Polatis delivers new all-optical switch for test and measurement markets

JUNE 24, 2009 -- The 2000i now provides a larger switch size platform while maintaining connection repeatability and stability less than +/-0.0 5dB.

JUNE 24, 2009 -- Polatis (search Lightwave for Polatis), which provides all-optical switch technology, has announced the availability of its 2000i instrumentation grade all-optical switch, part of the company's recently launched Series 2000 line of all-optical switches. The 2000i is a fully nonblocking 80x80 all-optical matrix switch with low-loss specifications and high connection stability and repeatability required for precise, automated test and measurement applications.

"The 2000i is exactly what is required in an all-optical switch for test and measurement applications. The 2000i specifications ensure connection transparency and reproducibility in the most demanding high-speed applications," says Gerald Wesel, chief executive officer of Polatis.

The 2000i now provides a larger switch size platform while maintaining instrument-grade specifications, including connection repeatability and stability less than +/-0.0 5dB. The company's switches can be used for validation of network systems and subsystems, including transponders, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers, amplifiers, switches, terminals, and line cards at 40- and 100-Gbps speeds. The 2000i is designed to enable equipment manufacturers to share expensive test equipment across a greater number of devices and to run tests faster with 24/7 equipment utilization through the platform's advanced automation capabilities.

Network service providers can deploy the switch for network interoperability and performance testing, including research test beds at speeds up to 100 Gbps. Optical connections can be switched without light being present on the fiber, enabling critical fiber tests with intermittent signals such as OTDR as well as intelligent monitoring and test over lit or dark fiber. The device is transparent and is fully compatible with bidirectional signals used in PON, FTTX, and similar network test beds.

JDSU (search Lightwave for JDSU) and Polatis have partnered to provide customers with integrated test automation products using the new 2000i. "Whether equipment or network testing, the 2000i provides rapid reconfiguration of transparent connections to transform optical test productivity and enable the highest quality parametric measurements," says Lars Friedrich, vice president and general manager in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment. "As a result, equipment manufacturers can develop and quality-assure products to the highest standard and network operators can confidently introduce best-quality network service offerings."

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