system testing. The company says it offers improvements to core iTest functionality, and new features such as what it claims as the industry's first Virtual Testbed (VTB) capabilities. VTB enables testers to build test cases before devices exist, beginning the quality process months earlier than before. Testers can also leverage a VTB for test development by using virtual replicas of real devices and costly test equipment. As a result, says Fanfare, organizations can trim future capital expenditures by better utilizing their lab assets and infrastructure, improve tester productivity while offline or working remotely, and enable earlier testing, accelerating time-to-market for new products and services.

"Fanfare created the market for test automation software, and has once again elevated the strategic importance of this technology in helping companies achieve their business objectives," says Olga Yashkova, research analyst, Frost & Sullivan (search Lightwave for Frost & Sullivan). "Virtual Testbed capabilities will significantly alter the testing landscape across the board. Today's tough economic climate, coupled with an already competitive landscape for service providers and their suppliers, makes iTest 3.4 a necessity for companies that want to continue driving innovation and gain a competitive edge."

Among other new features, iTest 3.4 includes the following:

  • Test management is streamlined by allowing users to quickly identify and group multiple tests as a test suite and schedule them to run at a certain time or on a recurring basis. This feature is available in iTest Team and iTest Enterprise editions.
  • Layer 2-3 and 4-7 testing is enhanced with support for Ixia's IxNetwork and Spirent Avalanche. The Avalanche integration provides a rich user interface inside of iTest for users to interact directly with Avalanche. For users of iTest's HPQC integration, there is now batch publishing of tests and reports to HPQC.

"Fanfare is disrupting the status quo by providing an alternative to the traditional testing model and changing the way testing is conducted with the introduction of 3.4," says Greg Fairbanks, director of product marketing at Fanfare. "Feedback from our beta program has been tremendously positive, and customers expect this virtual testing model to have a substantial impact on their testing process and ultimately, their bottom lines."

In March, Fanfare announced that BT has deployed iTest in an enterprise-wide initiative to standardize the communication of test assets across the company, as well as between BT and its suppliers. BT's Brian Buege, head of the testing center for excellence at BT, will discuss the business drivers behind this initiative during a webinar on Wednesday, June 24, entitled "Carrier Innovations in Quality: How to Stay Competitive in Today's Market." He will be joined by Theresa Lanowitz, founder of market research firm voke.

Existing Fanfare customers with current maintenance or subscription licenses are able to upgrade to iTest 3.4. The release is now generally available.

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